Cottage Flora Thursday’s #14

Welcome to Cottage Flora Thursday’s #14. Please link a garden post (new or old) to this Garden Party…

I hope you enjoy looking at one another's gardens and floral ideas in the landscape & please do invite your friends (always looking for new gardeners to join in)! I do ask that you view and comment on other posts submitted by Fishtail Cottage followers & if you are not already a follower of my blog – please do so you can be reminded to join in again next week!!!

xoxo, ~tracie


Hello Tracie! I'm linking up for the first time. I'm fairly new to blogging and I've just found your party. Thanks for hosting.
Hi! I'm new to your blog and your Flora Thursdays - what a fun idea! Thanks for hosting.
Christie said…
Hi Tracie,

I hope it's okay that I linked my page even though it's not exactly flower related :-) My post is about a lamp I worked on for our back porch... which definitely adds to the beauty of our entire backyard landscape! I love your blog! I just became a follower and also added your blog to my "link party" page. I'm planting some veggies in our garden for the first time this year so I'm sure I'll have a post or two about that to link up in a few weeks.

Thanks for hosting!
stefanie said…
thanks for the visit and the sweet comments, off to look at gorgeous gardens!!!
Hi Tracie, thanks for inviting me over to your party!I love the idea of "cottage Flora" I think the soft yellow english rose you asked about may be Abraham Darby? XO Christie
Anne said…
Its so nice to see this party thriving, Tracie! I've linked up one of my fave projects this morning... so fun to see all the flowers on this foggy morning...
Hi Tracie, Thanks for hosting.
So happy to be linking up this week.
~ Julie
Sherry Hicks said…
Hi Tracie! So nice to be invited to check out your blog how beautiful! I wish I had garden pics but .........I grow roses but have neglected the outdoors lately.....I will get up to par and post sometime soon as it looks like alot of fun. Thanks for the follow! I am now following through and yes we do have alot in common even to some of our favorite movies. Hugs my new blog friend.
April said…
Love your blog, my husband and I are horticulturists! Thanks for stopping my my corner of the world :)
Donna said…
Hi Tracie, Thanks so much for hosting this wonderful party. :o)And for linking up to my tea party.

I just finished a HUGE post after three days of the whole family working on our little seven acre country property.

There was so much to do! And more to go before we can have our outdoor graduation dinner party in May. We've been working on the pastures, fences, flower gardens, ornamentals, and even the gutters. (Not so fun.) Hope you enjoy this country style post. :o)
HolleyGarden said…
I'm linking to your party - my first time! I'm going to really enjoy looking and seeing what's blooming in everyone's gardens. Thanks for inviting me!
Autumn Belle said…
Happy Cottage Flora Thursday, Tracie!
Ann said…
I am truly enjoying this,
looking at those lovely flowers from your blog and from the others who joined...Thanks for sharing ♥
Mary said…
I love this idea! I'm going have to start taking some outside pictures and join your party.

And I just want to let you know that I featured your beautiful tags from Masterpiece Monday, on "My Top Ten Fav Picks" at Boogieboard Cottage. Thank you for sharing it, it's adorable! Have a nice weekend, Mary :O)
Christie said…
You have such a beautiful blog Tracie :)
I look forward to joining you someday soon for your Cottage Flora Thursday party! I'd love it if you stopped by my blog's so nice to meet you :)
Big hugs,
Hi Tracy, thank you for inviting me to your wonderful garden party. That`s a great idea! But my English is not so good for the posts in this language and my time ist so little every day, but I have a fulltime job. Sorry! But I wish you and your beautiful blog a lot of success and will visit you again.
xoxo Birgit

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