Sweet Carrier…

Not sure if this will truly carry anything, but I found it so darling that I couldn’t pass it up when I recently visited the Grand Opening of “Rust and Ruffles Square” in Snohomish.  Looks like I could transport some little chick’s, a bunny, or it could just sit and look pretty?

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xoox, Tracie


Unknown said…
It's adorable sitting and looking pretty. It could also be a "bug" holder or butterfly holder.
Have a great day!
I always love the look of these little cages.
They have a great style and can be upgraded to nests so easily.
Unknown said…
so sweet. i love it! what are you going to do with it??
This is really cute...I'm sure you will think of something creative to do with it!

NanaDiana said…
So cute- One of my best friends in the world lives in Snohomish! She introduced me to Starbucks drive-through! I should have disowned her as a friend back then!!!;>)

I think that looks like a cute littl bunny carrier to me! Hugs-Diana
Oh yes, that is wonderful. I love stuff like that, it does not matter I need it not.
Unknown said…
I can picture your having a lot of FUN working with this carrier ...

Have a beautiful week.

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Burlap Luxe said…
Ms "T"
I adore it, It reminds me of a cage I had for one of my little friends when I was little!
I love it as a display piece :)

Heaven's Walk said…
Wonderful display piece! Luv all of the white shabby chippiness!!! :) Oh, I can hardly wait til our flea markets open up around here....!

xoxo laurie
ohh..I want to visit Snohomish:)...very cute...endless possibilties!
Ooooh, there's a local store that has had one of those for a while now. However, their's isn't painted and now that I see this one I may just need to buzz over there and pick it up... a little paint and it could be something very cute :)

Anonymous said…
Oh this is such a neat carrier!!!
You need a pet mini bunny now for it!

bee blessed
Rozmeen said…
It looks beautiful! Great find.. maybe a little bunny?

Stephanie said…
Such a neat find! You could decorate with it seasonally - so many possibilities!
That is too cute...love the old wood and wire and all the chippy white! I might fill it with a collection of small clay pots, too pretty:)
Unknown said…
cute! I want to go to Rust & Ruffles!
How sweet...you find the cutest things with so much charm!
Ricki Treleaven said…
How cute, Tracie! Whatcha gonna do wid it??? :D
Pleeze post!!!! ;P

~Ricki Jill
sheila said…
I love your little cage.
Love it cause it's so unique....I want one!
paperbutterfly said…
I can’t believe another week has gone by with another delightful tea party. Your teacup is extra special because it was your grandmother's. I think that is the best way to collect china.
It would not be so enjoyable without you and your creative touch. I always look forward to seeing you as often as you can pop in.

PS I'll be back to see what is in the carrier
Great find! I'd put a pretty pot of flowers inside. Hugs.
P.S. I have your lovely blog on my cottages page at Katherines Corner :-)
Arabella said…
You always find the most amazing treasures - here is another wonderful example!!!
Pearl Maple said…
That is a cute carrier, I have a wicker mini pig that would look sweet in there. Looks like a great place you have for finding speical treasures.
Anonymous said…
Your cute carrier is the type of thing that grabs my attention immediately. While it can be very sueful it also has endless decorative possibilities.

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