Secret Garden…

I love when you turn a corner in the landscape to find the unexpected. So this garden area, isn’t full and / or lush.  it’s very tiny, almost like a fairy’s sanctuary…because everything is so tiny and small still.  Even though, it’s not quite worthy to show you – I have worked so hard on this area every week and little by little, it is coming along! 
Last year we were able to finish the walkway with scalloped edges and rockery.  I planted small boxwood along side the scalloped edging and small arborvitae along the fence line.  A few established plants that I had brought from our Quail Creek House and planted randomly on the side yard have matured quite nicely over the past few years. Other than these plants I mention above, I have taken from other parts of my landscape by dividing, or started from seeds these new plantings for this area of the garden. 
Other than the archway, I do have a few other structures that help the area look like there are some good ‘bones’ to it.  My flea market find “potting bench”, a garage sale $5. bench find, two very very old birdhouses brought from my last home in Quail Creek, a set of urns that I am growing Black Eyed Susan's in and our beloved bunny Lola who passed away shortly after moving here.
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Now to keep with my gardening quest of always having something in bloom no matter what part of the landscape ~ I was very careful in planting many things that will bloom throughout the spring/summer/fall season.  I’ve shared photo’s of what I have planted below ~ but keep in mind they will not always in bloom at the same time (but what a show that would be if that was the case?)
Sweet William, White and purple English bluebells, Astilbe…
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Silver Sword Azalea, Daylily’s,

292026 (8)031 (17)
Weigilea, Cardinal Candy Verbenum
021 (10) 083 (5)
Poppies, Poppy Anemone, Columbine, 
027 (21)028 (5)125
Hyacinth, Hydrangea, Lupin,
031 (5)096 (5)282
Bearded Iris, Tulips, lilac
 028 (11)012 (3)014 (21)
Roses, Peony, Camillia

031 (14)285031 (4)
Holly Hock, Jacobs Ladder, Bleeding Heart,

033 (16)523396_3715808373199_1286250032_n291
Johnny Jump ups, Canterbury Bells, Heuchra
Red Hot Poker (yellow), Pachysandrea, Crocosomia
Brunnera ‘Emerald Mist’, Hostas ,
Spirea, Agapanthus, Foxglove
Delphinium, Echinacea, Mallow
015 (17)001 (21)image
Evergold Japanese Sedge, Silene Uniflora ‘Druett’s Variegated’
And this tiny little Red Coral Bark Maple Start I found in the garden…(about 2” tall and 2” wide)
So this little garden isn’t so ‘secret’ any longer…but I am excited to share it with you next year…everything is still so small and petite, but will look quite different a year from now. 
Thank you so much for coming by to take a peek at this summers project.  let me know if you have any questions ~ happy to answer! also would love to have you come by and link up your gardens to this weeks garden party?
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Your garden and blooms are just beautiful, love the arbors and paths!
O My!!

Just beautiful!!

Love all the elements you used to create a truly lovely spot!!

stefanie said…
oh!!! its gorgeous!!!!
Susie said…
I think your garden is WONDERFUL !! I love all the flowers and the hidden surprises. Smiles, xo, Susie
Tracie: I love your secret garden. Once a secret garden, always a secret garden, I think. I get so inspired by your beautiful gardens, I envy people who can really plant things and make them grow. Everyone says my garden was pretty, but in reality, it is just a lot of plants that come back on their own each year and really have nothing to do with me. But I must remember the poppies that I got from you and plant them in the spring and maybe it will be a start. I think good magic will come with them..Happy Wednesday..Judy
Oh my goodness, what a lovely garden! It must just make you smile everyday!
This is just gorgeous, Tracie. I love the scalloped edging on your pathway--what a lovely finishing touch. You have obviously put a ton of work into this space, and I am with you--I can't wait to see what it looks like next year, too!
Naturally Carol said…
Your garden is coming along beautifully...I remember the photos from when you first moved in..what a change!
It's a beautiful garden. Even new plantings have so much to offer and they are ever changing and altering. It's wonderful to watch nature take its course.
I'd just love to take a walk through your gardens! I think this little "secret" one is just lovely and will get more lush year after year! Beautiful!

Tracie, I think that it is coming along just beautifully. I am so wanting urns like that. Everytime I find nice big ones they are $350
Maybe that's the going price, not sure. Looking for a little bet better bargain. I love all of the beautiful blooms. I too try to plant so that I have continual color. So fun to see what will bloom next. Thanks for sharing your lovely garden!
Hi Tracie! I am so glad that you shared your Secret Garden! It's so beautiful and I love how you can peek into the arbor without knowing exactly what you'll find inside! Love the pics of all of your flowers too! Yes, wouldn't it be something if they all bloomed at once? Of course, they'd have to last until frost too! So many beautiful varieties, colors and textures! Thank you for adding some beauty to my day! xoxo, Leena
Lydia said…
Very Nice! It was 105 here while I was in Colorado. My precious fuchsias are in critical condition! With 900 photos to edit from the trip- will catch up next time with garden photos. THANK YOU for sharing yours!
Unknown said…
You are well on your way to having a truly secret garden. I love it, Tracie. I'm slowly building my own secret garden - love turning that corner in the yard to see another bed developing. But it is a long way from photo ready - give me another 3 or 4 years and I'll reveal it.

As for all the flowers blooming at the same time? It would look like one of those displays at a Flower Show where they mix the seasons.
I too love the mystery of what can be around a corner or through a gate. Your secret garden is nice and I utilize pea gravel for paths and walkways - it creates a clean look.
deb said…
Looking good!! very good!!
Honey at 2805 said…
Stunning! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous garden at Potpourri Friday!
I love it! It is wonderful that you are planning to have something in bloom all year...wonderful...
Gatsbys Gardens said…
Tracie, this garden looks pretty lush to me, love the crushed stone path. It is quite a feat to keep things blooming through the seasons. I am looking forward to seeing it next year.

Unknown said…
Tracie, you do have such a wonderful style. I just love the way you design your gardens...
Lovely Tracie!
It's definitely worth showing! You are very neat and tidy and have some great idea! The potting bench is adorable! Love the little roof over it too! I like your stone path it looks great and all your tiny boxwoods!
I just put in boxwoods last year so they are new to me but so far all is well! I just plant what I like and never think about having something blooming all the time, but so far I've been lucky that it's been happening that way! Thank-you for sharing your gardens!
Karen said…
Your hard work and patience has paid off. Your little garden is lovely. It makes me anxious for cooler temps around our home so that I can do some much needed work.
just wanted to hop back and say thanks for linking this to Share Your Cup. I love your gardens!
Looking good! This post shows us how hard you have worked on your garden. It is lovely.
Joyce M
Unknown said…
I can see you truly love flowers!
ANNE said…
Hey Tracie! Can't believe this is the first time I'm seeing this post, but your potting bench with the awning just popped up on Facebook. How did you do the roof??? I LOVE that idea.

Happy Sunday!

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