My Daughters Room Transformation…

Okay – so when we moved into our home back in 2006 – the photo’s shown here are the photo’s of how we decorated my then 6 year old daughters room. She claims she never wanted this “orange room” however it was her that chose the bedding and I will confess the fun transformed from there. I absolutely loved the combination of the creamsicle orange color paired with the whites and greens in her room!


Then when she was 10 – she decided that we needed to upgrade her bed to a full because she was just so “big” now! Therefore we did as we were told and went with a Roxy bedding with a more updated teenage look!


Now that she is turning 13 this upcoming December (can I cry now?) She was persistent that the color orange just didn’t didn’t fit her taste in décor. As parents we do want to feed their soul, right? After all – this space they call their room is supposed to be their sanctuary! So the new choice in bedding color was found – along with just a few accessories. These goodies were placed in the closet until we were confident that this is the right direction she truly wanted to go with. So a few weeks ago – we cleared it all out & began the task of painting!


She wanted a “beachy look” and seashell accessories – so to be honest I was excited about the theme & color she chose and started thinking of all the darling finds I could now search for to go in her room! When I began bring some fun items home – I was quickly put in my place about the lack of interest in what was in my mind vs. hers! I was told my finds were “old” and “ugly”. Even the word “dirty” was used. The vision in her mind were paired with words like “cool, clean, new”! I must look at this as a “fun challenge”, right?" I will share with you next week – some of the “fun” we have found!





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I cant wait to see the transformation! :) LOVE the new paint color~ xo Rachel
Darla said…
I know you will find exactly what she wants...excited to see the results.
Homeroad said…
All I can do is smile Tracie. I have 4 daughters, 3 are teens. We are re-doing one of their rooms soon.... I can't wait! (or maybe I can :)
Hi Tracie!
I can't wait to see what you guys come up with for the room. The wall color looks beautiful. Life is full of compromises, isn't it?
It's going to look just great "beachy"! That is such a pretty blue too, you can do so much with that!
Unknown said…
I bet when all is done your items and hers will vary only slightly. I love the new color! cant wait to see more!
Unknown said…
oooh it's going to be GORGEOUS! I can tell! can't wait to see the finished room. I'm LOVIN those sheets!! sigh...
I love the new paint color! I can't wait to see it fully finished!

Olive said…
Love the paint color. So many young people do not get vintage...sigh. Have fun with her...I remember thirteen with my girl who is now twenty. hugs♥O
Victoria said…
How cute that your daughter's already a little interior decorator! I must confess, I don't think I would've wanted "old and dirty" things at that age either:) It's going to look fabulous, very light and airy and clean!!!!!
Hi Tracie
That is so like a teenager, we're getting the same story from grands now. I don't even try to keep up and instead of gifts, give them money for birthdays etc.
I'm looking forward to your daughter's idea of how her room should look. Hope the decorating goes smoothly.
I'm in love so far...looking forward to seeing more!
Ricki Treleaven said…
The paint color is so pretty. I look forward to seeing the finished room! I know it will be darling.
WOW I love that blue!!
And what a great Mom you are!!
Lisa Gordon said…
Smile, smile, smile!!
I went through about 5 of these transformations with my daughter!
I look forward to seeing this in progress!
I can sooooo relate! I'm working on re-doing my 12 year old sons room and he doesn't like anything I pick out. He thinks vintage is horrible. lol
I love you daughters new comforter. I'm sure the room is going to look lovely!
LindyLouMac said…
I look forward to seeing your daughter's final choices :)
Evi said…
Hi Tracie,
thank you for leaving a comment on my blog.
Just checked out your site and had to laugh. I did my granddaughters bedroom in shades of orange, white, yellow, pink and brown,(it came from a quilt from Pottery Barn) She picked a light orange for the walls. I made a peace sign out of fabric to match and white curtains with strings of shells dangling down ...drilling holes in to shells was not soo much fun. She likes the beach too, hence the shells.
Now, this was three years ago and she is turning 13 on Saturday....there have been hints about changing her room.....
Wonder what is in store for me now!
And I am in the middle of doing the bedroom (in Mets-paraphernalia) for my 11 year old grandson..... I think he will be happy to stay in that, until he leaves for college.
Well, we girls need a change more often..
Have fun, Evi
Carole said…
Such soothing colors. It would have been pretty with the orange on the walls too but the blue is so pretty. When I was in high school my walls were flaming orange. It seemed to glow from outside the room:)


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