Wow – Did I Score!!!!

This past weekend there was a fabulous neighborhood Garage Sale that took place in the neighborhood behind our home.  I would say 60% of the neighborhood took part in the event and I had a blast going from house to house to see all the great finds waiting to be found!
This Garden Bench is the perfect addition to a part of the garden that is a work in progress……not sure exactly what I will do with this bench – but for $5.00, yes, $5.00 I certainly can find a place for it!
Sweet Ornate Silver Dish $.50

Picked up this sweet galvanized bucket for $.50 – great to collect my girlz eggs!

When I came across a table filled with silver, I just about fainted!  All of these pieces were purchased for $5.00 each – no kidding! I always love finding charming ways to display my floral cuttings in.  So these will be perfect!IMG_4244
Saving the my favorite find best for last – was these darling silver platter.  This round footed platter was also just $5.00 can you imagine that? It is really quite heavy & is marked on the bottom, not sure what the significance of the mark is – anyone out there know?
Well whatever it’s worth or history, this beauty is now adoring my kitchen counter snack area! 
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xoxo, tracie


Lorrie said…
You've found a lot of great items - I love old silver.
Olive said…
Love the bench!
Great things! Tanks for sharing.
Wonderful finds Tracie!!;) Isnt it so much fun to score a great deal~ Hugs, Rachel

French Farmhouse 425
Sunray Gardens said…
You aren't kidding you have some great finds.
Darla said…
You did score big time!
Beautiful finds! Love the weathered wood on that bench!
You really lucked out! Are you going to paint the bench? It looks pretty good as is. I love the silver, too. The tea pot has my heart racing!!

Gatsbys Gardens said…

You really got a bargain on the silver. I would love to raid your snack area!

Ricki Treleaven said…
Those silver pieces are gorgeous. I'm sure the crown is the hallmark of the manufacturer. I can't make out what the four squares are, but if they are numbers, sometimes it is the pattern number.
mu goodness!! I would love to find a sale like that!!
Great finds!!
Amy Chalmers said…
You did get some great thing! Love all the silver and that fab bench!
Tes said…
No kidding! Good find! Lovely items, they each have an intricate design. Enjoy! *hugs*
Julie Marie said…
Oh Tracie!... you find the most wonderful things always!... I love everything, but especially the silver teapot... and your platter is too beautiful, looks great with your snacks in your kitchen... wish we had more estate sales here like you have there... I love silver pieces so much... I can't wait to see how you display some of your summer blooms in those... xoxo Julie Marie
Unknown said…
wow..i can't believe the tresors you found at the yard sale and those prices...oh my...swoon-worthy! who needs flea markets?

p.s. did you receive my email regarding your custom inspiration holder? it's ready! let me know when i should open the shop and list it for you. ok?
Tracie you really scored big time! What great finds and wonderful prices!!! We had a bench like yours given to us years ago and it was in bad shape. Hubby's brother planed the wood slats and I stained and sealed the pieces and painted the cast iron and it sits on our front porch here on the farm. Don't you just love great deals. I'm sure you'll get lots of wonderful use out of your bench. LOVE your silver and again GREAT prices...TREASURE!!! Have fun arranging your flowers in the the tray too. You did good girl! Have a wonderful day.
Maura :)
You got some great finds. Good shopping. V
Beautiful finds!

In regards to your search for info
on the markings on your platter, this site is helpful

It also has a forum for shared
information tho I'm not sure how active the exchange of info is....

Looking forward to hearing what you
find from your markings research!

PS you may have come across this tip before, but in case you haven't a surprisingly effective/gentle/inexpensive way to clean old silver is toothpaste.
Wow, you found some great treasures. I have the same bench. Have a wonderful week.
Pamela Gordon said…
Nice finds! You did really well with such a small amount of money. I love sales like that. Your silver ware is beautiful. Blessings, Pamela
Donna said… really found some lovely things! Happy for you!

