Spring Cupcakes…

Fancy Cupcakes Right?


The kiddo’s and I made these fancy little cupcakes in no time at all!  They sure look complicated, but honestly they are easy as pie!  I’m not the most creative momma like most of you out there, so if I can do it – you can too!  Just bake up a batch of basic Betty Crocker boxed cupcakes and allow to cool.


While you wait for them too cool off – cut up the smaller sized marshmallow's in half & frost the top of your cupcakes…

050Because the insides of the marshmallow's are sticky – simply dip the sticky side into a bowl of sprinkles & place at an angle into the frosting.052053










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So cute! They look like waterlilies. I'll have to remember this one to try with my girls.
Ricki Treleaven said…
These are so cool! Thanks for sharing; I will make them with my girls!
How great are these! Love em'.
They are so charming! My mom cooks for crowds- she would love to make them for her club. Great idea.

These are sooooo very cool looking!!!!

Anonymous said…
Hi, These look absolutely lovely! I saw them myself last week in another post and hope to make some for Easter with my neice. They look like they would be fun to make.Happy Spring Days, Yvette x
Anne said…
Those are gorgeous! I love cupcakes! you make it look easy but it still takes a good eye to make them that pretty.
Amanda Lee said…
This is such an adorable idea! Love it!
Betty said…
They are so cute. I will have to do that with our granddaughter.
Ann said…
Oh they look so cute...
Thanks for sharing how to do it,
looks real easy ♥
♥ Miss Tea said…
cute cupcakes! thanks for sharing how to make them!! so colorful!!
I can't wait to try these...they are SO cute!!

oh these are too cute! my marshmallow loving Hannah will love them:)
Those cupcakes are really cute. Thank you for the tips. Fun thing to do with the kids as we are going to be receiving lots of rain as we enter fall.
Those cupcakes are so cute and what a wonderful idea for Easter! They remind me of water lilies. I may have to 'borrow' the idea one of these days! Thank you for joining me for my Spring tea. It's always lovely having you! Happy Spring to you.

These are adorable! I may "borrow" this idea for the upcoming baby shower I am hosting! Thanks for the instructions too.

These are adorable! I may "borrow" this idea for the upcoming baby shower I am hosting! Thanks for the instructions too.

Scrappy Grams said…
Fun, fun, fun! Oh, and lovely
Okay, I thought two things while reading this post:
#1: these are gorgeous!
#2: Making these would keep the kids busy for awhile!
Fantastic, Tracie!
Adorable! Thank you for sharing. I will make them. ;)
Have a lovely day!
Victoria said…
Wonderful post..So gorgeous...very charming.....and yummy!
Happy Spring
OH my goodness, what a great idea! Your cupcakes look to pretty to eat..
well maybe just one bite LOL
Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth
Becca's Dirt said…
Those are so cute and very creative.
Terri said…
You are one smart mama! What beautiful cupcakes, and so easy too!
Such cute and yummy looking cupcakes!!

I'm impressed - the cupcakes look professionally made!
Easy enough to do, they look yummy and I'll be making some of these little flowers myself.
Simple Home said…
When I first saw these, I thought, I could never do that, and then I saw how you did it. This is such a great idea!! I just showed your idea to both of my daughters. They loved it too. I know we'll be having these around here soon now :-)
Wanda Lee said…
Hello there lovely lady and happy Springtime!

What darling, tummy tempting, 'eyecandy', flower cupscakes; simply exquisite!

I especially love yummy cupcakes that taste as good as they look, as I'm sure they do!.., Yum!

We miss you at TTTT and also, 'Tuesday Tea for Two' and wish to warmly invite you to once again also re-join us in the fun of the overall experience of, 'Tuesday Tea Time In Blogland'!.., The more the merrier!

Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee,( and Pam).

P.S.~ It is our sincere wish, and therefore we do so very much hope that all of our dear blogging friends will most kindly understand that when Pam and I were not always able to visit in the past that nonetheless we do love and appreciate each and every participant and their lovely blog posts!.., Those of you that have so generously joined us with our weekly, Tuesday tea blog tea parties in the past!..,

..,We endeavoring to do much better now however; (Pam is currently in the midst of selling her house, and two of her sons are getting married very soon. Alas, I am recovering from a chronic health condition after several very busy months). Better days ahead!
Olive said…
They look so cute but do seem easy. I am your new follower and thanks for inviting me to your party...I will be there! hugs♥olive
NanaDiana said…
What a great idea! I am always looking for a fun project for SweetCheeks and Company...The girls will love making these! Thanks- xxoo Diana
Kathy said…
Now that's too cool! I'll just have to try this - my family will think I'm awesome! And I know who really is ;)
debi said…
Very pretty! And so creative!
Hi Tracie, These cupcakes are so cute.
My niece made some for a baby shower with the big marshmallows so the petals were bigger. Thanks for showing us how to make them!
~ Julie
Hi: Your cup cakes are so pretty. You are so talented. I can't bake at all. Thank you for sharing. Blessings, Martha
Anonymous said…
gorgeous cupcakes, they look to good to eat!!
Anonymous said…
These look almost too pretty to eat...ALMOST - It would be near impossible to stop me from eating any cupcake!!

This is PERFECT for my new weekly linky party - Foodie Friday! If you got a sec, please link up!

Found you on Dittle Dattle!
Unknown said…
I made these for my daughter's birthday. They are so easy and so pretty! I love yours with the mixed sugars. Beautiful!

I'd love to have you stop by my For the Kids Fridays Link Party and share! Stop by and check it out!

Those are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing how you did it...they are amazing!
Arabella said…
They are just splendid (and yummy looking). So glad I found your blog today through PINK Saturday :O)

I'm a new follower ~ http://SallyLeeByTheSea.com
Elaine said…
Wow, what a simple idea, but what pretty cupcakes. I bet the children were delighted with these little pretties!


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