Features from Garden Party #8

Thank you to everyone who shared their gardens this past week at Fishtail Cottage's Garden party!  Every week just seems to grow a little bit more because of all of you sharing with your gardening friends…I love it! Click on the photo to be taken directly the post.

Chateau et Jardin shared this incredible day bed that was salvaged to put out in the garden…the post says she got me one too! I can’t wait to see what it looks like in my garden too! (LOL)

Debbi from All in My Cottage shared her magnificent gardens ~ I am in love with foxglove this year for the first time ever…hers are so prolific don’t you think?

Bailiwick Studio shared some scrumptious looking veggies from the garden…I’ve never grown veggies here at Fishtail Cottage, so I am in awe of how yummy they appear!


Again, thank you to everyone that participated last week – looking forward to seeing this weeks Garden Party entry’s! I hope you are too!   xoxo, tracie


Anonymous said…
It all looks wonderful !! My foxgloves are already gone : ( Weel next year they will be here again ; )
Unknown said…
Oh, a day bed in the gardens sounds heavenly :)

Such lovely gardens!

kathee said…
Aww Tracie~you made my day~thank you for featuring me this week!! I wish I could just pop this in the mail for you~
My foxgloves are getting ready to be finished already too..they started in early May
Those veggies do look yummy~thanks for sharing your garden party with all of us~!!
Have a lovely week girl~
Chici said…
I always look forward to your posts! Each one is inspiring and I can't wait for the next!
Anne said…
I so wish I had good garden stuff to share with the party, but not much i can do up here with my lot... but its nice to see the pictures of the other lovely gardens!
That daybed is simply dreamy, Tracie!
Cannot wait to see yours in your garden setting.

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