Fishtail Cottage Den Reveal…

Finally, right? I’ve been working on the den makeover since i started blogging and was inspired by you, to make this room be my own little sanctuary! Although, I believe my husband is referring to it as the “MOM CAVE” lol! Every so often I have shared with you a post of something new in my den that was added with careful thought.  I didn’t want this room to be hospital white, but knew I needed to brighten it up a whole bunch!  So with the help of all of you with your beautiful homes and your darling ideas – I took what was maybe yours and made it my own.  Here is the final reveal. Enjoy!!!


I believe it is all the personal touches which has made this space mine! Hope you enjoyed the den reveal
PS - This was the Before:
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Wow! A fabulous makeover. Loving all of the femine touches. I would love this Mum Cave!

Have a fab day.
Pam x
What a beautiful room. I love it!

A room of your very own?! You lucky lady! Love it!
Pamela said…
Gorgeous Tracie!!
Fabulous job! I love the white slip chairs. It just looks great!

Pamela xo
Joani said…
WOW. That looks so beautiful. I love it.
Unreal. It is gorgeous and such a wonderful transformation. Beautifully done. Hugs, Marty
Wow, you've done this room up beauitfully!
Unknown said…
I love the details in this space! All the ruffles, and the lamp shade....gorgeous!!!
Hi Tracie!
Wow what a wonderful change you've made...what a difference placement of furniture can make along with a few accessories. I LOVE the bucket garbage can! You've definitely put your 'stamp' on this 'mom cave'!Very nice indeed. I hope you have a wonderful week...
Maura :)
Julie Marie said…
Hi Tracie... it's just gorgeous!... I'm glad you kept your natural woods... they look beautiful with all of your whites!... I would just spend all day in there... coffee and daydreams... xoxo Julie Marie
Sharon said…
I love the white table in your new room. I have one of those also. I was told that it is called a "chocolate table". I went to see the movie "Lincoln Lawyer" recently and there was a white one on the porch of a little bungalow.
Sherry Hicks said…
I love how you added white and ruffles and still kept some contrasting natural wood pieces and I love the stacking wire baskets, the several tiers of ruffles on the table under the birdcage, the umbrella hat rack, the frames on the is adorable, I too am trying to incorporate ruffles and white while still keeping family keepsakes etc. and not painting everything I think the contrast is lovely!
Very nice. The chairs are wonderful. What a great makeover. It looks like a lovely place to spend time. Enjoy!
♥ Miss Tea said…
what a beautiful mum cave! hehe lovely and cozy, i could spend hours and hours if i had that room in my tiny house *sigh*. Love it!

Susan @
Love it Tracie! Very warm with refreshing whites, and love the vintage touches. Perfect 'mom cave' :)
Unknown said…
It all looks simple gorgeous Tracie
Vicki said…
Tracie it is gorgeous! Love that table cover with all the tiered ruffles and bird cage on top!. The room is beautiful. So many things I like.
Darla said…
What a wonderful redo!! I love it and the ruffles on the table skirt, too cute.
Sunray Gardens said…
You did a fantastic job. Everything looks really lovely. The dog is just a nice bonus.
Goldenray Yorkies
NanaDiana said…
Tracie- You did a WONDERFUL job! It looks absolutely beautiful!! WOW!!! I need a Mom cave! I guess at this age it would be a Nana cave...and would house one old bat! Love everything from the white frames on the walls to the ruffled, skirted table! PERFECT`xxoo Diana
Donna said…
Tracie..this is a gorgeous makeover. I'm sure you will enjoy your mom cave. I'd like one of those too..but it will have to wait another year or so. :o)

Love the ruffled cover for your bird cage stand!
Cindy Rose said…
Hi Tracie,

Your pictures are stunning! You've inspired me! Love it.

