Look who showed up today….

So these two beautiful and friendly doe’s showed up within feet of my garden…I have to admit I chased them away with my camera.  I’m okay with them visiting from a distance – but they need to stay far away from the tulips and roses here at Fishtail Cottage!  We followed them to the meadow of the high school across the street. If you could see where I live & all that surrounds it – you’d understand why this is such a rare occasion to see!


We all giggled when this one squatted and pee’d – made me think, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a deer pee – lol!!! have you?


Funny, I had heard a strange bird call last week and followed the noise to the tree – can you see it? a sweet little quail here in the center of this photo below! 


Yep, I of course chased it out of the neighbors tree…& continued to snap photo’s…


All this wild life reminded me of when we had a momma & nine little ducklings show up in our backyard in 2009….



Thought I’d go create a bouquet with my tulips just in case those deer decide to come back…


Wonder what will show up next? I will share with you – if anything visits! For now, I am linking to Cottage Flora Thursday’s (#16)……

xoox, tracie


My Grama's Soul said…
Hi Tracie.....What great pics you took of all the critters.
No...I have never seen a deer...pee. LOL We used to live in the San Juan Islands north of Seattle and often had deer come right up to the condo. Perhaps they are coming so close to your area because they know you have planted all those beautiful tulips..oh my oh my...how they LOVE tulips! (O:


Shannon said…
How adorable, I love the ducks taking a little dip in the pool!
Unknown said…
So love these kinds of moments, Tracie. I have my deer up today also, & hawk, etc.

Have a beautiful weekend.
Sigh.....they're darlingggggggg!
I'm getting so hooked on your blog!
I love the ducklings, we have mallards visit right before Summer comes every year now, it's the strangest thing, they pop in, walk around our pool and quack a bit, then take off the next day. We love them! Love the "Deer Pee" haha! Reminds me of my dog ;) Very cute!
i love your deer pics! (of course!)she trusts you enough to urinate in front of you...their coats don't look the same as ours during the shed...my deer's undercoats are a warm buttery red gold, yours are whitish gray...the one has a hematoma on its outer right hind or a bee sting. the yearling looks thin. i love deer. they nibbled on my tiger lilys about three weeks ago but now their stomachs are telling them to nibble on something else. how lucky you were to see a quail! and the duckies are so precious! :)
NanaDiana said…
Tracie- Rabbits- you need rabbits now! And squirrels-don't forget the squirrels! LOL I did see a deer pee when I was a kid. I also saw a mother deer giving birth in the woods. I must have been about 12 or so and it was the first birth I had ever seen....and I grew up on a FARM! I think I was pretty protected from that sort of thing back then.

Your tulips are gorgeous..did you plant them just to attract the deer?;>) Okay...I will leave now before I aggravate you anymore. Hugs- Diana
I'm laughing at the deer peeing picture! I've never seen that before :) We don't see them too close to our house, but I did see one once run across 405 and jump over the fence behind Costco (I think you'll know where I'm talking about). The quail are so cute. I was just at my sister's today and a bunny and two quails were hopping up the sidewalk. I love that wildlife still finds it way into the suburbs around here.
Well...you were really romping with the wildlife today, Tracie! And no, I have never seen a deer piddle before! I have to tell my husband!!

Pamela Gordon said…
Yes, I've seen a deer pee. LOL They look funny don't they? You have as much wildlife there as we do in the country. Did you see my moose post on Thursday? Have you ever seen a moose? Have a great weekend. Pamela
Jeannie B. said…
I enjoyed my visit very much!! I loved seeing all the animals. I hope to join you next Thursday!
Anonymous said…
Dear Tracie, I love your blog. The name alone is endearing but the photos and prose are a delight. Thank you for visiting my blog and for inviting me to yours. I'll be back!
Anonymous said…
Oh my Goodness!! I am SO glad you stopped by!! Love Love LOVE your little blog world. YOu are where I hope to be some day......Will come back again and again....
Diana LaMarre said…
There are fun to watch, but I don't like them around my garden! I have had too many seasons ruined when they ate all the tulips--over 400 of them, then they ate over a 100 hostas....they can demolish a big hosta in one night....I will just admire them from your garden. :)
Julie Marie said…
Hi Tracie, you know me and Nature, I LOVE all your little critters! The deer and others eat alot of my things too, but oh well, the sign in my yard says we are a Certified Wildlife Habitat with the National Wildlife Foundation, so I guess they think it's ok!... (it is!)... I can always plant more... your gardens are looking so pretty... I am slowly seeing things green up and bloom here... hopefully I can link one day soon to your Thursday posts!... xoxo Julie Marie
michelle said…
Oh my goodness that is too funny!! I don't think that I have ever seen a deer pee either! :) You have some wonderful visitors by you, how fun to watch.
Your flowers are beautiful as well.
have a wonderful weekend!!
Susan in SC said…
Love the pictures!! I have been around deer all my life and did not know they squatted to pee! How funny!! GREAT pictures!
HolleyGarden said…
How funny! No, I don't think I've ever see one squat like that! The ducks are adorable! You have quite a bit of wildlife. They are probably attracted to your garden - they can probably smell all the wonderful plants.
Anonymous said…
Great wildlife pictures! I confess that I have actually seen a deer peeing-back in my pasture.


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