Pooch Bed ~ & Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Weeks ago, my dad and I were walking through M&M Antiques in Monroe…and I saw this rusty orange Hendrix dog bed tucked away under a table.
I didn’t think much of it at the time other than how ugly that orange was.  050Of course after leaving there and coming home – that little dog bed kept creeping up in my mind. It was unique and different!  059Then I started thinking about what I could do with it…paint it? fluffy pillow?
That said, I went back for it a few days ago and brought it home.  Using my left over Annie Sloan Chalk paint from the Table I recently transformed, I repainted it.
Definitely feeling the love of this new piece of furniture for the Guest Suite.
090Last night I picked up a sham from Simply Shabby Chic patchwork line at Target and a $3. standard pillow in hopes that it would fit perfectly in this new bed…
Miss. Sophie is already loving it!
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Anonymous said…
Oh gosh - that's just too cute, nice paint job!
KSO said…
Looks like a great job! Sophie looks very happy to have a new fabulous bed
Sandy said…
Wow, Sophie's bed looks wonderful.
How do you think the Chalk Paint
will hold up to scratches.. the bed
is it wood or metal?
I found a recipe to make chalk paint
and have been looking for a specific
color, Green Tea, and there is
a stain by Minwax in this color. I thought to try making my own for an
old wine rack that has been sitting
in my dining room for a few years...
No harm in trying..
Nice find
I'm so glad you went back, this is fabulous!

Sophie is so cute and looks like she is really enjoying her new bed!
Oh sooooooooooooo adorable. Good you returned.
Unknown said…
that is...without a DOUBT..the SWEETEST bed i have EVER seen! oh my...what transformation for your little "princess." ;)
kathee said…
Tracie...OMG such a great find! Smart thinking girl...I love the color and the industrial look of it. Sophie looks pretty happy too!
eleven-o-one said…
Miss Sophie looks very happy with the finished product. It is very nice!
Nancy said…
Very sweet, Tracie. I would have bought it -- definitely!
Heaven's Walk said…
Addddooooorable, Tami! LUV it! And sweet Sophie, too! :) xoxo laurie
Snooks said…
Too cute. What a great find. Isn't it amazing what a little bit of paint can do?

@ 3Beeze Homestead
Miss Sophie is snuggled and relaxed in her charming new bed--very nice!
pballard said…
Love the dog bed.. It is amazing what paint does to a piece. Great job. Love the sham too! Enjoy your evening..
NanaDiana said…
Oh- That Miss Sophie looks so contented with her new bed. It turned out great- xo Diana
I love it! It looks like Sophie does too! Good work! xo wendy
I'm glad you KNEW what this was -- I would have thought it was some kind of a grill -- poor Sophie!! LOL! It's beautiful with it's new paint and soft, fluffy pillow -- Sophie looks like the perfect pampered pooch!
ANNE said…
Awwww so sweet! I love that bed!!
I'm so glad you went back, Sophie is, too! You did a wonderful job on it, it looks so comfy! :)

Sue said…
Beautiful makeover and your little dog seems to love it as well! We sell Chalk Paint at my store and I am TOTALLY blown away by how popular it is!!

Take care,
Love it, so comfy for Sophie!
Rita said…
Hi, I'm here from Faded Charm.
What a charming little bed. and your Sophies seems to enjoy it very much.
great find and great transformation.
Oh my gosh, how cute is this? Love that sweet dog!
michele said…

Vanessa Dawne said…
Love the gorgeous dog bed -- lucky puppy ;-)
Love it painted...looks so comfy!
Looks like someone else loves it too!
Linda said…
What a cute little bed...great job on the change...Sophie looks happy in her new bed!!That is such a sweet picture!! Have a great day!!
Adorable! We just got a dog and I would love to find such a cute bed for him. This looks wonderful the way you painted it!
SOOOO adorable! Your poochie is such a little sweetie. Mine are like big gangly drooly apes! (but I love them to a million pieces).
Sarah said…
Tracie, this is adorable. Sophie looks a bit like our sweet girl, Sadie. She definitely looks content!
Looks great now..and looks like it is a thumbs up from your sweet pup!
Zaa said…
Before or after ...It's a classic find and you've created a bed fit for a princess ... and she looks so darn cute ... Thanks for sharing ...hugs
Anonymous said…
I have sold and also have several Hendryx bird cages but I never knew they made dog beds. What a find! and you fixed it up so cute and obviously your precious bur baby loves it! Happy Sunday
Amber said…
So cute! Nice paint job. :)
So sweet- I just love it!! Sharing it at the party this week! Thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!
Unknown said…
That is so adorable...very cute! :)

Amber and Brad said…
Very Nice! What a great transformation....Sophie looks right at home now.

If you get a minute to stop by, I would be honored to have you share this at my weekly Chalk Paint link party.

Too cute...Miss Sophie AND the bed! It's amazing what a coat of paint will do, isn't it?

Thanks for linking to Time Travel Thursday. It's always so good to have you join us. ;)

Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

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