Small Crystal Chandelier…

As some of you may know, I’ve been searching high and low at every flea market, garage sale and boutique for a reasonably priced small crystal chandelier to go inside of an antique bird cage. 




When I first began the Den Makeover back in November of 2010. I found a couple of diamond doves for this cage






However, this corner of the den was so dark, I felt bad for the lack of light that these sweet birds had to endure.  So a friend took them off my hands and this bird cage has set empty ever since.  A search for a chandelier to fit inside the six inch door opening had begun. 




Last week while out in Snohomish I was in Joy Works and found this incredibly perfect chandelier.  It’s new, not vintage like I’d hoped to eventually find. Its plastic, not crystal like I’d dreamed of for inside the cage.   It was priced right for what I needed to fit in this birdcage. It even lights up the space enough so that you can see the nest I bought from “2 Bags Full”.






I’m pleased with how it brightens the corner in the Cottage Den.

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Wow, Tracie, everything came together and the bird cage looks spectacular. I was looking at the bird's nests after seeing Karen Valentine's.
I might need to go back and look again. :-)
The chandelier looks fantastic in the bird cage.
Unknown said…
yaaaay!'s perfect!
My Goodness,how beautiful? Just lovely is the little nest too with its lace and ribbons.xxoo
I love this idea!! I have a larger birdcage and I have a small chnady that I bought on clearance in target years ago and have not found a spot of it. So I may borrow this idea if you do not mind.....
Now I need to come up with a place to display it???

farmhouse-story said…
i just love this, tracie:) sweet nest, too!
That is just gorgeous and what a great idea!
Unknown said…
I think I like it better than the birds!!! it's charming and creates such a soft glow for that corner. Great find!
Kate said…
Its beautiful and perfect!

Have a great week!

I love it! The birdcage chandelier looks fabulous.

kathee said…
Tracie...I love that chandy~and you sure did fool me~looks so real~just gorgeous girl~
Have a great week
hugs, kathee
Tina said…
That looks wonderful!
Pamela Gordon said…
Now that's cute! A perfect fit and it does brighten the corner up.
I love it. Now I'm on the hunt...Connie
It's perfect and who cares if it's not 'old' -- it's just the right size and style and lights up the corner for you -- congrats on a great find!
June said…
LOVE IT! Such a awesome idea Tracie!
The little chandy is perfect.
Your bird cage chandelier light is gorgeous! What a wonderful idea!
So shabby chic!
I just signed up for email notifications so I don't miss anything. I keep missing the cottage garden parties. Have lots of pic's of my gardens to share at the next party.
Luv, Luv.
Donna said…
That is so elegant, Tracie! I love it!!! Donna
Unknown said…
wow the bird cage is beautiful & I adore the doves. Pop on over to my blog there is something for you x
That looks beautiful! I have one of the nests from 2 Bags Full as well, also in a birdcage, but smaller than yours. I love how the light sits above it and you'd never know it's not vintage. I think it looks great!
Your birdcage came out great, love the chandelier it is a wonderful addition. Laura

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