Betty said…
It looks so beautiful. You did a fantastic job and it looks so warm and cozy.
Burlap Luxe said…
Love it all girl!
You have come along way baby!!
Blogging has giving you a new world looking at things in a whole new light :)

You are an asset to the world of blogging :)

That chippy lamp with the ruffled shade is a added wow piece, I wish it were mine :)

What does hubby think of all the white comfort now!

See you soon girl, Come over psot a comment on my sight for the giveaway!!

see you soon off to seal up your sign and will contact you soon !

Arabella said…
Great job - it is sooooo lovely! I love those little tags on your baskets :O) Hope you have a wondrous week and enjoy that new space.
It's gorgeous Tracie!! Every little bit is just so pretty!!
That is a great improvement, you must be THRILLED!


Becs said…
LOVE the mom cave! Did you make that lamp shade? Adorable! ANd love those wire baskets for your filing...Wish I had your energy! Have fun with your daughter's room! Becs
Unknown said…
Oh it's just gorgeous! Love how warm and cozy it all is! I am adoring your frames on the wall. GREAT JOB!
Unknown said…
Dear Tracie, I love, love, love it...what a great Mom Cave.(at least the dishwaser is else where)
I would add just one more thing..
A 'Do Not Disturb' sign..uh huh!!
michelle said…
Tracie your den is absolutely gorgeous right down to that adorable doggie bed!!! I love everything you have done in here and I bet it just feels so wonderful sitting and relaxing in there. :)
Tammy said…
It looks so nice and girly! I think you did a great job! Your newest follower... hope you can come and visit me sometime soon!
I love your woods! Those floors are amazing. The chairs look so cozy and the color on the walls are great! It is beautiful!!
Amanda Lee said…
Your den is beautiful -- very warm and inviting!
Anonymous said…
A great transformation..and now that it's your space, with your own personal touch, I'm sure it's going to be your creative haven! yvette@twistedvines
awal.ny said…
This room is so pretty, you must feel so good when your are in it. I love all of the white.
Kathy said…
Hello Tracie,
This is wonderful! Much, much better! Love the slipcovered chairs, the ruffles - the frames on the walls, the architectural accents, the galvanized accents - everything comes together so marvelously - you were very well inspired! Thank you for sharing this with A Return to Loveliness,
God Bless,
What a sweet space1 So adorable. My favorite is the button lamp. Love, love!
deb said…
Amazingly adorable!!
Susan Freeman said…
Just fabulous!!

Susan and Bentley
Tammy @ Type A said…
gorgeous! I have a party that goes from Tues afternoon - Thurs, I would love for you to share this.

Cheers, Tammy
Shannon said…
Oh my gosh, I LOVE this room. All the ruffles are beautiful. So romantic and cozy! Great job :)
bj said…
omygosh...this is a fantastic MOM CAVE. I love everything you have done. Great Job!!
Have u been by my place for the awesome enamel Danish house sign giveaway? If not, I just know you'd love one...:))
Becca Bertotti said…
Gorgeous! I love so many features about it ... the white accents, the ruffled table skirt, the chandie. Beautiful space, indeed! *Becca* (your newest follower)
Marianne said…
Found you on Type "A"...what a beautiful room you have created. I love it!
Marianne :)
Pamela said…
Super cute!! I would never leave!
Wanda said…
lovely space... I love the table with the ruffle skirt and the birdcage!!! thanks for sharing!!!
best regards,
Anonymous said…
I don't even know where to begin with all the "loves"! What a serene room! I could see spending a lot of time in there. Love the chairs and that lampshade. You did good!
Blue Creek Home said…
Bravo! Job better than well done. It's spectacular.
SLR said…
i just adore your den! i love your slipcovered wing chairs so much and how you put that cute cord cover over the computer cord!! everything is just gorgeous...well done :)
Oh wow! What a gorgeous room! I love everthing about it! Gorgeous!!
Vicki Boster said…
GASP - this is absolutely gorgeous! What a beautiful make over - I would die to have a room like this! It is so perfect - and practical - and just the right touch of "girly" - you did a wonderful job!

