White Peonies…

So very exciting to see my peonies finally opening this week!  Bringing Peonies inside to enjoy in our home is so fun.  I brought them in while they were still closed up so that they would be “bug free”.  I am using this this gorgeous tea pot I purchased from the neighborhood g-sale a few weeks back.

318I absolutely love these white peonies with the lemon center – they are so very fragrant & freshen up so many rooms in my home! 319

Such a pretty combo to share with you at White Wednesday!


Hope you are having sunshine in your week…xoxo, tracie


Unknown said…
This is what I needed for my post, they are beautiful... Mine are all gone...

Gatsbys Gardens said…
Tracie, I still do not understand these zones. You are in a warmer zone than I am (5) and my peonies have been gone for two weeks!

They seemed to have bloomed so fast and faded this year.

They look so pretty, Tracie! Good idea to bring them in when they are closed. They dry really well, too! Love the teapot!

Sunray Gardens said…
Peonies are always so beautiful.
Cher Sunray Gardens
NanaDiana said…
I love peonies too. They always remind me of blousy-overdressed older women in Sunday church clothes!;>) Great pictures-xo Diana
La said…
Oh Tracie, your peonies are so prtty in the teapot. I remember my mom chasing ants when she would bring peopnies in when I was a kid. They do smell so good.

Have a fabulous week!
xinex said…
The peonies are lovely! I love the colors and the fullness look....Christine
Heaven's Walk said…
Oh, Tracie - I'm so jealous! I LUV your peonies! Mine are done for the season and I miss them so much! Don't they just smell amazing??? Love them in the silver pot!

xoxo laurie
Patti said…
Beautiful! They are so nice with the silver.
Bonnie K said…
Beautiful, I can almost smell them. I love the vase!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful indeed, the white peonies in a silver tea set! I only wish I could smell them. I don't think my peonies are getting enough sun, still no blooms after a few years.
Ricki Treleaven said…
I have peony envy *giggles*

Very pretty!!!!
Unknown said…
I am a sucker for the crispness of white peonies but don't own any. I need to get on that already. Great share!!
Beautiful! I love this time of year when the peonies are blooming!

deborah said…
Love peonies! Mine have been gone for almost two weeks. I wish they would stay longer! Thnaks for sharing yours!
I have had this same arrangement with the peonies in the teapot for years, unfortunately my flowers aren't real cuz I have a brown thumb.
I can imagine how much you must be enjoying them :o)

Hi Tracie, Your arrangement of Peonies is wonderful and I'm sure you are enjoying the lovely fragrance as well! We don't have the luxury of growing them here...but they are still in season so we are all running to Trader Joe's to purchase them while we can. Hope you have a lovely week!
Unknown said…
Beautiful Tracie & they really look lovely in that teapot
Just gorgeous Tracie! Peonies are one plant I've never attempted but maybe soon:)
Darla said…
Very, very pretty.
Stunning white peonies ...so elegant in silver! Good tip ... bringing them in while closed .... now I know why I always have ants covering the table when I bring mine inside ; )
They are lovely, aren't they? Mine are still just buds - but any day now! That's a gorgeous tea pot too Tracie, it really shows off the blooms!
Unknown said…
This is so lovely. Your flowers are beautiful in the silver teapot. :)

Hi Tracie,

Your Peonies are lovely!!
The White perfect for a Bridal Bouquet!

Just Beautiful!

All the Best,
Anonymous said…
Yes they are really pretty, nice photos, Celeste, victoriantailor.com
Just gorgeous!!!
~ Julie
Very pretty!
I am happy to be able to upload photos today!

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