End of July 2012 Gardens…

It’s amazing to me that we are finally seeing warmer days here in Seattle.  I am a little sad because I know that it means the colder (& yes, wet) months are now closer than they were.  Yet, very excited to see some blooms that I’ve waited all year long to finally see…

Hydrangeas, Hydrangeas and more Hydrangeas…


Now last week I shared with you the Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea in front of Fishtail Cottage’s house…it is still mostly white, but some blooms are beginning to change it’s color to the slightest hint of pink…


Been really busy this week with painting the chicken coop and swapping out my planters (which I will show you next week) to something a little more fitting for the hot sunshine.

Here is a few snapshots of more of the beauty that has appeared this past week. Daylily, Hollyhock, Daylily, Hollyhock, Scabiosa, Mallow and Echo Mango Hot Poker.


We are seeing a lot of hummingbirds, butterflies and little birdies following their parents around the garden.


I know this because I see the sweet scene in the am with my morning coffee on the patio!  Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting today. Oh, I should mention there are 16 opium (peony, breadseed) poppy seed packets left in my Etsy Store…if you have any interest in purchasing ~ please visit my Etsy Store or click on the photo below to place your order…

I would love to see you link up your gardening posts this week Cottage Garden Party (now posted here)…To see where else I am linking to this week – please check my “Cottage Links” label…xoxo, tracie

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It's hard to believe that we've had days over 100 and you're just now getting to the warmer weather! Your newest bloomers are gorgeous! So many colors, shapes, textures and varieties - love them all! Thank you so much for sharing! It's quite inspirational and makes me want to get these beds of mine in better condition. Now, if it would just stop being so hot! LOL Hugs, Leena
Victoria said…
Wow..what a stunning post..visually decadent and magical..such lush blooms..pure magic!We have had lots of butterfly and hummingbirds too this year! What a treat!
Kathy said…
This sounds so wonderful to me. Our best time is early in the year - July and August are tough on Southern gardens - I am thankful for our Crape Myrtles! I see a few blossoms on my Sweet Autumn Clematis already! I hope you have a warm, lovely day today!
I appreciate you hosting,
Jess said…
In in Northern VA and it has been so hot here that everything has fruited and bloomed early and is now looking a bit shabby. I am jealous of the cooler Seattle weather!
I always leave your blog with a smile on my face...your gardens just thrive! I wish we would get some cooler temps, it is supposed to go down into the 80's this weekend and I am so looking forward to it! :)

Mindy said…
I just posted hydrangeas today too. :) I only have two though. The Vanilla Strawberry one is especially gorgeous. I just love them.
nanniepannie said…
Thanks for hosting, I haven't been around lately. I will be sure to visit your etsy shop.
Gatsbys Gardens said…

your phlox and hydrangeas look beautiful. We are so hot here that the hydrangeas have not been so pretty this year, but the phlox likes the heat.

NanaDiana said…
Your flowers are just gorgeous. The phlox are so wonderful. I lost most of mine last year but have one spot of them...they are almost past bloom now, though. Your gardens are just beautiful- xo Diana
Unknown said…
oh my, you have the perfect hydrangea collection. I've just started adding some different varieties to my garden after only having Annabelle's for years. But nothing is blooming quite yet. Guess I need to be more patient.
Your flowers are all so beautiful. The Vanilla Strawberry hydrangea is lovely.
The only things that have done well for me this summer were my roses and hydrangeas.
joanne said…
the hydrangea pics blow me away.....and the other lovely flowers ain't so bad, either......nice job....
I love your pictures of your hydrangeas! I'm so sad this year because it appears that my Endless Summer hydrangeas are not going to bloom! I guess it was just too weird of a spring/summer here.
I love the pale soft coloring of yours!
I love your photos. Although Jane and I have a large vegetable garden, we also have a lot of flowers. I'm your newest follower.
Tracie, I don't have one hydrangea plant. What's wrong with me? They are so pretty!
My sweet momma gave me my love for Hydrangeas. Yours are gorgeous!
So enjoyed seeing all your lovely flowers especially those gorgeous
hydrangeas. Everyone beautiful in it's own exquisite right!
Lovely post.
Blessings, Nellie
Hi Tracie: Your flowers are just glorious--all those different shades of hydrangeas--swoon! Have a super week!
Oh my, your flowers are stunning. Thanks so much for joining TTT.
Leslie's Garden said…
Some beautiful hydrangeas! I love them when they display several colors at the same time. They have such a beautiful growth cycle.
Jensamom23 said…
What beautiful photos. Hydrangeas are one of my all time favorites.
Gosh I'd be more that happy to share some heat with your garden if you'd share some rain with mine! Your hydrangeas look so very pretty, and loving the varying kinds you have. You must have a large garden to have so many! Your photos as always are so beautiful. So glad you shared your creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best – your creativity helped make the party a success!
Tracie, beautifl, beautiful, beautiful! Oh how I wish I had Hydrangeas like those. They are absolutely breathtaking. Too hot here, flowers are suffering a little and looking forward to bit cooler temps. Enjoy those gorgeous blooms!

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