Our new patio furniture arrived last week and we have been enjoying it immensely this week! To see the way it was before, click here.
Another change in the garden this week is the Chicken Coop has been painted white.  I wanted to leave it to turn a cape cod natural grey, but with the elements here in Seattle ~ I figured it would be good to get a coat of paint on it to help a little keep the wood somewhat protected.  I’m sure it will (over time) still give me the look I so desire).
This past weekend our temperatures here in Seattle were in the mid 90’s. My garden here at Fishtail Cottage was impacted with some droopy plants and crispy leaf edges throughout the landscape. 054Watering the newly potted plants twice daily and when hand watering the garden I made sure to wet the foliage of each and every tree and shrub in the evening to help alleviate the stress to the garden sure did help. The heat also helped change those beautiful Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangeas blooms to a more pink hue. And for the last three days the weather has been overcast and cloudy…but no complaints from me. it’s nice to give the garden a break from that kind of extreme heat.
Walking the gardens today I snapped some photo’s to share with you of what is new in bloom ~ Roses, Hydrangeas, Columbine, Lantana, Lilly’s & Dalia are charming the garden this week…

Please link up your gardening posts to the Cottage Garden Party. (I’ll upload the party in a bit). To see where else I am linking to this week – please check my “Cottage Links” label…xoxo, tracie
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Shannon said…
Beautiful furniture and your garden still looks so amazing!! Mine is trying so hard to stay hydrated with all the heat going on over here :(
Donna said…
I just drool every time I look at photos of your patio and garden areas.... Everything is SO beautiful. I wish you could come and landscape my yard :)... Donna
Bernideen said…
Your home and garden are beautiful!
Oh...How dreamy! Your lovely home reminds me of my trips to the beach on the Oregon Coast. Your garden of flowers is such a refreshing and summery treat!
I enjoy your blog so very much!
Have a lovely day,
Carolynn xo
Linda said…
Oh what beautiful gardens. Love your new furniture.
I love your new patio furniture!Send me the old stuff LOL! That covered patio looks so inviting and comfy - perfect for lazing away a summer's day with good decorating mags and a lap top! Your flowers are gorgeous! We have had way too many 90+ days and mine are pretty much done. I don't have that many this year but plan to grow the gardens soon! Have fun strolling in your gorgeous gardens! Hugs, Leena
Beautiful patio and garden! I love the new furniture.
It looks wonderful and the coop white looks great too!
I enjoyed seeing all your flowers that are blooming right now. Most of mine are spent because of the heat and dryness. Your new furniture looks fabulous on your covered porch.
Your patio looks like a wonderful place to sit. You've done a beautiful job of keeping your flowers going.
What is the name of the single rose in the center of all the pictures. It looks a lot like mine which is a shrub rose called Sunrise Sunset.
Unknown said…
what a GORGEOUS outdoor haven!'s right from the pages of "outdoor living." stunning tracie! green with envy! ;)
NanaDiana said…
I love your little bit of Heaven there on your porch/patio. It is just wonderful. Those strawberry/vanilla hydrangeas are just gorgeous. I love how well your plants do- I know it is a lot of work to keep them going with the weather this year- xo Diana
Oh my goodness, gorgeous, gorgeous pictures, you have a wonderful garden! Thank you so much for sharing!
Heaven's Walk said…
Your house and gardens and patio are just beautiful, Tracie! Wow! I can't believe you have all of those plants blooming yet in that heat. With our drought/heat this summer, my garden now looks like it usually does in late September. :( So what a refreshing peek into your garden!! :)

xoxo laurie
Love your new patio furniture! Your flowers are looking as gorgeous as always. Mine are really suffering from the heat. My fall flowers are getting ready to flower soon, seems a bit early, especially with the heat we've had!

SO SO beautiful!

Cooler temps here this evening - and some storms coming - thank the good Lord!

What a summer, whew, hot hot hot!
Larry said…
Your blooms are so beautiful as is that new furniture... and I love the patio fireplace! Larry
Unknown said…
OMG how gorgeous patio with the fireplace and all. Your blooms are so beautiful.
Mindy said…
How is it possible that I've never seen pictures of your patio?! It's gorgeous!!! I'm envying that fireplace!
I'm glad the heat wave is gone too. My poor impatiens were not fans of the high 90's in the least. Several other things, like lady ferns and Solomon seal got fried, even with the twice a day watering, but I suppose that just means it's time to whack them back and see them again next spring.
Sylvia said…
Beautiful Patio! Love the furniture! Your garden is sooo pretty!
Unknown said…
Hi Tracie,
Thanks for inviting me to share my poppies at this weeks party! It's been a while since I have visited your beautiful cottage. So much has changed, and it all looks so wonderful. Love the new furniture! I bet the evenings are a joy to be in the garden and to have such a lovely place to sit and relax! Enjoy..
Loving your new patio furniture and outdoor space, perfect place to sit, relax and enjoy your amazingly beautiful garden! Always a pleasure strolling down your garden path:) Thanks for hosting another wonderful garden party. Have a great weekend!Hugs,Poppy

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