2012 Christmas Cards…

Generally we tape our Christmas Cards we receive to the windows of our French doors leading from the Great Room and Kitchen to the outdoor patio.  It’s so fun for us to enjoy the season with the sentiments of our friends and family that have been sent to us.  However, as most of you know ~ we just completed a remodel of our Great Room area and finally had our windows cleaned for the first time EVER! The last thing I wanted to do was start taping anything to those freshly cleaned windows ~ let’s not mention the amount of fingerprints and pooch noses that would also effect my clean windows!  But what to do w/my sweet cards?!?
So loving Pinterest, I found an idea and made it my own.  I covered two pieces of cardboard with festive holiday paper on all four sides. IMG_0325
IMG_0326While that was drying I made a label for the cover using wrinkled paper, stamped with the numbers and letters stating “2012 Christmas Cards”. 
Once dried I adorned the edging with glitter.
IMG_0334While that was drying I searched in my craft boxes looking for something substantial to adhere the cards together ~ using just a basic hole punch I used a key purchased from IMG_0349Michaels last year and tied the ribbon through the hole punches…
After tying two cards into my 2012 Christmas Card Booklet, I realized my ribbon was going to run out of space quickly, plus I didn’t want to spend the time tying and retying the ribbon.  So I snapped this Carabiner Circle Spring through the punched hole and tied my key ribbon onto the spring instead. Which works so much better!
So what do you think?
I think it will make for a nice keepsake too!!!

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NanaDiana said…
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Not a card but a work of art. I love it- xo Diana
Pendra said…
Great idea! Lots better than the tape on the window's!!!!!
Unknown said…
Looks terrific! And a great solution to keep those windows clean.

I've always kept my cards from year to year and have quite a pile going. Maybe I should sit down and make some of these "books" to hold them. In January. After the tree comes down.
Cynthia said…
Just beautiful, looks fantastic.

Hi Tracie,
I think this is a great idea. I usually hang mine down from a tinsel garland on a couple of my stair bannisters. Last summer I bought a skeleton of an old small outdoor umbrella. Bringing it in tomorrow to see if I can rig something up with it for displaying my cards. We'll see. May just not work. A girls gotta try! lol!
Old Time Cindy said…
This is really a cool and creative idea! Thanks for sharing.
Olive said…
They are darling. I love stamping letters.
Ruby and Arthur said…
Very cute idea. I never know what to do with the cards either! Thanks for the idea. Jean
Dawn said…
What a brilliant idea, thanks for linking up:)

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