Pay it forward gift…

“oh my goodness!” is what we all said as I opened the huge box that arrived on my porch today!  Patti “On Hollyhock Farm” sent me this beautiful hand made treasure for the Pay it Forward gift. It is so beautiful and so thoughtful the way she personalized this for me.  Truly a special  gift I proudly display in my newly remodeled den.


The hand made details of this gift are the sweetest!  Words and photo’s just don’t do this justice.





Also included were garden seeds and bath soap.  Thank you Patti ~ Love everything about this! I feel so lucky and blessed to receive such a lovely and thoughtful gift from you! Hugs! xoox, Tracie


Unknown said…
Oh my! BEAUTY and such thoughtfulness! Enjoy it!
Darla said…
That is so nice!
How wonderful! It will look fantastic in your "new" den!

Katie said…
That's really gorgeous!
Anne said…
Its wonderful! You can tell that a lot of thought went into it.

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