A New Blog in Town!

My Dear Friend Elizabeth has finally entered into the blog world!  You may remember the recent giveaway of The Porcelain Rose gift tags?  Yep, that is her!  I’m so excited to have her here & hope you will go welcome her too! Just click on the picture below to be taken strait to her blog


Thank you so much for visiting her blog & welcoming her! Hugs, Tracie


Tammy @ Type A said…
thanks for introducing us to your friend, i'm her newest follower! xx
Tracie, I found her on your linky party last night and joined up as a follower. I really like her blog. Thanks for introducing her as she has gotten several followers since.
Julie Marie said…
Hi Tracie... I just tried to leave your friend a comment on her blog and it denied me, it says I must be a "team member"... I had already signed on as a follower... guess that doesn't make me a team member??? Oh well, lovely blog... xoxo Julie Marie
Hi Tracie,
I just joined your friends blog as a follower, but it won't let me comment. I think she needs to make some adjustments. Thanks for introducing her.
Hi Tracie....It was so nice of you to do this for your friend and I am on my way right now to welcome her our world of blogging! I know if you love her I will become a follower, too!

Sandy said…
Hi tracie... just spoke to Liz in an e.. imagine she asked me for advice on how to blog... lol... she has a good start and I love her header...
Hope your doing well and enjoying Fall
Thanks so much for the link! I'm off to visit your friend!

Victoria said…
I was so thrilled to see this and popped over there immediately to add myself:)
Vicki said…
Hi, Tracie. Hope all is well. I'll be over to visit her today. Thank you!
Hi Tracie,
Thank you for sharing your friend with us. On my way to meet her now.


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