Too Much Rain…

I know you’ve all heard about the rain in Seattle…but these grey skies and downpours this week are ridiculous! Just as my roses, poppies and peonies are beginning to open up, a week of full rain is predicted.  Which means, these heavy blooms will likely be enjoyed from inside the house.  

Right now the blooming plants in my walkway to the front door is lined by Polar Joy Rose Trees, and Sarah Bernhardt Peony.  This is one of my most favorite views in the garden! 


003The archway will be covered by Blush Noisette Climbing Roses along with Zephirine Drouhin Climbing Rose by the end of the summer.  I can’t wait to see how this will look!  Previous years I enjoyed a Rene Climbing Rose, however I found it to become leggy and the blooms only seemed to appear at the top of the arch.  The two newly planted climbers will bloom from the base all the way to the tallest branch. This photo is an up-close of the pretty blooms that are from the Blush Noisette.

002Sarah Bernhardt Peony is beginning its show of blooms along the walkway too!  I have ten Sarah Bernhardt Peony shrubs that line the walkway, but have planted several throughout the gardens. I had to plant more so I have enough to cut and bring inside as well! It took them a few years to get “happy” and prolific ~ but now they are all so dreamy! 


Also along the walkway I have a few blooming foxglove.  I struggle with having these in my garden beds,as they are toxic to domestic pets.  I keep a close eye on these (and my pooches) and will immediately cut them back when they are through blooming.  They are just such a pretty asset to the cottage gardens.


Another one of my great ‘loves’ is poppies!  the more the better! This rain that we have been blessed with does not allow a very long bloom time for these beauties!  Must enjoy them while we can!


The “show” from my Bearded Iris’s are coming to an end as well ~ the rain has bent over what is left of these blooms in my landscape.


The roses are arriving in full full force (loving it) but are needing some attention as with all of this rain, the dreaded “blackspot” in the gardens have returned! 


Spiderwort is another favorite in my garden that has appeared this week. Along with the row’s of Lady’s Mantle that line the grass.


Looks like my Japanese Snowbell tree’s will be blooming soon, I am really looking forward to this!  I have both the white and the pinks this year!


Hoping ya’ll are having some sunshine where you are!  The days are grey & rainy here in Seattle, but the gardens seem to be enjoying the weather, things are coming up nicely here!


I’m looking forward to seeing all the posts shared at this weeks Cottage Garden Party!  Please do share the party with gardening friends!  Thanks so much for coming by and taking a peek at Fishtail Cottage’s gardens this week! 

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I NEED you!!! When can you visit and bring some roses and cottage plants??? HELP!!!! lol.. xo
What beautiful flowers! We've been having a lot of rain in FL also, but my flowers will never look like
Tracie: The view through the arch to your front door is just beautiful. I love how is frames it. Rain or not your flowers are really lovely, you have such a great variety..Happy Wednesday..Judy
Anita said…
Dear Tracy, thanks a lot for your visit to my garden and the lovely comment you just left on my blog. I see that we have a lot of favourite flowers in common! The last few days have been very wet over here in Germany, too. What a pity for my roses!

Your Cottage Garden Party sounds great and I would love to join! (I just have to figure out how it's working...)

Warm wishes
Brenda Pruitt said…
LOVE that gate! It is so "cottage." And your flowers are really pretty.
Everything is so lush and lovely in your garden, Tracie. The flowers are stunning!
Sylvia said…
I love your garden, it is so beautiful! I love the arbor. It has rained alot in Georgia also but it's good for grass and plants.

Unknown said…
I too adore's amazing that yours are blooming and mine have finished,been pulled and tossed....that is a very pretty view.
Cynthia said…
Your flowers and garden are beautiful everything is lush and lovely. We have been having a week of bad weather in New Jersey too but not constant rain it is rainy, then cool and damp. It feels more like April then June.

Faded Charm said…
Beautiful view along with some wonderful blooms:-)

I hear ya about the rain...will it ever stop? The sun is actually out right now, so I better run get some more slug bait out before the next downpour.

Enjoy your flowers this week from inside!

