Junk Salvation evening 11/4/11…

What a wonderful and eventful night for me!  The day started about 2:00pm when I hit the traffic filled 405 headed South.  I could hardly stand that the wait to meet my dear friend Rachel (in person) over at French Farmhouse 425 was almost over.  We’ve tried several times to get together for coffee, but it seemed to fall through over & over. So we purchased tickets to the Junk Salvation show over month ago to attend together and finally meet one another.  I have to admit that I was completely and crazy like excited to see her gorgeous home that I have only seen photo’s of.  Of course, it did not disappoint.  It was even more beautiful with my own eyes…Rachel’s home is as truly as you’d envision how it should be from the photo’s she shares; filled with romantic nooks and white chippy furniture and tons and tons of lovely and unique “finds”. 


So after the tour of her gorgeous home, Rachel and I headed out to grab a Starbucks! Us ‘Seattle lights’ cannot ignore the Starbucks on every corner here. Sigh, it’s just part of who we are!  Rachel then took me “Whimsical Whites” in Kent Washington….I was in awe of this darling store that was filled with fabulous items in ever inch of the store.  I can’t wait to go back and visit again! 

The car ride to the Funky Junk Sisters Junk Salvation Show did not seem long because we visited and chatted the whole way there…only missing a few turns because we forgot to pay attention…(thank goodness for the GPS in the car)! For Rachel this was her first flea market show she’s attended, can you believe that? We must have walked the isles a dozen times and each time seeing new “finds” we hadn’t noticed before! 


A few disappointments seeing “SOLD” on tag of missed opportunities~ but we were both very happy with our ‘scores’!  066You’ll have to visit Rachel over at French Farmhouse 425 to see her post about her amazing finds.  But here are mine!  These holiday bottlebrush trees . Aren’t they just so delicately sweet?



and this vintage white dish rack for the kitchen…I love it!


But my favorite “find” was Heather Hansen Designs…I was so excited to meet Heather in person as well and bring home both a necklace and bracelet from her booth. (click on the jewelry photo’s to enlarge).



Heather even graciously donated a necklace for Fishtail Cottage’s One Year Anniversary to one of you lucky folks out there!  I can’t wait to share it with you!  Heather has been so busy doing shows and said she will be updating her Etsy Shop soon – so be sure to peek later this week.

After Rachel from French Farmhouse 425 and I left the show we made a quick stop at Krispy Kreme doughnut shop and picked up a dozen for each of our families.  060We then headed to Kent Station for dinner and I was introduced to the largest and messiest burrito ever…definitely not a pretty site for a first date! We laughed and visited and realized we are more alike than different!  I am truly blessed to have met Rachel through blogging over the past year and am blessed I can call her my friend! 

Thanks for coming along with me to revisit my Junk Salvation evening with Rachel.  To see what I am linking to this week – please check my “Cottage Links” label…xoxo, tracie

…and don’t forget to sign up for the first two giveaways (links below) in celebration of Fishtail Cottage’s One Year Anniversary!

Common Ground; Giveaway #1

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NanaDiana said…
Tracie- I am so happy that you got to meet her! How wonderful is that! You girls are both just beautiful girls! I love it when you meet someone and it is like you have known them for years!

Your pieces that you bought for yourself are beautiful and what a great giveaway that will be! xo Diana
Julie Marie said…
Oooh Tracie, what a fabulous day you had!... and how fun you got to meet new friends and share stories, coffee and good times... love your new jewelry and the white dish rack... you look beautiful my friend!... and so do the other ladies... oooh, I wish I lived closer so I could go with you!!!... xoxo Julie Marie
I love to hear stories of when bloggers meet. I really do feel as if I am fast friends with many of you even though we are so far apart.
Fabulous that you could meet and share a special day together.
I had soooo much fun with you Tracie! :) Thanks so much for your kind words about me and my home etc!! xoxo Rachel
Unknown said…
Dear Tracie,
Wow what a fun time you both had. It's so nice to be able to meet a blogger friend..I'm soon to meet one myself. You both look like you are related..maybe even sisters..other than blog sisters I mean..Just a delightful post..
How fun!! Thanks for sharing your delightful trip together. When I come out to see my daughter next spring we will have to get together!
Wow, nothing better than meeting blog friends! They are always the way they seem on their blog and we always have so much in common!

Wow! I just read Rachel's blog post and your's was the next in line! I love your blog - always so beautiful and interesting! I am so glad that you both had a great time at the FJS show! I plan to make it out there to one of their shows one of these days, even tho' it is across country! Your evening sounds like so much fun and I adore those little bottle brush trees you bought! SO nice that you both found each other and developed such a close friendship by blogging! Thanks for sharing! xo, Leena
Meeting blog friends is so much FUN!!!! Looks like a great show:)

Deb said…
Sounds like a wonderful day to me Tracie! Just found your blog thru Rachel's so I am off to look around! ~Deb~
Sounds like you had a wonderful time and what great finds too. Going over to Rachels blog for a peak now. x
Sandy said…
Looks like you had a great time this day... I would have loved to tag along!
Nice finds in the most wonderful shops and to meet a friend blogger is the best!
Unknown said…
You ladies look like you had so much fun! Great photo's!!!
Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the evening...Those booths look amazing and have my mind racing with ideas....I have missed being able to visit you these past few weeks...But omg the photos of you, chicka I still can't believe you look so amazing and young and have 7 kiddies...You are beautiful inside and out.

Blessings Kelsie
Sandi said…
Oh how fun Tracie!! So happy for you and it looks like a wonderful place to hang out and shop!!
Jenny's Heart said…
Looks like a great day altogether!
I love your finds especially the jewelry.
Victoria said…
How fun that you met up with a bloggy friend! It looks like you had a great time and you're all so pretty too!

My husband grew up in Kent WA:)
So glad you had fun ~ thanks for sharing with us!
Unknown said…
Dear Tracie:

What fun!!! That junk show looks fab. I am in awe of your little bottle brush trees!
You and your friends all look like you had so much fun and you're all so pretty! Thanks for sharing.
How fun!!! Beautiful pictures, girls and shops!! It looks like you had a wonderful time!!
Looks like you had a great time. How great you got to meet a friend. I love those little bottle brush trees. So cute!
Pondside said…
You two could be sisters!
Isn't it lovely to meet a new friend - especially one you've come to know over blogging?
Snap said…
I agree with Pondside ... you two could be sisters! Thanks for taking me along on your adventure --- a wonderful day! Happy Monday!
Veronica said…
Hi Tracie ~ How wonderful! I too got to meet a blogging friend at her market stall this past week and will be posting about her French Brocante possibly on Tuesday. So cool and I have to agree that you two look like sisters. Your mosaic is just de lovely! Glad that you two could get together and have a fun day!

Tassels Twigs and Tastebuds
Sounds like a perfect day! Thanks for sharing!
Bella said…
I saw you there at the FJS show!! :)
fun story!

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