Rustic Wheelbarrow…

You may remember this little wheelbarrow that I found at Farm Chicks last year?   And you might remember a few posts here and there with the wheelbarrow in the photo’s filled with flowers  when I was sharing the coop photo’s?  Yesterday while I was out running errands ~ I picked up a few plants to fill up my rustic wheelbarrow and came home immediately to plant them!





I love the annual pink posies that I chose for the garden pots this year!  I think they look especially beautiful complimenting the rusting of the wheelbarrow.   The plants I chose are wave petunias, diascia, patio rose, and white alyssum.




Such a whimsical flower combination.  In a few weeks they will begin to sprawl out over the sides of the wheelbarrow, making the vision that much more lovely.


Last year I loaded up some pots at the coop with some beautiful flowers, but I have learned to lift them up out of the way when this chickens come out to play…as my girls pick at the pretty blooms and foliage that sit in the pots ~ even though they have a full garden to pick at. They must believe that I conveniently planted those just for them.  




I am hoping they will leave this beautiful wheelbarrow and all of the blooms alone.  Would be so disappointing if they don’t.


Hoping you all have a beautiful week and link up to the Cottage Garden Party (Thursdays) where you can share all of your garden posts later this evening!


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Julie Marie said…
Oh Tracie, it looks sooo pretty!... The soft pink flowers compliment the vintage wheel barrow perfectly, I love it!... xoxo Julie Marie
So pretty! LOVE the photos! xoxo
Leslie said…
Gorgeous .. I love the mixture of the old paint and rust with the soft pretty flowers!
michele said…
it's awesome!

bravo, tracie.

kathee said…
Tracie~looks gorgeous! I think I need a wheel barrow now~
I LOVE this idea and I've had my scouting abilities on overdrive looking for JUST THE RIGHT one! The more rust the better,hehe! Yours is so nice and deep you could grow ANYTHING in it!
Have a wonderful week,
Beautiful! The perfect planter.
Unknown said…
I have three planted wheelbarrows around and I love them. Yours is adorable, nice colors.
Unknown said…
Ohhhh you inspire me today Tracie!! I found an old chippy blue wheel barrow a few weeks ago. I need to do this!!
NanaDiana said…
Tracie-That is just so sweet. The perfect adornment for your beautiful gardens. xo Diana
Thanks Tracie! Glad to join your party!
Patty Marker said…
I love the color of that wheel barrow and the pink flowers are perfect in it. Such pretty photos.
LOVE old wheelbarrows, yours looks so sweet all done in pinks!
Trish said…
That is a very sweet wheelbarrow and the pink blossoms look gorgeous in it!
I know what you mean about the chickens - mine think a barrow of flowers is the ultimate gourmet foodbar, lol!
farmhouse-story said…
what a sweet wheel barrow! and the pink flowers look so charming! i now "need" a cute wheel barrow!
cherry said…
I'm loving your old wheel barrow it is going to be beautiful.
hugs, Cherry
Linda said…
such a pretty wheelbarrow, better put a sign up warning those hens to stay away
Hi Tracie
I like the soft pinks of the annuals you chose. I've used diasia a few times and it just keeps flowering all summer.
Kathy said…
Hello Tracie,
I love using whimsical objects to use as planters - this is a sweet wheel barrow and will look divine with the pink flowers flowing over!
I appreciate you being a gracious hostess -
Happy Gardening,
Love the rusty wheeelbarrow. Looks adorable with your pink posies!
I love using items like this for flowers. You did an awesome job with the flowers, they look great in the wheel barrow. I love the patina, so perfect.

Hi Tracie, I love your Wheelbarrow. It has a uniques style of it's own. Just the right amount of rust. I too love it all prettied up in pink. I have wanted to go to the Farm Chicks Fair. Thought maybe this year I would plan a get away with friends. It falls on the same weekend that I am hosting a baby shower. Darn, maybe next year.
Unknown said…
Very nice. I love the rusty old wheelbarrows..did you fill the whole base with soil or did you use a filler? We are still running on the cold side of spring..Brrr..
LV said…
Any old container makes far great flower pots. Your wheelbarrow looks perfect filled with the lovely flowers.
LOVE this wheelbarrow...and farmchicks, too!
Happy Mother's Day!
You're not only tempting us, but also the chickens! So beautiful. Would love to see it again as they spill over. I found this post at funky junk's SNS party.

The Tablescaper said…
Happy Mother's Day. It would be wonderful to be a part of Seasonal Sundays. You might be interested in my $100.00 Give Away.

- The Tablescaper
What a fun fun and very pretty idea! I love all the pinks too! Nothing looks more whimsical than pretty pink flowers and a little chippy rust!
I'll be looking for a pretty thing to put my flowers in! Great inspiration.
Jenny said…
I like the pinks in the old wheelbarrow. Nice photos, summery looking. xo Jenny

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