Unknown said…
Love your gardens! I want some of those pink poppies. Love the color. Was wondering do you plant your climbing roses in the ground or in a urn/pot?
Hi Tracie, I love your sweet gate and arbor. No wonder it is one of your favorite views. Your gardens are gorgeous! We went from 98 degrees one day to 60 the next. Crazy Utah weather. My Salmon and red poppies have just started to bloom. I have a passion for poppies also. Thanks for the lovely garden tour.
Sandy said…
Tracie, I have garden envy just looking at yours.. simply beautiful.
I would love to grow poppies but we have much to much heat and salty soil.
I do understand rain destroying your
flowers.. my garden was looking good a few weeks ago and since rainy season hit my yard is muddy and droopy plants. Oh well!
Nice photos of your garden.
Pamela Gordon said…
I think your flowers look beautiful Tracie even with all the rain. It's been very cold here but the sun is coming tomorrow for a few days to warm things up again.
You have a beautiful garden and I love the view out to the gate arbour. Pamela
NanaDiana said…
Even in the rain your gardens are beautiful, Tracie. Just gorgeous! xo Diana
deb said…
Your gardens are gorgeous! And your arbor will be beautiful when its covered and in full bloom! I have Cecil Brunners covering mine and when they are at their peak its amazing.
Love your poppies and iris too!
So Beautiful!!! Yes, we are having the same kind of weather over here in New England. The days are only reaching into the 60s too. WHICH would be GREAT to WORK in the garden, BUT the rain is making it awfully hard. SOON though the temps will RISE and we'll be complaining about that,hehe!!!
I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE your gardens.
Have a great week,
Beautiful photos of your garden! I especially love the poppies.
What a shame, all this rain you have. I know what it used to do when I had peonies. I'm loving all of your flowers, especially the romantic! I didn't know they were toxic to pets. Good advice!

Thanks for hosting! :)

chateau chic said…
Your flower gardens are amazing! So lush and beautiful. I love the arched gate at the end of your front walkway.
Mary Alice
Unknown said…
I love the garden gate! All of the flowers are so beautiful. ~di
Wow that peony is beautiful! That's one I don't have but it peaks my interest! All your other flowers look so beautiful too! We had a lot of rain recently but no ill affects. I did have to help some of the iris that became too heavy and were falling over. My peonies are just starting to bloom! Can't get enough of them! Looks like you are a wee bit a head of my area! Thanks for hosting the Garden Party!
My family is from Seattle - they always said there's ten months of rain. But then that's why it's so pretty there!

What a gorgeous garden you have, so lovely!
Donna said…
Tracie, can I come and live in your garden? Oh my gosh, it is just so beautiful - and that white gate an arbor are amazing! We've been having non-stop rain here in New England this past week, which much cooler than normal temps as well. I think better weather is just around the corner though! Yippee!... Donna
Heaven's Walk said… dear....were born with a green thumb! What a gorgeous garden!!! I'm so glad that you mentioned what roses you have. I need to put one of those Blush Noisette's in mine! You're going to love ZD. It's the one you see climbing all over my big white arbor. Smells soooo good!! :)

xoxo laurie
Tracie, your place is the best example of cottage gardening. I like the idea of the Sarah Bernhardt peonies along the walkway, I only have roses along ours. At least your walkway leads straight to your front door, I'm jealous of this aspect. :-)
I can never be ready in time to join your cottage party, I'll have to try assembling my post earlier in the week.
Tracie, I love your gardens and just wanted to hop back and say thanks for linking with Share Your Cup.
Tracie, I love your gardens and just wanted to hop back and say thanks for linking with Share Your Cup.
Tracie, I love your gardens and just wanted to hop back and say thanks for linking with Share Your Cup.
Larry said…
You may feel free to send some of that rain this way as we are headed towards a full fledged drought unless we get some soon! I love the pure white digitalis and have some blooming here just now... your post is lovely! Larry
Marie Arden said…
Everything looks so nice even with the rain. Do you have any secrets to growing poppies. I buy plants --they flower then die. I plant poppy seeds they never come up. I love pink poppies.
Happy PS
I love your cottage and its gardens. I also love that you named your home! It reminds me of Green Gables.
Olga Poltava said…
I miss rain so much! I can never have such beautiful summer blooms as yours because here in CA we have too much heat. So I really enjoyed reading gardening posts about rain. Your garden is fantastic Tracie!
Hi Tracie! Your garden flowers are so lovely. I'm in SW Washington state, and I hear you about the crazy wet weather--the roses are all in bloom, and their branches heavy with blossoms, and they keep getting weighed down in the rain! I've had to tie up my Jacques Cartier at least 5 times so far this season. However, this does give me a chance to deadhead more easily before I tie it up yet again!
Hi Tracie! I found you over at Pink Saturday Party. I love your gate! Is that called a "moon gate"? All of your flowers are so lovely. I don't see pink poppies very often, they are pretty. I will follow you. Denise

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