“Unfurling”…..is that even a word? Unfurling to me is the awakening of the garden. Look at all I am anticipating this week…makes me giddy to think this time next week – so much should be in bloom and bring color to the garden…Azalea, hosta, allium, fern, iris, columbine, coral bells, peony, hydrangea and red twig dogwoods…..ahhh, loving the awakening of a garden!


Linking up to Cottage Flora Thursday’s #20 (party will be post at 7pm) with this Garden Post. To see where I am linking to this week – please check my “Cottage Links” label…

xoxo, tracie


Donna Heber said…

Gorgeous garden pictures! It looks like springtime has arrived in Washington. I look forward to joining your group.
Unknown said…
your garden is sooo beautiful! i would love to stroll through it "for real." thanks for the inspiring photographs! Brings warmth to my otherwise cold,rainy and yucky day! :)
Becca's Dirt said…
Beautiful Tracie. So much to look forward to there. Foliage is lovely.
Donna said…
Oh Tracie..how beautiful! You just are an amazing photographer. BTW, I was going to mention on today's post about your adorable coop and link up to it. It's just that it was big post and I'm so tired with my cold. So I'm going to find your link and add it after a short nap.

I was thinking I might link it to tonight's garden post...since I have so many outdoor photos..especially my little 'garden chickens'. They light up at night which is so funny!

Your garden is just enchanting, Tracie. :o)
Donna said…
Tracie, I hope you don't mind but I borrowed a photo of your coop--so darling!! And told everyone about it..with a link. I added a paragraph near the beginning of the post about people who live in town making coops. :o)

I really do love yours!
Heaven's Walk said…
Dont'cha just love spring??? My garden is waking up and unfurling, too! Love your photos, Tracie! :)

xoxo laurie
Shannon said…
It's so exciting once everything starts blooming! I can't wait to see it all those flowers open with all their pretty clothes.
Paula said…
Unfurling is a perfect word for all of t his magic! Thanks for sharing it - your gardens are lovely - so fun to see them! Paula from Idaho
Anne said…
I do love seeing things unfurl (yes, i'm sure that's a real word!) Sometimes the buds are prettier than the flowers. Well, almost. And sometimes they do taste better (nasturtiums)
Hi Tracie
Unfurl is a good word and one I've used many times to describe plants as they slowly open to the warmth of spring. I was thinking of this very word today when I looked at a hosta that is ready to unfold its leaves.
We have tulips open now with much more to come too.
Gatsbys Gardens said…
Tracie, this is beautiful. I love when plants begin to open up, something that is not visibile in the garden but only up close.

Anonymous said…
Since I've been hanging out amongst blogs I pay so much more attention to the stages my plants go through. It really is a miracle process.
Mary said…
Everything looks so healthy and all have such pretty color even before blooming. Love this! :)
xinex said…
Love all your flowers in your gorgeous mosaic, Tracie.....Christine
NanaDiana said…
Tracie- It looks like everything is UNFURLING in your garden! Hopefully, it is warmer there than it is here! Your gardens are beautiful, as always! xxoo Diana
Sounds like a great word to me! Your garden is beautiful!
Looking forward to the party! :)
Unfurling is such a wonderful word to describe that first bloom of a garden. Can't wait for pictures next week.
I too love that word! Those are great shots of the magic of spring.
Gorgeous Photos...Oh the anticipation, I love it.

Blessings Kelsie
Unfurl... what a wonderful word! I too cannot wait for everything to unfurl or "pop"! One of my peonies is just about there!

Thanks again for hosting your link party for all of us!

Suffia said…
Hi, I'm joining Cottage Flora Thursday for the first time. Beautiful garden, I really enjoy visiting here.

I am following your blog and love gardening so I am going to love posting to your Thursday party. I just joined with my Garden Cupola. However, I don't see where to get the code for your party button.
Unknown said…
woops posted my comment on your other post! I love the unfurling look too. Are you on Pacific or Central time? I couldnt stay up to link up last night. Hit the bed at 10:00 p.m. We are looking at our 5th day of rain here. Perfect world would be a light rain during the night and sweet sunshine all day..
nanniepannie said…
You're so right that is one of my favorite times in the garden. We're past that here...Spring has sprung. I am looking on to summer now, time goes by way too fast.
Marie said…
Hi there dear Tracie - Your jardin is looking terrific! Thank goodness spring has sprung for you!

Happy Cottage Flora Thursday!
Darla said…
Yes, unfurling is a word in the garden and your photos define it perfectly!
deb said…
Tracie, beautiful photos!
New plant life is so inspiring to me. It brings new hope♥
Beautiful garden pics!! Thanks for hosting this great garden party!! I just joined up and will have more pics as I try to create a cottage garden in my little back yard.

HolleyGarden said…
Such a wonderful time of year when the plants begin to unfurl. So full of promise and hope. Lovely pictures.
Unfurling is a great word to describe the opening of flowers! Your photographs are stunning, as always. Thanks for inviting me to link up our stone walkway project! I plan to photograph our vegetable garden tomorrow.
Unknown said…
How lovely watch the garden take shape and form!
Gorgeous flowers and such a gorgeous garden! I am getting excited at the flowers that are beginning to bloom too! Can't wait to start doing some outside posts and join your party! Thanks for linking up to FNF :)
Hi Tracie, Lovely, we're all awaiting the spring and summer transformations of beauty in our gardens. I just love this time of year.
Have a great weekend!
~ Julie
Betty said…
There is lots of exciting activity going on in your garden! Thanks for the invitation to your garden party. I'll make a note and join you next Thursday!
I love the awakening of the garden too...truly magical.
Love your photos..happy pink Saturday..xo Tami
genie said…
Lovely flowers and such nice mosaics. You have put together a lovely post this week. I wish I had flowers like these in my yard.
I love the unfurlings -- beautiful pictures.
LV said…
A nice way to actually wake up and see a pretty garden of flowers.
awal.ny said…
This is the stage that most of my plants are in. I love your pictures. Thanks for hosting this party each week.
Unknown said…
it's always great to see all the flowers blooming in the garden, it looks beautiful!
Wally said…
Ooh, I love unfurling.
Millie said…
Yes, unfurling is a very suitable word...love this time of year!
Gorgeous mosaic. I love the buds and seedheads as much as the blooms. You have captured the buds just perfect. V
I use the word unfurling a lot. Beautiful mosaic today.
Jill Harrison said…
lovely to see the unfurling of spring. Your garden looks beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us.
deborah said…
Stunning! Unfurling??? Hmmm...might just use that word myself!
Pondside said…
What a wonderful word for what's happening every day - although the whole process would speed up just a little if we had some sunshine!
Lynn said…
Everything looks great, can't wait to see next week's pics:@)
Anonymous said…
Yep things are really starting to unfurl in your garden! :)
Unfurling photos are done very well.
Joyce M
I love that first photo! Thank goodness the warm weather has finally arrived. I love to watch the garden bloom. Thanks for linking to my Share the Love link party!

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