My Adventure last week…

This beautiful private beach was on Tortola – look how blue the water is. The beach sand was so white…I’ve never experienced anything like it! The shadows you see in the picture are schools of fish.



And check this beautiful house of Flowers I snapped on the catamaran on the way to Tortola.  Was the prettiest house I saw my entire vacation – its, probably the flowers!  Could you imagine living here and looking out to see those blue waters? Sigh….one can dream?


These photo’s were taken of the Glacier Caves at Mangrove Island.  After exploring this beautiful cave – we went kayaking through the mangrove rain forest.  We didn’t bring our camera because we worried about getting it wet – but afterwards wished we had because it was one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever had.



Look at the roots of the Mangrove trees coming down from the opening of this cave.


This was the “old lookout point” where the islanders used to watch for ships coming to close to the island…what a beautiful job to have to do!?!


This is “Bird Island”……I was a little disappointed as I thought we’d get off the boat and explore the island and see colorful birds – nope we boated right past it and only saw pelicans……100’s of pelicans!


But we did get to go to Coral Beach in St. Thomas where their was a zoo – I was able to see everything tropical that lived in the wild on these islands.


Most of these animals were rescued and being rehabilitated – some get to return to the wild, the permanently injured ones are kept here for their own protection.


One amazing “bucket list” adventures was going on an airboat through the Everglades.  We had not planned on doing so – but the opportunity came when we had an extra day in Miami! Below is what we were so lucky to capture.


Snapped these photo’s while we had breakfast on the outdoor patio in Miami! Gorgeous!


Thanks for peeking at my adventure I was on last week – once in a lifetime experience for me and so happy to share it with you all!

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xoox, Tracie


La said…
You lucky - lucky lady. What a gorgeous vacation. Thanks for sharing. La
Pamela Gordon said…
You are indeed blessed to go to such a beautiful place! The water is such a pretty blue. Thanks for sharing today. Blessings, Pamela
Unknown said…
Oh Tracie,
What a lovely time you must hvae had..every photo is just beautiful. The color of the water is wonderful. What a lovely world we have. Thanks for showing us these. I enjoyed looking at them.
Julie Marie said…
Hi Tracie... so happy you had such a nice time... it truly does look like paradise!... I love the house in the flowers too, and the blue water and white sand... sigh... I have always wanted to visit the Everglades too, how exciting for you!... xoxo Julie Marie
Anne said…
heavenly! what a delightful trip, thanks for sharing the highlights!
Thank you for sharing your lovely tropical adventure with us...I am so glad you had such a wonderful time.

Blessings Kelsie
NanaDiana said…
What a wonderful vacation! What a blessing to have spent time there. Love your pictures and they will serve as fond memories years down the road. Hugs-Diana
Tracy F. said…
Looks wonderful! You must have had a great time!
Looks like a beautiful trip! It was a good week to go somewhere warm since it was so cold and snowy here last week.
Naturally Carol said…
The sea is such an amazing colour there! I was also amazed to see the parrot there looks so like our Rainbow Lorikeet except for the black on it..ours just have the colour blocks without the variegated feathers!
You've really had a nice holiday. and your vacation photos are super!

Greetigs from holland and have a nice weekend,

Aw gosh, it looks so nice there and WARM!!!
WOW what wonderful vacation!!
You rode on one of those air boat things??? No way!
I love that cave, the flowers, the birds.....
I am so jealous!
Hi...I found your sweet blog from Naturally Carol. I must say those are some amazing photo's. That must have been a wonderful trip.

Heaven's Walk said…
Hi Tracie! It looks like you had a glorious vacation - with perfect weather!!! Are you all tan and relaxed now? :) Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos, and I'm glad you had such a great time!

xoxo laurie
Hi Tracie, I too just came back from a vacation... however mine was in the opposite direction of your's since I went to cold and snow in the Toronto area! It looks like your trip was fantastic! That water is just amazing.

And in answer to your question, I live up close to the Canadian border north of Bellingham. We actually lived in the Kirkland/Bothell area just off Juanita Drive for 6 years back when my 23 year old daughter was a baby. For years we didn't spend much time in the Seattle area but then my daughter went to UW from 2006 until last June so I got to spend a lot of time in and around Seattle... although I love where I live I miss some of the opportuntites that are in a big city!

Sandi said…
Tracie that place looks amazing!! Lucky you for sure! We haven't taken a vacation in years...hopefully soon! :)
Donna said…
Wow, oh wow! What gorgeous photos, sounds like you had an amazing time! The water doesn't even look real, it is so blue! I've never been to Tortola, but I do love the Caribbean!! And I also love that gorgeous bird, too. Thanks for sharing a bit of your wonderful trip, lucky you!!
awal.ny said…
Wow, the water is just so pretty, what a wonderful time you must have had, thank you for taking us with you.
Debra Howard said…
wow, it looks like you had a really great vacation.
Donna said…
Oh Tracie..I'm just going to have to subscribe so I don't accidentally miss any posts. What a fun adventure and your photos are wonderful! Wish I could have gone with you. :O)

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