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I love this time of year ~ it’s time to start putting color into all of the containers I can possibly round up!  I tried wintering over some of my annuals from last summer, I did have a little luck with a couple ~ but lost most of them!  I tried to split a couple of my perennials and use those as well to save some money and still get some color in the pots I set throughout the landscape here at Fishtail Cottage!  I know some still look a little sad as they are trying to re-root themselves and many are not in bloom – but within a couple more weeks ~ I’m pretty confident I will see some of those blooms I so long for!
I love cement urns…in fact I can’t get enough of them!  I am not fond of the newer light weight planters ~ they just don’t have the character of the cement ones.  True cement urns are getting much more difficult to find ~ and when you do find them, they are pricy! 
I do have many planted pots around here that are patina’d for the romantic charm I enjoy seeing in the cottage gardens. Most of these are only brought out for the summertime and obviously are filled with newly planted annuals that are awaiting those gorgeous blooms we all love!
I love repurposing thrifty finds and placing them in odd spots throughout the landscape.  Filled with blooms of all sorts help create a cottage atmosphere ~ but be careful to not have too much clutter as it will take away from the charm that occurs when you come upon one here and there! 
When using repurposed pieces ~ be sure there are drainage holes in the bottom so that the dirt does not become a swampy mess and if too much drainage occurs, use landscape paper to line the inside of your perfect find!
don’t look over Rusty pieces at garage sales and flea markets ~ they can always bring such fantastic character into the gardens, but be sure to line them as they can sometimes kill plants due to dirt contamination.
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Tracie: Your urns and planting containers are just beautiful. I love the coral bells in the trough..Happy Wednesday..Judy
allisamazing said…
What gorgeous urns! I just love them and they will look even more amazing once everything is in full bloom. I can't wait to see them :)
Hi Tracie
You do use everything at hand, and them some! I found the watering can with poppies spilling out quite interesting. I used to do lots of pots but spent more time watering them than I cared to. It's fun to think outside of the box for containers.
Wow! I really really love all these container ideas... they look gorgeous, especially the cement urns. You are so right, they are so difficult to find and also pricey.Thanks for sharing these inspiring ideas:)Happy gardening!hugs,Poppy
Brenda Pruitt said…
I want one of those long galvanized stock tanks bad. I'd like to start a veggie garden in one. Or maybe a water garden. You can get them from Tractor Supply for about $65 for the 4 foot long by two feet wide by two feed high.
Victoria said… very stunning..what an enchanting post! Oh so totally rock the garden! Beautiful!
Hope to share something this week again for the party!
Till then..happy gardening
Unknown said…
Your containers are very pretty. The concrete ones are pricey for sure...Have you ever made the Hyper Tufa ones.....? I'm going to try this year, you can make them look just like concrete..
kathee said…
Tracie...OMG I love your urns!!! All gorgeous girl..xok
Tracie, I love urns too. You are so right, they are hard to find and a bit pricey. I have my eye on two large ones on a base to go by my garage. They are $375 ea. Ouch, that's a pretty penny. I do have three small ones, but that's all so far. Love, love all of your cute garden art. I too love planting in vintage finds.
WOW those are amazing containers - just gorgeous!

Thanks for hosting the linky party!!!
Love your urns Tracie. I have one that I have planted. I like all the interesting things you use for container. I don't plant many annuals because I can't afford much. So I try to plant one perennial a year.
Thanks for hosting the party!
Suffia said…
Your garden is simply beautiful. Love the gorgeous urns and all the containers. Have a lovely day.
Sandy said…
Tracie, I love the variety of containers you have. Yes, the old cement urns give a garden beautiful character. Your gardens are beautiful. As an avid gardener, I just became a new follower. Maybe I'll have something to link-up next week. This week I'm getting my garden ready for the season.
NanaDiana said…
Tracie- Your love of gardening shows through in every single thing you do. The containers you use are just amazing and I wish I could walk through your yard myself! xo Diana
Beth said…
Hi Tracie, I enjoyed seeing your containers especially the cattle trough, your urns, and the container hanging on your fence. Beautiful!
Blessings, Beth
Your containers are beautiful Tracie! And I especially love that little bit of garden fencing in the one!

Unknown said…
LOVE all your containers! I am going to be on the lookout for old mailboxes now when I thrift!
Thanks for hosting!
Sue said…
WOW, you have been busy planting plenty of containers. They all look beautiful. I love your garden. I wish I had more room at my house for a bigger one. Yes, the last pix on my blog is stock. I don't have it growing in my garden though. I get it for like $3.49 a bouquet at a store near me.

Take care,
Hi, you definetly have a green thumb. Your pots are beautiful...Connie
Mikki said…
Just stopping by via someone's elses blog..
What a beautiful place you have here. Looking foward to following along..
Heaven's Walk said…
Tracie - your cement urn collection is just beautiful! You're right - they are difficult to find, but it's so exciting to discover them at yard or estate sales. :) Love your combination of colors and containers in your garden! Soooo pretty!

xoxo laurie
Dona said…
Oh, your containers are lovely! I am also in love with old cement...anything!!! So glad I found your blog! If you ever travel a little further north (Conway area) we are in the process of downsizing and I will be selling a lot of my vintage garden items. I would love to see them in a garden of a kindred spirit!

Unknown said…
Hi Tracie, I love the old concrete containers too! I have a few a my house, had them for years. Your photos are lovely.
Hi Tracie: What variety and charm each one of your containers has! I am particularly smitten with the short, stout one encrusted with roses--gorgeous.
Ha-ha Tracie, you just featured me and now I am featuring you. Couldn't help it girl, love your planters!

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