Could it be a Jewelry Holder?

Repurposing something old to hold my necklaces is what I was after when I found this old vent. I love the chippy paint and thought it just might be the perfect idea!




It has a great bottom that helps hold it upright – which I thought would be perfect!







However, when I began hanging my necklaces on them & realized that this idea may not be quite right – due to the length of these necklaces…& these are the shorter sized ones!



So I decided to hang my bracelets on it instead! – loving it!!!


I don’t have any “real jewelry” it’s just fun to have all my, guess you could say “Costume jewels” displayed in a pretty way!


I’m loving this little section of my closet makeover!  I love using the vintage tiered stand to hold my “bobbles” and the vintage tray for perfume! ooh la la To see what I am linking to this week – please check my “Cottage Links” label…xoxo, tracie

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Very clever Tracie!;) Hope your week is going great so far! xoxo
Anne said…
I love that! What a cool way to make use of it. That's what makes treasure hunting fun... figuring out a new use for an old thing. Wishing you a terrific new year, Tracie!
Amy Kinser said…
What a great idea. I so love things that are used outside of the box.
Michelle said…
That looks like a fun little jewelry station. Great find!
Very clever, Tracie. It looks great as your jewelery holder. I've been looking for one to replace a newer vent in my bathroom.
Very cute idea Tracy. I too just have costume jewelry. Would much rather have a piece of furniture than a diamond. lol! Sure looks cute with your bracelets.
Very cute idea. I really love the tiered stand, I'll have to keep on the lookout for one of those. It would be perfect for earrings.
Unknown said…
very clever! i just LOVE it!
I chuckled! My house was built in the early fifties and has some of these old vents, although with just a horizontal pattern rather than your pretty one.
Betty said…
I would have never thought of that idea, but WOW it looks great. I agree, you are so clever.
Hello Tracie, What a funn and cool ideal to use this to hang a collection of jewerly. Wishing you and your a Happy New Year's....Tallulah
pballard said…
Oh my I passed one of these up one time, I really liked it too. I will be on the look out for one now! Cute!
farmhouse-story said…
i just love this, tracie! very creative:)
Oh I love this vent cover -- reminds of my grandma's house from WAY back when! A great find and a great use!
Wow! This is just too clever. Jewelry organization is definitely on my long "to-do" organization list.
That is a wonderful idea!!!
Sandi said…
Great idea Tracie! Never saw that one coming.:) Great eye!!
Cindy Adkins said…
A very creative idea! Love the vintage tray, too!
Elaine said…
Very clever. A very unique jewelry holder.

I have an old heating grate and I was thinking of making it into a pot rack.

Great repurposing idea.
i have that same tiered stand! I keep buttons and trinkets and such in it at my craft desk so I can whip out some jewelry when I have a spare moment. Your project is so cute - LOVE when you can put old things to new use! I'm having my first ever linky right now & would love for you to come join in the fun now & every Tuesday! xoxo
Unknown said…
Such a clever idear Tracie, love it.
Wow, I love it--I need new jewelry organization!
Honey at 2805 said…
What a clever re-purposing idea, Tracie! Thank you for sharing your project at Potpourri Friday!
Arabella said…
You're so creative, Tracie! LOVE it!

I love the contrast of the white with your silver trays. It really worked out nicely--great idea! Thanks for linking this post to Share the Love Wednesday; hope you'll be back this week!

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