Budding Cottage Weekend….

Special post for Mosaic Monday!!! Weekend flowers budding out…coral bells, azalea, delphinium, camellia, tree peony, maple, fern, hydrangea, rose.
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NanaDiana said…
Great buds, Tracie! Neat idea for a post- especially for those of us that have NO buds yet! Hugs- Diana
Gypsea Nurse said…
Tracie! Fantastic buds...I am so with NanaDiana..hardly any buds yet my way!
Have a great weekend,....
Lorrie said…
Great buds. I love the fern all curled up.
Ricki Treleaven said…
Yea, Tracie! Spring has sprung @ Fishtail Cottage! I love your mosaic. It is simply lovely!

Ricki Jill
Naturegirl said…
Sigh all this budding happening in your world..here we woke up to snow 2 days in a row!! Send me some Spring!
Sunray Gardens said…
You have an awful lot going on. I have a few things budding, a lot of things pushing out of the ground and a lot of greenery on other things but you are ahead of me.
Goldenray Yorkies
BunnyKissd said…
What a lovely mosaic! Things are budding out all over here too!
Anonymous said…
I love your mosaic, Tracie! This is my favorite time of year... when everything is new and fresh in the garden again. Thanks for sharing!
Beautiful photos of the new growth. V
Wow, what breath of fresh spring air! Fantastic mosaic, and your photography is so crisp and colorful!

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