BTW, I did the same thing and posted about it. I thought of you when my mother, who went with me, picked up a couple of flower stands made of wrought iron. They looked just like something that belonged in your garden. :o)

I wanted to tell you that I'm so sorry I haven't been able to link up to your garden parties this last two weeks. It kills me! :o) Sigh..

I've had lots of company non-stop for two weeks and could just barely do my usual posts. But I have lots of great material for this Thursday. Praying I don't have any more unexpected company..much as I love them. :o)

Donna @ Comin' Home
Sweetladyelaine said…
I love found wonderful treasure! Congats...
Blessings My Friend,
Wow, you found a silver treasure trove. Lucky girl. Your family sounds wonderful, seven kids is awesome. I have one, and one grandson. Love your blog so I'll be following.

The French Hutch
How exciting! You found some fabulous silver. I can just see those pots filled with flowers!
Such great scores Traci. We share a similar taste. I have weathered fencing like that on the bench, lots of silver, and zinc. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I took a tour of your posts. Love your style. I'm a follower.
lvroftiques said…
Hi Tracie!
Wow you certainly did score!
You can't beat those prices *winks*
I love all the pretty silver! Vanna
Linda said…
Woo Hoo! You sure did score.
Hi Tracie,

Wow, those finds are so nice. I love the silver tea pot and the footed server.

Well actually, I think every piece is an excellent score!!

All the Best,
Honey at 2805 said…
Great bench and the silver makes me swoon!
Oh wow Tracie, you certainly did hit the jackpot! Great silver pieces. Love the footed tray. The bench is great too. Would look great in my garden. Oh, I mean your garden of course ;)
NanaDiana said…
Wow! What a haul! Was the silver all polished up like that or have you been at work? It is gorgeous...and I really like your old bench. I can't believe the prices!!! xoo Diana
Pondside said…
That looks like a very successful garage sale - for you!
We did much the same thing on Saturday, but I mostly brought home plants.
deb said…
Wow did you SCORE!!! Way to go! Great prices...couldn't leave them there!
laxsupermom said…
Wow! Talk about some terrific finds! That bench is perfect for your garden, and I can't believe the pricing on the silver! Lucky you! Thanks for sharing.
Anonymous said…
Hi Tracie,

Thanks for dropping by Bittersweet.
Yes, I agree it is interesting and exciting to witness the different blooming times from far away places.
Jill 00
Dixie said…
beautiful great bargains!!
Kathy said…
hello Tracie,
You certainly did find some wonderful treasures at amazing prices. Yahoo! So happy for you - the silver pieces are amazing - love the bench - I cannot have enough or too many places to sit and to enjoy the garden!
Thank you for sharing this with A Return to Loveliness,
God Bless,
bj said… about scoring, you sure did, girlfriend.
Love everything you bought but I would arm wrestle you for that adorable garden bench. :)))
Unknown said…
congrats on the great deals you found! I have some of silver and crystal stuff in my etsy shop but I did not put 5 dollars as a someone just wanted to get rid of those treasures from another time I cant believe it.Cant wait to see the re do on the bench
Hi Tracie,
You found a great neighborhood garage sale too! Gorgeous finds! Love all that silver! So funny that we both went to neighborhood garage sales behind our houses this weekend and posted about it :).
Enjoy your treasures! I'll be linking at your party this week!
Have a great day~
~ Julie
Wonderful finds! Wish I had a neighborhood yard sale like that. Terrific bench!
Wow! You really did score some great treasures! I love the teapots and that tray! :-)
Wow! Tracie, you found some unbelievable treasures! I love your bench and the silver is just amazing! Love the teapot and trays! I wish they had garage sales like that around here. Everything gets snatched up quickly here because we are such a small island. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week.

Brandi said…
You've found a lot of great things. Love the bench!
Anonymous said…
You truly lucked out on the silver! I look every place, but it's either really expensive or so nasty it probably wouldn't come clean or they just don't sell it. I'm envious of your finds!
Diann said…
You hit the yard sale jackpot! The bench is fantastic and I am drooling over all the gorgeous silver! Thank you for joining TTF and have a great weekend!
You hit pay dirt~ beautiful silver.

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