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I have been asked by a few bloggers to share the master suite in one post ~ however I have been waiting until I revealed all the changes individually.  Now that I have completed that mission with my most recent post of sharing my Vintage trunk ~ I can do just that.
I spend a lot of time in my Master Suite and I truly believe that this room should be a sanctuary that any of us should be able to escape to.  My goal over the past few years has been to make it just that!
When we moved here in 2006, we brought along the furniture from our previous home.  Loved the furniture we had although after a family vacation in February of 2010 to Hawaii in a hotel that hosted a King sized bed for us, coming home to a ten year old queen sized bed (& sinking mattress) was not as dreamy as the one had in Hawaii.  So guess what, not only a new mattress was what we had our sites set on finding, but then a larger bed frame and night stand came into the picture.   After a lot of searching we settled on furniture from Restoration Hardware and a new mattress from Macy’s. Below is the full view when I am standing in front of the buffet table.
058077The chippy arched window came in from the patio where it had first found it’s place to now sit above our new King sized bed.

Last fall I found these canvas pillow covers on clearance at Restoration Hardware and brought them home to introduce a new texture to the room. You may remember them here on a bench outdoors. I love that I can move these pillows just about anywhere in our home and they feel as though they were created for that space.
076One of my most favorite additions over the past year was this darling white buffet.  When I purchased it, I honestly had no idea where it was going to go ~ I am so glad that I trusted my instincts and brought it home anyway. 016

You see it as soon as you come in from the hallway outside of our room which is a very welcoming presence in this room.

This chippy white ladder made a fabulous addition to the Master Suite.  I love how much it brightened the corner of the room up.  It has a peaceful calming feel when I am cozy in my bed.

The sitting room within the master bedroom had a slight change this year as well.  A shelf was added from Pottery Barn. A few clocks were collected from Etsy. New pictures of my husband and i  were introduced with garage sale picture frame finds and target mercury glass candlesticks to decorate the shelf. 001

I had purchased the little night stand on craigslist in hopes of using it in my daughters room, but it found a spot here instead.  The night stand hosts my sweet little lamp I made over this past summer too. The sitting room is a great little reading place now.

And of course this room wouldn’t be what it is with out the small romantic touches that makes it all so beautiful together!
007 007017020019016060059002061064
Thank you so much for taking the time to come by and take a peek at all that has happened just since I started blogging in 2010. With all of the inspiration that I see from all of you ~ it has given me a sanctuary I only dreamed of before.
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NanaDiana said…
Wow! Tracie-that is so beautiful! You did a wonderful job pulling everything together and I can tell all the care and thought you put into choosing things to make it look the way it does. GREAT JOB!

If you haven't done so please pop by my blog and sign up for my NewWord giveaway. It will be BLOVERLY. xo Diana
Michelle said…
So pretty Tracie! I LOVE that shelf from Pottery Barn, I want one!
chateau chic said…
Hi Tracie,
What a lovely sanctuary. My eye immediately went to the arched window over your bed. Love it!! And then to the chippy white ladder that's the perfect piece to give height to that corner. And of course, the buffet is so charming. What can I say, you've done an incredible job!
Mary Alice
You have created a beautiful sanctuary, Tracy. So calm and relaxing. Love it!
Your pictures dont even do it justice my friend! ;) It is even so much more beautiful and cozy in person~ xoxo
Your master bedroom is such a sanctuary! I love the nook with the comfy chair next to the bookshelf. I could just curl up there and choose a book. I also love the buffett - what a great idea for the bedroom
Sarah said…
Looks like a comfortable retreat. Beautiful job!
Pondside said…
A sanctuary for oneself is the best gift!
Rozmeen said…
Hi Tracie,

How are you?

Your master bedroom looks so inviting and beautiful. I LOVE it.

xoxo Rozmeen
This is so gorgeos! I love the color palette and everything looks so clean and refreshing and inviting! Thanks for sharing! xo, leena
Love your beautiful bedroom! Mine is definitely my sanctuary but it's not as pretty as yours. I love all the pieces that you use, everything from the furniture to the accessories. Love.

ANNE said…
I love your room and the gorgeous furniture!


Have a great week xox
Tina said…
You master turned out beautiful. I especially love the reading nook, it is perfect.

Have a great week.
Faded Charm said…
Your room turned out so beautiful and I love the idea of a sitting room attached:-) Great place to read a book or magazine.

Lovin that trunk!!!

Hi Tracie,
I love your Master Suite, its so calming and romantic, A beautiful room to re-treat too. You have done an amazing job.
Its just perfect!
Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth
Prior said…
Tracie I love your bedroom, especially that buffet and those pillows!
Special 'K' said…
wow! it all looks so peaceful. Thanks for sharing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo
Wanted to pop over and visit.
What a busy bee. Your master bedroom is gorgeous. My favorite piece is the vintage cream buffet. Love it.
Hope you will stop over and see me soon!
Wow so really beautiful. You decorated it so nicely, and such lovely touches. Love the ladder, and so am on the lookout for one! Everything seems so right together, and our attention to detail shows. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday's Best Par.tay!
Everything looks so lovely--really love that cabinet under the TV. Thanks for sharing!
Your bedroom looks so restful and romantic. Love the chest below the t.v..

I'm happy to be a new follower!

Sharon @ mrs. hines class
Debbie said…
This is beautiful, Tracie!
I love the sitting room.
The shelf is so pretty with all the clocks, and photos.
Very nice blog.
marie said…
All of your bedroom is beautiful...but the little sitting area has left me drooling! Lovely blog!!
Lovely, Tracie! Love that chunky shelf in your sitting room and the window frame over the bed. I've heard that once you sleep in a King size bed there is no going back. I guess that applies to vacations, too! : ) I'll bet you're glad you got your room looking exactly as you want. I'm still working on ours a little bit at a time. I'll get there. Eventually!
Sandi said…
Your room turned out lovely Tracie! Can you believe hubby and I still sleep in a FULL size bed?? I do a lot of pushing him over...hee hee!! Truth be told our bedroom is too small for a bigger bed and we are managing fine for now!
Stephanie said…
Wonderful. You will have only sweet dreams in this beautiful bedroom!
Angie said…
I am trying to pick my favorite thing but it's just too difficult! Love the window frame above the bed, the pillows the oversized chair~so warm and inviting. You did a fabulous job! I am your newest follower~hope you might return the visit! Angie
Honey at 2805 said…
What a beautiful room, Tracie! As I was going through the pictures, I kept saying to myself "this is my favorite", then "this is my favorite", etc., etc. So I decided it's all my favorite!

Thank you for sharing at Potpourri Friday! I always appreciate your participation!
Heaven's Walk said…
Beautifully done, Tracie! I adore those RH pillows - and that little buffet is so pretty with it's curvy legs! :)

xoxo laurie
arrielle_p said…
I love the masters bedroom. The wall color and the side table seems so cozy. Really like it!

condo Philippines
Beth said…
I'm swooning over every little detail! You have a great eye for putting a room together!

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