Cottage Coop Fence Painted White!

So the fence is finally primed and painted white! I am really pleased with the way it all turned out!  I decided to not paint the Cottage Coop and allow it to fade to grey. I think it will be a fabulous accent to the coop area and the Fishtail Cottage garden!

Here is the latest and greatest photo’s to share with you of it all!

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I know there will be subtle changes made here and there over time, & I promise to share those changes with you….I’m very excited about the coop area & what it has added to our home! The hens (Pearl, Anna May, Gizmo, Daisy & Josie) all seem to be getting along nicely & appear to be happy! Thanks for coming by to visit & see to the newly painted fence of the Cottage Coop!

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NanaDiana said…
I absolutely love the way the whole project turned out. I think you will love your coop weathered to grey..AND if you don't you can ALWAYS paint it later on. I'm betting you don't though-xo Diana
Naturally Carol said…
Hi Tracie..your chicken coop is gorgeous! The white picket fence is tres gorgeous!
That is fantastic. Looks like something from a magazine. What kind of hens are they? I thought one was a cat it was so furry, they are precious.
Suz said…
Your hens are beautiful. You should feature close-ups on your blog.
Larry said…
This looks great... and so much fun! Thanks for sharing! Larry
Nancy said…
It looks great but how do you clean up the chicken mess in that gravel? And how do you keep the weeds from growing through it? Nancy
It looks great!
I think those lucky birds live better than most people! Looks like ia little bed and breakfast spot!
Too sweet.
Love it.
Ann said…
I honestly adore what you did in there... white fence are so gorgeous.

The roosters look so adorable in there ♥
stefanie said…
it is soooooo perfect!!! like a fairytale, even the chickens look like princesses!
Pondside said…
That's a very elegant coop area! Your girls will surely be happy and give you lots of beautiful eggs.
I like it a lot. I like all your special touches too--like the having tools and mailbox full of lavender. Very pretty! Great job.
Lady Farmer said…
What fortunate little hens you have! An absolute mansion for a coop and a gardener and maid to boot! I could live there quite happily! ;~P Beautiful job!
Anonymous said…
Can I join your blog to get emails for new postings?
eileeninmd said…
Your yard looks lovely and how cool to have the chicken coop. I would love to see the pretty hens running aorund my yard. Great post and photos. I hope you have a wonderful week.
Hi Tracie,

The coop is just darling! What a lovely addition to your home. I think that over time it will turn gray and be perfect!

All the Best,
The coop looks great and the fence too. You can always put bleaching oil on the shed to help the grey along. I don't know if it would bother the chiickens though....maybe not such a great idea.
I love what you have done.
I want to be a chicken in YOUR backyard!!! The coop, the fence, everything is just fantastic. Nice work!!
Snap said…
What a great cottage coop! And I love the fence, too. I bet your girls are very happy in their home and will give you the best eggs ever!!!!! Have a great week.
Could that be any more charming? No! Love it!

This is just darling.. your little coop has been housed so beautifully. I think the weathered gray will make quite the statement.. hugs ~lynne~
Tres Chere said…
Such a well thought out progect.Very unique.Beautiful job!!
louise said…
That's not a coop it's a palace! I do hope your hens appreciate such beautiful surroundings.
Ido said…
Oh my goodness! How beautiful! Love those chickens too!
Hi Tracie
Love the picket fence painted white, it makes the coop look so quaint. Wonder if your chickens know how lucky they are?
Unknown said…
The whole thin turned out amazing, You have such a good eye for style.. Wish I could have chickens, the garden is looking great too. Stop by my blog I am having a giveaway You might like it...Happy Monday
Awesome to see the finished product! What an awesome creation! Love the whole thing! Happy Gardening! Mindy
Charlene said…
LOVE the coop!!! And adore the girls names you have chosen!!! So cute!
reFresh reStyle said…
What a beautiful Cottage Coop! I would live there!
Roan said…
Love the coop area. I hope the girls stay happy and give you lots of tasty eggs.
Darla said…
I just adore your place! I agree the natural changes on the coop will be just perfect.
Beth said…
It's beautiful, Tracie. I love the little floral touches in the area particularly the basket of lavender on the fence. Have a wonderful week!
Hugs, Beth
LauraLillyLaura said…
I love the chicken coop and the sweet names for the hens. It is a chickens dream!
I use to have two chickens. Lucy and Harriet. Lucy was red and Harriet was brown. They would leave little notes for my children to read when they came home from school.
We had so much fun with them. My favorite thing was when they followed me around in the garden as I was weeding. I loved to hear the little clucking sounds they made it was so comforting. Enjoy your chickens!
Susan Branch said…
I love it 'cause it's a whole new place to decorate! You've done a great job of it too! That wheelbarrow! The lavender in the mail box, not to mention the chickens themselves. Darling! Good job!
Until just now I didn't realize how much I need hens and chickens! :)
Cindy Rose said…
Incredible set-up! Thanks for sharing!
The coop area is sensational! It's the Four Star Hotel of chicken coops!
Your coop area is sensational! It's the Four Star Hotel of chicken coops!
Hi Tracie,
Tom Sawyer could not have done a better job on that fence. Love the whole chicken retreat. My heart skipped a beat at the sign of your darling metal cart. Also, love the hooks on your fence. Those chicks aren't going to know how to act in such a fancy abode. Oh btw, love all of their names!
Wow! I think the hens have a very special cottage all their own.I love the white picket fence!
What great fun you are going have and all the fresh eggs.
Have a sweet day, Elizabeth
Unknown said…
Oh I agree with you..let it turn grey and it will complement the white. Very nicely done...
Donna Reyne' said…
I love this!
The little mailbox full of lavender is favorite though
This looks fabulous!
Your chickens are so lucky to have such a wonderful home!
That is one fancy chicken coop you got there! I love it- makes me want chickens and they scare me.
deb said…
The girls have to fanciest coop around! I love the way you have decorated the area, just darling.

