Something Vintage…

This next post I am sharing with you from my recent visit to Common Folk Co. is their collection of Vintage Goodies for sale.  As I said last week – this fabulous store creates the perfect mix of both old and new goodies for your home and gifts!  Click on the picture to see a larger view.
This post is all about the “Vintage”!

See anything you love – contact the store directly at (425) 747-4100; missed last weeks post – click here to visit!

Thanks for touring with me…xoxo, Tracie


Ricki Treleaven said…
What a fun store! I would love to shop there. Thanks for sharing!
Anonymous said…
Oh my goodness my sister had that album with the people kissing...

I loved tinkertoy as a kid.

You must have had lots of fun poking through all that.
Olive said…
Oh I love that oil painting of roses.
Unknown said…
Wow! This place is great. I would be there for hours.
What a great place to shop! Could stay there all day!
Lynn said…
I would love to shop there for a day. Probably be in big trouble with our budget because I see things that are calling to me even now, lol. Blessings.
Wow! Lovely store to shop!
Thanks for the post :)

nanniepannie said…
I'm linking with some animal loving friends on Tuesday and I've included at link back to your blog. I'm featuring Black Barn Garden whom I found at Flora Thursdays last week. Hope you don't mind. Went ahead and posted this morning, but won't be linking to West Virginia Treasures' Show and Tail until Monday night.
Thanks, Nancy
Julie Marie said…
Hi Tracie... oooh, that is my kind of place, stuff everywhere!... love that farmhouse container and also those fufu slippers!... Kris Kristofferson doesn't look too bad either, tee hee hee!... xoxo Julie Marie
Tons of neat stuff. What a great store. Hugs, Marty
Oh...I want to go digging thru that the cage too!
Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said…
that truly looks like my kind of store....not to neat with a casual charm. :)
I love seeing shops in other places! Thanks for taking me along!
Unknown said…
looks like a fabulous pace to spend your time and money!!
NanaDiana said…
OMGosh! I would spend hours in that store! I LOVE that first little banged up old mini-tub that says Farmhouse! And I loved tinkertoys when I was little! And that rose painting? it!! Great place- xxoo Diana
Scrappy Grams said…
I could go zany in that shop!
I may need to plan a trip south soon! When my daughter was at UW I came to the Seattle area pretty regularly but have not been there shopping since last June!!

So many cute, wonderful things to see... I believe I saw a pink light that hangs on a headboard?? Too cute! Thanks for sharing and I'll be adding it to my must see list.

What a lot of good stuff!! Wish I lived nearby!

Unknown said…
Thanks for the tour. It looks like a really fun fun store. Also, thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Happy that we found each other.
Brenda Pruitt said…
Such yummy vintage stuff! I've GOT to remember your garden party!
Anne said…
That looks like so much fun!
Barbara Jean said…
Love that Farmhouse tin. awesome!!

barbara jean
Unknown said…
look at all those goodies..When I go into a store like this, I have to look at everything...and that takes a lot of time..that goes the same for here..
Vicki said…
What a FUN store! So many things I like in those photos. It looks jam packed too.
Prior said…
Wow, looks like a really cool shop, too far from Texas though, I'll just have to enjoy the pictures.
Hi Tracie, Thanks for the tour! Lots of vintage treasures there! Looking forward to linking up some garden pics at your party this week. Spring is popping up over here :).
~ Julie
Oh my, that looks like a place I could spend hours! There are so many treasures!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind comment about my chandelier :)

Erin said…
Lots of goodies there! I love a lot of stuff I see!

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