Farm Chicks…

So much fun was to be had visiting Spokane.  My niece came along with me to check out what all the fuss was about.  She’d never seen such loony ladies excited about the junk they couldn’t grab fast enough, or the bloomers they wore under their skirts & aprons over jeans…She giggled more often than not the day – but by the end she was starting to understand that recycled treasures were actually cool & started to say the infamous words of “awe – this is so cute”… I then it was me who had to laugh out loud!


We arrived early enough to get into the doors right at ten – however, because of the early entries the first few booths were already displaying sold signs on their items – so we skipped much of the front & headed to the back & work our way forward.   So, you are dying to know what I found & brought home, right? 

I snatched this gorgeous patina’d urn and plan to plant something in it for the patio!

037_thumb4 039_thumb

I immediately fell in love with this “mamma bird” apron and had to bring it home with me as well.  Although it’s new, I will definitely use it & love the birdie print on the front.


This scale was my junkin find that I regret not figuring out how to buy. I was out of cash at this point & the vendor didn’t take cards. My niece said to me…where do you intend to hang it & I started to feel a little guilty about my last scale purchase… I just thought it was so so so cute…





While standing in line waiting to pay for the apron, I noticed this darling little birdie in the corner of my eye all happy perched on a swing – yep, grabbed him too!





Adoring this sweet little salt & pepper shakers filled with glitter!  Not just any glitter – but its Pure Silver & German Glass.



My favorite find at the Farm Chicks– was this rustic caddy…says its from the 1950’s – its very sweet & I plan to do something fun with it…what, I’m jut not sure yet?


252540_10150192395363915_584818914_7114728_18529_n (2)




After leaving the Farm Chicks – we met my mother & sister in law in town for lunch and the four of us continued our quest for “Finds”.




We came upon a whole row of fantastic shops & inside those found something I will truly always treasure.  Zula Kenyon framed bluebird prints.  I adore her work and until this point have never come across one (much less two).


I saw this sweet rusted ‘ol barrel our front of a store front & grabbed this for the coop area. love it! (not the noise it made all the way home in the car though)…


and my niece, well – yep, she caught the bug & did make a purchase….take a peek at what she bought for just $10.


Thanks so much for coming over to peek!  A great trip & some great finds! To see where I am linking up to this week!!!!

xoxo, Tracie


Paint Me White said…
Tracie that type writer is a bargain. I found one on the weekend too but she wanted $95 for it so $10 is a real bargain. Love all your goodies. Sandy
That looks like SO much fun! I just love that rusty little garden truck. That scale was too cute...there always has to be one that gets away! Having fun catching up on the blog! xo Caroline
You and your niece are darling!;)
I have the same exact metal wheel barrow thingy that is chippy red (found it at goodwill a few years ago for $5)and my hubby uses it for yardwork.
Glad to see you had fun! Hugs, Rachel

French Farmhouse 425
Julie Marie said…
Hi Tracie, oooh I love everything!... I especially love your bluebird prints, so gorgeous! and I also love the vintage typewriter your darling niece got... how fun she is getting in the "junkin" spirit" of things now too!... xoxo Julie Marie
Gatsbys Gardens said…

I love those urns, the birds and that typewriter looks like the one I had in grammer school!

Ann said…
My favorite is the rusted ole barrel. How fabulous filled with bright annuals. Looks like so much fun. Niece is a new covert I'm sure.
Unknown said…
what fun! soooo jealous! (god your gorgeous!)
Ricki Treleaven said…
Great finds, Tracie! I am so happy you and your niece had such a great time! :D
Leontien said…
It looks like you had a great time!!!

Thanks for sharing
Unknown said…
Uuhhh! Fun stuff. Well worth the noise that barrel made on the way home. That typewriter was a steal. They're going for around 25.00 around here.
NanaDiana said…
It looks like you had a ball! What a bunch of great finds. I love the prints the best, I think. You don't often see those ANYwhere! And I think that crate is probably an old milk bottle carrier. Do you know that until about 5 years ago we got milk delivered to our house twice a week? Tin cooler on the porch and everything. Loved that service and had it for almost 25 years.

I am tickled your neice found a prize of her own. What a great price for the typewriter-especially with the case!

Happy Monday night- xo Diana
Looks like you had a fabulous time! Love all the goodies you got... too bad about the scale, it was a cool one.

Okay, I am so jealous!! So many goodies!!
Loving the scale, would look great in my "new" kitchen, love the pictures and the planter! Great patina on that!!
You did good!!

Unknown said…
There you are!!! What a cutie you are. I had that scale in my had too!!! Took the same photo in the truck. Can't wait to post when I get home!! Great post!
Farm Chicks certainly is an experience:)...maybe I'll get back there someday...I *LOVE* your wheelbarrow...perfectly rusty!
Donna said… your great finds! I love that typewriter too. I have a lovely antique one.

Needless to say..I'm jealous! Wish we had a place like that to shop.

I'm sorry we didn't get to meet you at FC! It looks like you found some fun treasures...LoVe the wheel barrow!

XO Glad & Celia
Patty Marker said… much fun you must have had and great finds, too. I love the wheelbarrel and the bottle holder.
Heaven's Walk said…
Gosh! Don'tcha just hate it when you run out of cash and there...right in front of the one thing that you've been looking for all day....??? LUV that scale and I'm going to look for one this summer at the local Fleas. Don't know where I'll hang it....but I've just gotta have one! lol! You nabbed some amazing treasures, Tracie! Can hardly wait to see them in your home! :)

xoxo laurie
I dream of going there one day! Awesome finds! I have 2 chickens too!

Happy new follower!

What a great day and introducing your niece to junkin', so special!! Love, love the rustic caddy! So many great uses!!
Stephanie said…
Awesome finds! The urn is great and I really like the wheel barrow!
Kathy said…
Just love looking at your treasures again - looking forward to seeing what you do with them - I wish there were an event like this near me! Thank you for sharing this with A Return to Loveliness,
Anonymous said…
Your niece could not resist.
The draw of junk is too strong.

It looks like you had a great time and I like your strategy of working back to front.
Arabella said…
I never can pick a favorite from the treasures you buy because they are always so fabulous. Looks like you guys had a great time.

Hope you have a lovely weekend, Tracie.

Lucky you, getting to go to Farm Chicks. Great finds, have to say those prints are my favorite. so sweet! Thanks so much for linking up to VIF, xo Debra
Ohh soo much fun Tracie!!! Looks like you scored some great finds too! Thanks for linking up this week! :)
Girl I am so envious!
Looks like you had so much fun, what a great autie you are :)
Unknown said…
I love all the thing you loved at the flea market.
I also love and collect Zula Kenyon prints. I have the little girl sitting on the wall but have not seen the one standing. Aren't they great.
I am going to have to keep my eyes open.
I found you just now through someone else, can't even remember who right now, but will become a follower.

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