Is that Bantams and Silkies I see? We had a few of both growing up..along with the Rhode Island Reds. Silkies are so pretty. Wish I was in an area where I could have them now.
We had one little Banty Rooster that was just evil! He had these long spurs and he would fly/jump on you..he uised to scare me! LOL

Have a great weekend!
Bonnie K said…
Such creative ideas! I love your style. It looks so green and relaxing. The chicken coop is perfect! The chickens are so cute! Will they stay in the fence? Thanks for the beautiful tour. I really like the flour sifter planter.
I adore the chicken coop surrounded by a picket fence. Your hens are being treated like Queens.
Joyce M
Lydia said…
LOL- I am feeling a bit like a lazy slob- Your chicken's fence is painted better than the one around my home):-

Think I will just have to use it for inspiration!
Pat said…
I have been following your coop progress, and it just keeps getting cuter! That fence is the icing on the cake! Thanks for hosting.
Your pretty ladies are so lucky to have a beautiful home for them to live and enjoy.
Marie said…
My oh my dear Tracie! This is absolutely a work of art. Your chicken coop should be in the pages of a magazine, seriously! Of course your little chicakedees are too cute!!!

Pam Kessler said…
The white fence is gorgeous. Had to be a lot of work, but well worth it.
Everything looks great, and love the names for your hens!
Arabella said…
Everything is so lovely - it should be featured in Country Living magazine or something. Well done!!

Hope you're having a lovely week.

Paula said…
Your coop is totally cool! Love it! I am just building mine now. Not sure what state you are in - what do you do in the winter with your cute little chickens? How do you keep them warm? Thanks for the pix! Paula in Idaho
Indio said…
Looks beautiful. My chickens tried to fly out of their chicken run on the first day so I had to clip their wings. When it rained they wouldn't come out of the coop and ended up getting into fights when they stayed inside. Then they started craving greens to help with digestion and tried to escape. Now my chicken coop looks like a prison yard with a roof to keep them dry and chicken wire to keep the raccoons and mice out.
Laura S Reading said…
Those are some very fortunate chickens. You know I am going to have to share these photos with a certain builder in my family. Hint, hint at a project for my yard.
Neat! Just totally neat. I love it all. These are very lucky ladies. You did a super job.(-:
Everything looks fantastic!
Cassy said…
And it turned to be very beautiful.

Cassy from Acoustic Guitar Lessons
emmylou said…
Adorable! I wish we could have chickens!
Diann said…
Oh, everything looks wonderful! Love the mailbox with the plant (even had to "pin it"). Thank your for joining TTF and have a great weekend!
OMG so in love!!!!!!!
I'll be featuring it tomorrow. Hope you are doing well and enjoying summer!
I'm in love with this coop area!! What a lovely way to make something utilitarian beautiful as well- thanks so much!

Jami @ An Oregon Cottage
MariaT said…
That area looks absolutely fabulous!!
Oh I love your coop!!!
So fancy! I had to cover and enclose my coop because of an evil fox!!

Poor girls, I can't even let them run around the yard unless I'm with them, that fox is to dangerous!

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