Week 2 of our great room remodel…

I just read that we are supposed to have a very stormy winter here in Seattle…I’m thinking – “great news, after the big decision to remove the only fireplace inside of our home.”  I am pretty sure we won’t regret removing the eye sore from this room, but then I start doubting myself.  With that said here are the new changes that have happened over this past week. The fireplace framing, and tile have all been removed. 


The heating duct in that once hid in the column next to the walkway has been re-routed.

002The electrical work was started…we will now have more lighting above the countertop area, an outlet in the floor for where the sofa table will sit, and a couple more light switches were added to accommodate the new lighting.


Framing and sheetrock (drywall) were installed.



Today the taping and sanding on the drywall happened to get ready for next weeks changes.


Oh, I ‘m just so excited to see what a difference a week will make!  To see what else I am linking to this week – please check my “Cottage Links” label…xoxo, tracie

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Mindy said…
Wowee! Well, I don't envy the construction zone, but how exciting to have a new space in the end!
Pamela Gordon said…
Taking that post/column out by the kitchen door really opened it up. I love watching renos and am excited for you. Enjoy the weekend!
how exciting but why take the fireplace out?
You're making great progress! Will be watching for more updates! Hugs, Leena
Unknown said…
This is so going to be worth all the drywall dust!!!!
Cynthia said…
I will be worth everything, I am so excited to see it done.

Sew a Fine Seam said…
Oh wow, it looks like a wonderful redo you have going on! How fun!

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