Much needed Unveiling…

031After all of the rain over the past month…I finally had a few days of sunshine that allowed me to go out and and spend some quality time in the garden.  Weeding, deadheading and cutting back plants.  I filled up two garbage cans and still my husband had to make a trip to the dump with 200 pounds of yard waste.  Funny, even after all of that “clean up” I still have so much work to do.  But for now, I think I will just enjoy ‘looking’ at the garden for a few weeks!
Remember this post about my pots…well look at how beautifully this urn has filled in.
073As I was unveiling the spent blooms…I came upon some ‘lost’ plants that had been covered underneath of all of the fallen foliage. a few newly planted roses from last summer are now allowed some sunshine.  Cutting back the red twig dogwoods, gave space for the Red Coral Bark Maple to breath. I am now anxiously awaiting the explosion of hydrangea blooms to replace the pretty peonies.
This flagstone pathway will soon be filled with blooming roses that I planted last year. It is just finishing up with the the coral bells and poppies…(please don’t notice the weeds).
A couple new blooms to mention (in order) is the Japanese Water Iris, Penstemon, Spirea, Phlomis Russeliana,  Viburnum, and Daylily that began to bloom this week.
During the clean up ~ I managed to salvage a few blooms to enjoy just a little longer! Love how the peonies and flowering daisy (this one is a weed) look in the watering cans…

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Oh your blooms are so beautiful! Look at all that amazing COLOUR!!!

I tripe ♥ that urn filled out, wow it is AWESOME!!
Unknown said…
Gorgeous. Just gorgeous. It's like a dream world.
Your flowers all look so pretty, Tracie. I love the path!
Everything is so beautiful, Tracie. I love that you bring flowers inside to enjoy and that pathway is wonderful!
I haven't seen a penstamon like yours. It's beautiful! All your photos were beautiful, Tracie!
Pat said…
OMGosh! That photo of your path should be in a magazine. And it is so pretty to see your flowers in containers around the house.
Sandy said…
Your garden is wonderful Tracie.. love the path with the stone winding through.
My garden was destroyed this past week with our tropical storm.. she took three days to blow through and left a total muddy mess of everything.. seeing your photos just gave me "garden envy".
Love the flower arrangements.
Sandi said…
Wow are you ever lucky! We need rain sooooooo bad...we are in a drought and supposed to be 105 news tomorrow. ugh!!

Your flowers are beautiful!!
HeatherF1 said…
It was wonderful to get outside and work in the garden. I needed to cut back lamium that had swallowed up some of my flagstone path. I seriously have lost my twine I was using to stake up different perennials that have taken on a life of their own. It's out there somewhere...maybe I will find it this Fall? ; )
Beautiful pictures! Enjoy the garden while it isn't raining!
Your flagstone path is SOOO beautiful!
Kate said…
Your gardens are so very lovely. Thank you for sharing all of the beauty with us!!

Pamela Gordon said…
I'd say all the rain has been very good for your garden. It looks beautiful. Have you ever thought about building a composter for your prunings? Have a great day! Pamela
Beautiful! I love your stone path.
Donna said…
Tracie, I will definitely be planting Penstemon after seeing yours! Almost everything I plant is with my little hummer friends in mind and that is stunning! If mine will only grow as gorgeous as everything in your garden does! (Fingers crossed :)

Hi Tracie: your flowers are all so beautiful and I especially love the flagstone pathway (what weeds?). I have one similar in my mind but will I ever get to it?..Happy Wednesday..Judy
Beautiful Tracie, if there's a weed there it must be very small. Your stone path is so welcoming and makes me want to jouney down it. All of your flowers are simply gorgeoous. I love the pink penstemon. I have purple but love that pink. I have been cutting back like a mad woman also. Poppies and Penstemon and a whole lot more. Your urn is so gorgeous! Thanks for the party.
BailiwickStudio said…
I love your garden path! It looks so charming. ::Jill
BailiwickStudio said…
I love your garden path! It looks so charming. ::Jill
Pondside said…
Isn't it nice to see the sun, and have it hang around for a while?! Your garden is lovely.
Zinnia said…
Cut grooming and clean but most of all enjoy! The time starts now feels calmer than last spring. Now grows mostly just get water and wilted flowers clipped off. Your garden is so beautiful. I see you as I picked up bouquets. A great pleasure this part of the year with all the wealth of diversity in the garden. I wish you a wonderful weekend! Zinnia
lotusleaf said…
Your flagstone pathway is beautiful. Most of the flowers are too delicate to grow here.
deb said…
Beutiful bouquets!! I'm in love with your pathway♥♥ My Wter lilies bloomed for today, but I didn't get a chance to get a bouquet ;)
So beautiful! I love the red and white penstemon. I have one growing now in my garden, and have had several over the years, but over time they've all died out--bummer! And I really like the pathway edged in flowers and the white fence--very lovely.
Kathy said…
We'd love some of that rain! I have been watering to keep things surviving - we'll be in the 100's for the next few days! Lovely flowers - your garden is a complete delight!

Could use some of that's been a long time now :(

They keep predicting a chance I think we are going into drought here in western pa ...and high temps to boot now :(
I love your beautiful pathway. So pretty.
Honey at 2805 said…
To have a garden as splendid as this would be a dream!

Thank you for sharing your creativity at Potpourri Friday!
Susan said…
Really gorgeous garden - thanks for bringing us along!
Honey at 2805 said…
You are featured today on Potpourri Friday!
Gorgeous garden. Love the flagstone walkway. Amazing arrangements! I am your newest follower!

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