LOVE your new spring blog header - it screams spring!

BECKY said…
Hi! This is such an inspiration to me because I have earth tones in my home and am working on incorporating more whites and neutrals! This came out so lovely! The white components are the soft ruffles! Truly a personal space to enjoy!!! Thanks for sharing! I'm a new follower!
Have a joyful day!
The whole room is simply wonderful. Just the right balance of masculine and feminine...Love ur style!..........Bonnie
Anonymous said…
Wow- I am going to be back and look at this again for inspiration. The "tail" on your monitor made me do a double take, then made me smile.
Tammy @ Type A said…
thanks for sharing this at my party! this room is gorgeous.
Unknown said…
yowzer! The before and afters are great. I love that little the puppy even got some ruffles. Totally fab makeover!
Traci, such a cute room. Love the button shade. I will start joining your party soon with yard and outdoor photos.
Beautiful Room, I Love all the Details.....
AMAZING! I love everything about this room... from the in/out baskets to the beautiful wingback chairs... all of it! Great job!
Anonymous said…
so beautiful!
Oh my goodness! I love the slipcovers and the ruffled table cover. Great job! Thanks for sharing this at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop :)
Savannah Granny said…
Beautiful space. So cozy and inviting. I love everything that you did. I especially love Charlie and the waste basket.
I am a new follower over from Home on a Dime. Ginger
"Mom Cave" or whatever you want to call it, it's beautiful! I love your slipcovered chairs and that ruffled table is gorgeous. I think I'd be quite happy to hang out in this room!
Anonymous said…
What a beautiful room! I want to come over!!

I love it, Tracie! Hey, I'm all for having a "Mom cave"! I wish I had a "wife cave" in this tiny little cottage to retreat to. ;)

It was fun walking through this reveal and remembering the individual posts of its elements.

Thanks for linking to the party.

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage
Wow, what a great job you did, I think it is a woman/man cave, cause
we all know how much guys love wood,
and you have left wood for warmth.
It really turned out lovely, I love all the added white and ruffles, the room needed some fru fru, and it was just the perfect amount!
Good Going!
Blessings, Nellie
This is so charming!! I love all the ruffled whites and prettiness! Looks like a wonderful 'mom cave'! Thanks for sharing at FNF! :)
What a beautiful room. Love all of the wood, ruffles, and everything else I see in there!
What a beautiful room. Love all of the wood, ruffles, and everything else I see in there!
Sommer said…
Oh I love this room! I can totally see my office like this. I want the two chairs with the table and your lamp shade is to die for! I hope you will share this at my VIP party today =)
Unknown said…
Tracie, I feel so bad that I have not been over in awhile,I'm such a bad blogger.. forgive me.. Your room turned out so beautiful, I'm going to put you on my side bar so I can keep up better.. have a great weekend...

Unknown said…
love your den. im over from type a and im your newest follower. especially love the in and out bins very cute...
Stunning! Gorgeous! Magazine worthy! Thanks so much for sharing it at Inspiration Friday! :-)
Visiting from FJI! That sweet ruffled end table with the bird cage really caught my eye, and I'm so glad I clicked on it, because this room is beautiful! I love how you've lightened the look with all of the white. A beautiful makeover!

I've started a weekly link party on Sundays over at Addicted 2 Decorating. I hope you'll come link up your project!!
EnchantedBella said…
Turned out wonderful. Love it!!!!!
Noble Vintage said…
wow! what an awesome room makeover! Love your cord cover for your computer. Genius! :) It is a very warm and cozy space. Great job! thanks for sharing this at my party!
Unknown said…
This room has style!

I saw a glimpe of your little Charlie, too cute!
. said…
Holy cow!!!! Your den is GORGEOUS!!!! I just all the little details and, of course, the ruffles. :)
I do not know what to comment on I will just say one

Flora Doora
Sharon said…
I love all of the changes to your's beautiful...with just the perfect amount of white!

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