Salt & Pepper…

Finally!!! Since I was at my first flea market several months ago, I have been on a hunt to find a fabulous matching milk glass salt & pepper set.  You see, at that first flea market – I didn’t realize how quickly you had to snatch & purchase something if you saw something you wanted.  I saw a set similar to these, but waiting too long to make up my mind & someone reached across me & grabbed them, paid for them & moved on….while I sat there in awe of what just happened.
So when I came across these at an antique store recently, I didn’t hesitate!  & they are mine…all mine! 
and I am happy!

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very cute shakers! ;) Rachel
Yah! Patience paid off.
hugs ~lynne~
Donna Heber said…
Hi Tracie,

I too love your milk glass salt & pepper set! What a wonderful find.
Sunray Gardens said…
I love the old milk glass. Great find!
Cher Sunray Gardens
Unknown said…
These are so cool great find, have a good rest of the week

Oh yes, you can't wait a second ! If you see something you want, or think you do, hang on to it.
Linda said…
Love them. What a wonderful find.
I hate when they do that! Glad you found another set, they are adorable.
You found me now I found you and became a follower! And you are a NW gal, so fun to find other NW bloggers.
BECKY said…
Love these Tracie!! I have been watching a set on Etsy that I adore!!

I will get some one day...just don't want to pay top dollar for them!!

Thanks for popping by my blog!! What a joy!!

Have a wonderful day!
Very cute S&P shakers. They have a nice nostalgic feel to them.
Hi Tracie, These are great finds! Love them. I'll see you Thursday at your party :).
~ Julie
michele said…
oooooh, i'm loving all your finds! i have those aqua and white vintage butterprint bowls and they are special to me because i grew up with them (were my parents' wedding gifts). and that broom slip? love.

Julie Marie said…
LOVE those Tracie!... oooh, I would love to take you antique~treasure hunting with me... I learned a long time ago, you have to be really, how should I put this, PUSHY and grab what you want or someone else will get it for sure!... I have always been nice and rather shy, and when I saw I was losing out on so many things, I became the fastest shopper there is!... now I want some shakers just like yours!... xoxo Julie Marie
Sandi said…
Glad you got them this time! Isn't it amazing how fast things can happen when someone really wants it! I have a similiar story from a sale I was at. Was looking at a box of different wall decor and while I was looking through it a lady came up and said, "I am taking all of these" and swooped the box right out from under me. I even had my box sitting on top of that box. I kept the two in my hands though. HA!!
The salt and pepper shakers are really cute, sort of retro looking! I have had similar things happen to me at flea markets. Once I went to get my husband a few feet away to look at a table I wanted and someone just picked it up and paid for it in that split second. We have been looking everywhere for something like it. Bummer. But hurray for you!!!

NanaDiana said…
Oh - I love when that happens and you find something you have been searching for...and I LOVE the milk glass "old" look of them! xo Diana
Ricki Treleaven said…
Yay, Tracie, I am so glad you found them!!!
Robin Johnson said…
Yippeee! So glad you were able to find another set. What a great find. I love them. Mmmmm, might have to add a set of my own to the old wish list! LOL
Noble Vintage said…
These are adorable! So glad you finally got them! :) thanks for sharing at Transformations and Treasures!

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