Rusted Horseshoes…

When I saw these rusted horse shoes while shopping at a recent flea market, I immediately fell in love with the idea of owning a pair here at Fishtail Cottage.  I adored that they were still equipped with the antique nails that were still part of the horseshoe.  The pair seemed to be just too charming to pass up. 

So now that I have these, I’m curious if any of you have some too, and what you’ve done with yours? 
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Joani said…
We have them everywhere. But.....please don't hang them with the open side hanging down.....that means all your luck will run out. Hang them with the open end up. Thanks. Have a great day.
oh, i should mention that these are laying on a bench...not hung up at all!
AntiqueChase said…
My friend has one hanging over EVERY door leading to the outside! I have one over the door into the garage :)
Sandy said…
My grandfather always had a horseshoe hanging over his front door.. with the opening up... "money in the bank" were his words.
No, I don't have any.
Nice find
Linda said…
We have some horseshoes, and have had them in a few places. I'm thinking I would like them over the back garage door, with the opening up to catch all the good luck.
Susie said…
I do not own any horseshoes. But yours sure look nice. Smiles, Susie
The first time the main barn was mucked out and later during digging for planting and repairs/projects on the old farmhouse I discovered horseshoes buried everywhere....

Oddly, no pairs - they must have been ones the horses threw that weren't recovered or ones deemed to be useless and simply tossed to rust away when replaced.

All of the shoes found are large (very) so the wearers :-) must have been drafts, Percheron or Belgian I'd guess.

Most fascinating to me was that many of the shoes had extensions at each end of the shoe - one or two had them all the way around - on the ground side for extra traction (reminded me of studded snow tires, lol). The farm has some very steep hills so it may have been for that reason or for dredging heavy loads/logging. No one can say for sure (and the old farm and barn aren't sharing the secrets of the shoes :-)

Yours with original nails are (IME) very rare. Placing them as you have they should 'catch and hold' some luck for you as the tradition goes...

I've yet to decide just what to do with mine - still finding them, so perhaps will place them all on one of the interior barn walls in a design one day?

Thanks for (yet another) great post and image(s).


Wonderful and inspiring. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day
Julie Marie said…
Hi Tracie... I have some from when we had our little farm... I hung them in a little heart shape on our tractor shed... then, recently, I saw Fifi do the same thing (20 years after I did) and they still looked cute!... mine are just with my garden things now... maybe I should drag them out and use them again!... can't wait to see what you do with yours... miss you!... xoxo Julie Marie
They would be nice over the door of a garden shed as a rustic decor to bring good luck.
Anonymous said…
I found a horseshoe recently too! It reminded me that years ago I had one and I hung it up over the front door for good luck. It hung there for years and years until one day a visiter noticed it was hanging "upside down". The ends pointed downward and I was quickly informed that I was allowing the "luck" to run out. So I fixed it and it hung there for quite a few months then low and behold...the very next time that visiter showed up it fell off and hit him in the head! True story I swear! Lol, not funny at the time. He was ok but I do think it was HIS luck that ran out! I never hung it up again.
michele said…
i have a small collection too! love how you have styled them and am inspired to give mine a little shoot this fall!

smiles and hope you'll visit soon.

I don't have any horseshoes, but I'd love to have those!
I love old horse shoes and am on the look-out for some myself. They remind me of the one my uncle always had hung above his old detached garage in Wyoming. I have seen some that have been painted and decorated but the best use, other than just hanging, that I've seen was by Rosemary of Villabarnes who used them as handles on the sides of a wooden box. You can probably search for the post on her blog. Very clever and creative use. As mentioned above, if you do hang them, make sure they are like a U so the luck doesn't run out - my mom taught me that and I think it's a charming superstition! I think they would make cute wings on an angel made from an old post too! Let us know what you decide! Hugs, Leena
Jeane M. said…
Brilliant! I've suddenly got a lovely idea where on my house this would sit. Got my eye on your next posts.
Beautiful! We have one hanging on our bedroom door. And one in our farm truck. Don't forget to come link up to my Farm Girl Blog Fest:
Unknown said…
Somewhere I have a couple of horsehoes from my brother who used to work on a horse ranch. You've inspired me to dig them out and add them to my collection of old farm pieces which is hung on the back wall of the garage (outside).
Just can't go wrong with anything rusty -- especially when they are intact like that with the original nails! I don't have any myself though :(
Ricki Treleaven said…
LOL I was just at the barn yesterday! You should hang one over your doorway, and it needs to form a "U" not upside down, because if it is upside down, then your luck will "spill out."

LOL I see that Joani said the same thing....

My youngest daughter embellished a horseshoe at riding camp several years ago with wire and beads. I have it in my laundry room!!!


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