Holiday Salt Shaker…


On a recent visit to Anthropologie, I came upon a fabulous craft idea, that I had to bring home with me to try out!  A festive Salt Shaker piece was easily thrown together for less than $5.00 ~ however being sold at Anthropologie for $25. (& they are sold out online)!

I managed to find all the supplies I needed quite easily! I found a set of shakers at Tuesday Morning for $2.99.; At Michaels I found the the tiny wrapped gifts for $1.99 (set of 8) and the bottle brush trees on clearance for .50 cent’s…
and a huge bottle of Martha Stewarts glitter for $4. (w/coupon).
imageI squeezed Elmer's glue on the bottom of the jar and used tweezers to put the bottle brush tree and small packaged gift in place.
After allowing the tree and gift to dry, I sprinkled a fair amount of the glitter into the jar using a funnel so that I didn’t create a mess! 

Because there are holes in the top of the shaker, I needed a barrier for the top of the jar to keep the glitter from coming out of the top. So I just used a simple hole punch and glued the paper to the top of the lid. 
So easy & fun to make ~ now didn’t this turn out cute?
No water ~ just shake!

Happy Holiday Season to you all ~ To see what I am linking to this week – please check my “Cottage Links” label…xoxo, tracie
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ANNE said…
So sweet! I love it!!
Adorable!! :) I love how it turned out Tracie! xo
Unknown said…
Now this is a great idea,, Super Cute....
Veronica said…
This is just darling, Tracie!

That is just the cutest idea! I love it...and have some odd shakers somewhere! Now I need a tiny tree! ♥
she dreams big! said…
Too cute! I'm even going to take the salt out of a shaker to make one!
Unknown said…
i saw these just the other day at my local Anthro store and fell in love. i too am working on my own version. I just LOVE yours! :)
Hey this is the "little sister" to my jelly jar snow globes that I shamelessly copied from Anthro! I thought about trying the salt shaker one... now I think I must :)

Julie Marie said…
That is too too cute Tracie!... I have all of that stuff here at home already... somewhere... in my messy crafts room right now that is filled with wrapping paper, ribbons, etc... but I am going to make one!... xoxo Julie Marie
Betty said…
That is so adorable. Thanks for sharing.
Julie Marie said…
Oh yes, I notice everything Tracie... I love your leopard tweezers too!!!... xoxo Julie Marie
Hi Tracie
That is such a cute little craft; imagine them selling for $25. I seem to recall 'pet rocks' making someone very rich years ago. :-)
I think they are adorable I am in the process of making a few scored at the goodwill and found a gallon Ziploc baggie full of bottle brush trees for $5
Unknown said…
Now that idea is so good it could be used for other happenings..a baby shower, wedding favors, many ways to be creative..thanks for sharing another great holiday hit...
Great idea that turned out really cute. I can see this idea used for many different seasons and holidays.

Unknown said…
I like that! My buddy had been doing this with ball jars upside down and glittering the lid! I need to take picture and blog them..
Sandi said…
You did a great job Tracie! I am thinking you should go into business and make some serious money at $25 each!! :)
pballard said…
Love it. Thanks for sharing..
Heaven's Walk said…
Adoooooorrrraaaable, Tracie! (sung in an opera voice).

xoox laurie
Hi Tracie! What a fabulous idea and so cute! I'm doing something similar with clear ornaments! Great Minds Think Alike LOL! Have a wonderful Tuesday! xoxo, Leena
Pondside said…
Adorable! This looks like something that even I, with four thumbs, could do!
Anonymous said…
That's such a great idea! I love it.

Unknown said…
its so cute i totally love it
I have been seeing this cute idea all over different blogs, however thanks to you I know how to get mine together now.I just love it so cute and simple. I think I will make one for my daughter for a small gift

Tracie, I love these..what a cute idea!
Dorthe said…
How very sweet-and lovely.
Cindy said…
Awwwww, that's so cute! what's not to love about that sparkly little salt shaker christmas scene!

Oh Tracie, this is so darn cute! I love making snowy scenes under glass. Just so happens that I have a set of vintage S&P shakers that would work fine. I also saw an old glass sugar shaker in my cupboard. That might be fun too. Now I have the containers, even have glitter, just need to run to Michaels. Thanks for sharing!
Geneva said…
Cute! Cute! Cute! You did a great job with your Anthropology inspiration!
kristin said…
so adorable, i love this idea!! I have seen them for the canning jars and I have made a couple for them, i LOVE this idea for salt shakers, and I actually saw a couple at Goodwill the other day when I was there, now I need to go back for them!! Hopefully they are still there!!
Florence said…
Love how you used the shaker, I have done several with the canning jars, I am addicted I am thinking. I used epoxy 6000 for the glue. Thanks for coming and visiting me. Florence
Punky Prep said…
Absolutely adorable! Your site is great, the pictures are just beautiful. I'm adding you to my craft links page.
This is so cute--love the glitter. It turned out really cute! Thanks so much for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday; hope you'll be back this week!
Mimi said…
Amazed you found all the supplies for such great prices. finding the bottle tree would be my greatest problem making this project I think.

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