Potting Bench…has it’s own spot now!

I still can’t thank Debi and her hubby from Ormolulu enough for creating such a stunning and charming piece of garden décor that fits just perfect here at Fishtail Cottage.

One project that I didn’t mention when we had the “Landscaping Help” last fall was this little section of the side yard.  I have been wanting to find the perfect place to place my potting bench since I purchased it at the Petite Vintage Market earlier this spring.


I was justs so ver excited these old bricks I’ve been holding onto for a few years (found on craigslist) were put to good use finally to make a fantastic patio for the bottom of my bench to protect it from the elements.  Plus I will be able to stand on it while “doing my thing” out in the garden!  I still have plenty left over that maybe I can use for under the $5.00 bench I found this past summer!


I threw a bit of the goodies I found over the summer to sweeten the view!


How cute is this bench! I love the bricks underneath. Did you set them on a bed of sand or morter them in?? Makes me want to plant something . . .
LOVE the potting bench! I always thought that these were such cute and useful items to have. I may have to figure out how to build one! Love the use of the old bricks too. I can never find cool stuff like that around here on C's List. Guess I'll just keep looking. Have fun with your new "toy"! Hugs, Leena
Unknown said…
i remember when you bought that from debi and jim! such a great piece, and looks perfect!

happy gardening ;)
Sunray Gardens said…
That looks fantastic. Love how you have it set up.

Cher Sunray Gardens
Such a cute bench! I know that will get a lot of use this Spring!
Blessings, Lorrraine
Ricki Treleaven said…
How cute! Your little potting bench is adorable with the little awning on it. It is very unique!

How nice! I love the awning! My potting bench is the patio floor!!

Just love this piece!Hugs
That is really cute. I like how you set it on the bricks and added the awning.
Ann said…
OH I love it so much. You did a fantastic job with the bricks and the placement of the bench. What wonderful things you will create for your garden!!!!!!
How nice! I love all of the tin accessories. Totally charming and useful too!
Love the bench... it looks fabulous on the bricks! I'd love to have a potting bench... we have tons of old barn wood and scraps around here. Maybe I can hint a little for the upcoming Mother's Day :)

I L~O~V~E this piece! It looks amazing here with the brick and all the little touches you added. I can just see the drawers open with flowers bursting out this summer.

charley said…
I love your new potting bench and that spot is perfect!! I always find great things from Debi...I had the pleasure of being close to her at the Remnants of the Past Show this past fall. She is talented and a blast to be around!!
Have a great week..xok
kathee said…
sorry I forgot to change the identity of the last comment! It's me from chateauetjardin.blogspot.com
Snooks said…
O this is cute! I happen to have an extra cabinet that is small. What a great idea. I have to do this!! I need a garden center anyways and my husband doesn't want the cabinet in the garage anymore. Perfect.

@ 3Beeze Homestead
Connie said…
That is the cutest potting bench ever. It looks like you have it all set up and ready for spring. I love how you organized your potting supplies with the trash cans and buckets. That brick floor will be great drainage for water spills, too. Bravo! Connie :)
NanaDiana said…
Well, How cute is that? I love it and your place always looks so lovely with all your gardens and all. This is just a perfect addition. xo Diana
Melissa said…
I love your potting bench!!! The whole area with the brick and the fun details looks so pretty!
janice15 said…
Awesome potting bench...I LOVE the galvanized top...everything looks so neat and tidy...not like my house, at all!
Have a great week!
Micupoftea said…
Love it...so charming!
Wow! This is just so cute -- that awning for the roof is yummy!! Your whole little potting area is wonderful -- we expect great things from your garden this year :)
Unknown said…
Love the picket awning on this!!!
LadyV said…
Ooooh, I want one! Matter of fact, I just yesterday asked my son to build one for me...Your potting bench and your potting area is perfect! I love it!


Very nice bench! Love the roof part of it especially.
That comment earlier was me--Google is out to get me today, apparently!
Clint Baker said…
Great way to have your bench.
Oh! I love your potting bench. So very cute and I bet you'll get alot of use out of it. Thanks for sharing.
Lexa said…
OMG - your potting bench is absolutley adorable. I love it! and the brick area you made for it is perfect too. Many hours of happy planting there!
Unknown said…
LOVE the potting bench. I recently saw one and posted about it in my blog. Everybody NEEDS a cute potting bench.

Happy Spring Ya'll from Houston,TX
chateau chic said…
Your potting bench is FABULOUS!
Mary Alice
cherry said…
Adorable ..I want one.. great job with the bricks looks like the perfect spot to have lots of fun.
hugs, Cherry
I love your potting bench! What a cute area you've put together. I have some old brick-maybe I can do something creative with them too! Happy planting!
Very cute and rustic! Thanks for stopping by and for the comment! Happy Gardening!
Anonymous said…
So cute! I have an awning like that, it is a retro red color, never thought of painting it, will now!
Kathy said…
Hello Tracie,
Gorgeous potting bench! I am going to make one - I have a spot I am clearing just for that...LOVE old brick - gorgeous spot to care for the plants in your garden! I appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,
Beth said…
Oh my gosh! That is just too cute! Good idea to have the brick base, plus it just makes it more polished looking!
Beth said…
Awesome! Great use and reuse!
Laura said…
this is great- love the bricks underneath, too.
I bet gardening will be even more fun with such a cute work station!
April said…
Oh my gosh, can I just say I LOVE it!!!
Anne said…
what a great piece! Love the zinc top!
Hi Tracie,
ADORABLE! I love the canopy!
Just love your potting bench! I so wish I had room for one!

Really cute and useful. I just did a job with old brick that you can see on my blog too.
This is such a cool piece! The ladders are a great idea!! I so want one. Love the brick flooring!

Shared on FJI Facebook and pinned for SNS 130. :)


Ormolulu said…
Oh, how WONDERFUL, Tracie . . . thank you SOOOO much for posting this. We're delighted it has such a happy home!!!!!

xoxo Debi & Jim
Ormolulu said…
Oh, how WONDERFUL, Tracie . . . thank you SOOOO much for posting this. We're delighted it has such a happy home!!!!!

xoxo Debi & Jim
Heaven's Walk said…
Perfect place for that darling potting bench, Tami! I can see you're going to spend alot of time out there this summer! :)

xoxo laurie
Shelley said…
Love the potting bench! Have a good monday.
Tracie, ohmygosh, this is just adorable. Love how you made it your own. I actually "pinned" it last night. I'll be featuring it on VIF tomorrow. thanks so much for linking up to the party!
This is so sweet I love it!

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