Bird Feeder Installed!

Awhile back I picked up this sweet Bird Feeder from a flea market & it has sat in the garden on it’s side because of the need for it’s base to be sat in concrete to prevent it from tipping and damaging its beauty!  So finally today, I am able to share with you it’s new permanent place in the garden!  Just need the birds to arrive now to bless it with their presence!

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Burlap Luxe said…
Hi Girl!
Love the birdfeeder, anything to do with birds and I am in love!

The birdfeeder looks fabulous in the garden, your garden is poetry!

PS the cage you like is biger than any I have listed for sale! it is full of beauty, its listed in my etsy!!
Landbohaven said…
Rigtig smuk foderbræt.
Håber du får mange fugle på besøg.
Suz said…
Like this birdfeeder so much, thinking of getting one myself.
Donna Heber said…
Hi Tracie,

I just love your new birdfeeder! It looks gorgeous in your garden.
It's beautiful just like your garden, I would love one of those. Happy week xx
Deborah March said…
GORGEOUS, and it looks like it's been there forever!
O MY!! I just love it!! I have been looking for something like this myself!!
It looks great!!
The heat that we have been having is doing a number on my little garden. I keep watering but we really need cooler temps and some rain. It is a bit cooler here in Pa., in the high 80's....

Unknown said…
I love the bird feeder.

Love your bird feeder! Beautiful garden addition. I had one similar to yours, but it was knocked down by a large tree! I must find another one.
Ricki Treleaven said…
What a pretty bird feeder for your pretty garden! :D I love it, Tracie!
That's got to be the prettiest bird feeder I've EVER seen!

Sunray Gardens said…
Very nice, I really like it.
Cher Sunray Gardens
Valeree said…
Love it!! I'm currently searching for a similar birdhouse for my backyard. There are plenty you can buy online, but some of them get really pricey, so I'm hoping I'll stumble upon a thrift store find. Yours in just fabulous!
Julie Marie said…
Hi Tracie, oooh that looks so beautiful!... I know the birdies will find it soon and it will become their favorite... you asked about my Oriental Poppies... yes, they reseed and make new ones... I wait till the little shakers are totally dry, like in the pic you saw, then I tap them gently and let the seeds fall where they may... I never had luck gathering the seeds and trying to plant them... this is a more natural way and it always works!... wishing you a beautiful summers day... xoxo Julie Marie
Marie said…
Hi Sweetie Pie! Your birdfeeder is just the cutest little thing. I love it!

Happy SOYCM!
I love your bird feeder! it has such charm and whimsy..and it looks great in your garden. I would love to find one like this it really is pretty!
Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth
Olga Poltava said…
Hi Tracie,
your bird feeder is very pretty. It looks so lovely in that spot. I hope birdies will arrive soon.
ibshell said…
Super CUTE! Thanks for the inspiration, I've been wanting to build a birdhouse for awhile. I hadn't thought of installing it the way you have! *swak*!!
HolleyGarden said…
Tracie, I just had to say how beautiful your new bird feeder is! I love it, and I'm certain the birds will feel like they're dining at a 5 star restaurant!
Anonymous said…
My goodness your birdfeeder is beautiful and it fits perfectly in your gorgeous garden!


I love is perfect in your garden:)
Such a beautiful addition to the landscape.
Diana LaMarre said…
Great feeder. It looks right at home with your white fence. I am sure the birds will find it soon.
daisy g said…
What a beautiful vignette!
Unknown said…
I love that bird feeder! Thanks for linking!
cherished bliss said…
I love it! Looks like it's right out of a magazine! I hope you will share at my party : )
Debbie J said…
Its so charming with the plants all around it. I love it!
Becca's Dirt said…
It looks like the perfect spot to see over the plants as you watch them.
Carol said…
Beautiful feeder!!!! I really need to ad some pretty feeders to my garden too.
Perfect spot for the birdhouse!
Rosa B. said…
Lovely feeder! It looks great!
Linda said…
Really beautiful photos for Outdoor Wednesday!!
Anonymous said…
Love the feeder!

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