Excited to Organize!

Ha! So the kids started back at school this past week & the couple days prior to them going back – when I'd walk around the house I saw much needed projects/rooms that needed attention.  So…I ignored it all & enjoyed the last few days of summer vacation with the kiddo’s – however, I did make a “to do list”! 


Number one on my list started with the closet under my stairs.  Now most homeowners I have met, use this space as storage – commonly phrased the “catch-all” room.  For me when we built our home – I had plans to keep my wrapping paper, ribbon, gift bags & essentials in this area of my home!  Seems silly to some, but to me – this space for organization of these necessities is simply perfect!

The day started with gutting the entire area…I always find it best when I de-clutter, to remove everything first. Setting up three bags; one for garbage, one for donating & one for “re-homing” somewhere else in the house.  The items that pertain to the room – gets put back in the correct place!  Now, with the large number of people in and out of this room (borrowing supplies) is the tricky part). 

Sigh, boy did it feel good to finish organizing this space – because over the summer, this space had become what seems to be the “catch all” area too…


Hooks for ribbons & gift bags, magnetic storage containers & list of birthday’s and holidays, book holder filled with gift cards & tags, wicker basket filled with small gift bags and  small bucket to hold much needed tools, a bin to hold miscellaneous gift wrap, ribbon holder for larger spools of ribbon, storage container for smaller odds & ends!

I placed an order to restock wrapping paper! I am so very excited to hang them on the wood poles hung with closet supporters.   As you can see below – the baskets are now organized too!  Wondering what is in them? They are of course labeled so everyone knows where to find an item & filled and with gift bags, tissue paper and party supplies. Now lets just see how long this room will stay “de-cluttered!”


So now that I have cleaned and organized the gift wrap “closet” – the LAUNDRY ROOM has become the place where I have stacked everything that needs to find a new home in the house…so this is the next room to be organized!


So, off to the “Container Store” for me! Stay tuned! To see what I am linking to this week – please check myCottage Linkslabel…xoox, Tracie

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Sunray Gardens said…
I've started a few things but I do most of my spring projects like this over the winter when snowed in. You like organization like I do. Everything has it's place. :)
Cher Sunray Gardens
Great job on the closet...I am hoping to get a little re-orginizing done this week...Sara finally goes back to school tomorrow...I too will be working on the laundry room...My MIL will be visiting on the 14th and 15th, so I have A LOT to get done both inside and out before then.

Blessings Kelsie
Ricki Treleaven said…
Good job on the cupboard under the stairs! :D I desperately need to organize my closet!!!!
It would be fabulous to have a gift wrapping "place".... maybe when my son moves out and his big sis comes and gets the last of her boxes.... I actually do have a really large closet upstairs full of her boxes... it would make a fabulous gift station. This may be a project soon, thanks for the inspirations!

Darla said…
You can drop by here anytime you like, I have a couple of areas that need this type of attention.
Looks great Tracie.. I love this time of year when I can tackle some cleaning out and organizing.
ps..shipping The Coop sign today so watch for it by Thurs/Friday!
Marie said…
Wow Tracie - congrats to you for a job well done! I know how hard it is to get organized...trust me, I cannot keep up either.

BTW, can I please have Sophie??? I just want to hug her...soooo adorable!!! Okay, I'll take Millie too.
BeautifulDees said…
Great job...look's really nice and neat. I need to get busy.
Burlap Luxe said…
Looks great Tracie and does it not feel so good to start out the seasons filled with holiday having a gift wrapping area so ready and organized :)

I am doing just this getting all the loose ends wrapped up, old pieces and projets completed and scraps of this and that right in the right areas so I know what I have and what I need :)

Inspiring room!

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