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Recently when I was browsing a local shop I came across this intriguing frame with four pencil drawings of London attractions.  Something about this group of drawings, kept calling me back to look again and again.  It doesn’t really go with any theme I have in my home, nor is it a photo of flowers (which is usually what would attract me).  

I found it unusual and am amazed by each individual drawing.  So I of course, brought it home.  I can’t stop looking at all the ornate details.


Piccadilly Circus


Trafalgar Square


Big Ben


Westminster Church


All pieces are signed WJ Maskell dated ‘67. I’ve been looking online this evening and I can’t find anything about this artist on the internet or whether these are originals or not.  The paper on the back of the frame looks fragile and vintage. I wouldn’t want to take it apart to determine if it is an authentic pencil drawing… Sometimes I guess we may never know if our items are worth more than just what speaks to us. However, if anyone out there knows anything about this artist or the nature of these prints?  Please do share!  Thanks so much for coming by to visit today!

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Very nice artwork. I would love to go to London! Sorry, I don't know anything that will help you but do post if you find the information you are looking for!
Linda said…
Those are lovely drawings of places in London. I've been lucky enough to see all of those places in person.
Unknown said…
These are great. Doesn't matter that they don't really "go" with what you usually buy - I'm sure you'll enjoy them for years.
NanaDiana said…
What a great find. Isn't it amazing what speaks to us-whether it is really our style or not? I hope you can find out something about the author- xo Diana
Unknown said…
Oh my, these are beautiful.
Burlap Luxe said…
They look like prints that would be framed in a grouping with other pencil drawings like the expensive framed art pieces like Restoration Home.
Love them,
I should share mine, you inspired me to get mine framed and up on the walls.


Keep inspiring your beauty.
Anonymous said…

These are wonderful drawings. I do hope you find a place to hang them in your house. I would have been tempted to bring them home too.

Yael from Home Garden Diggers
Karena said…
Tracie these are wonderful renderings! very detailed. It is always intriguing when the artist is unknown! Keep digging...

2012 Artists Series
20 North Ora said…
Those are just beautiful pieces!! I have not heard of him but his work is wonderful. Enjoy!!

So pretty, you definitely found some great pieces!
Charles Spencer said…
I have a number of prints by Maskell. he did London, Bath, Edinburgh, Oxford & Cambridge Colleges & most Cathedrals. All pen & ink. Mine are A2 size.

I have around 50 in all and especially love the Bath set of 4 as I live nearby. I find the stark pen strokes very good.
Don't know much about Maskell though.
Unknown said…
Hi. Love your prints?! I too have a Maskell, down here in Australia-$1 from a 2nd hand store! I marvel at the detail. My print? is 19" x 14" and is of a 3 tunnel bridge with a college above it, with some people fishing on the bank and a cathederal-type building in the background on the left. I don't want to pick my frame apart either.I am just enjoying having it in my home-although it doesn't suit my decor either!!! An astounding artist
Unknown said…
Hi. I have bought a similar pencil drawing in a flea market in Norway, and I'm trying to find out more about the artist. But it's difficult. I love the drawing and it's nice to know there are more of them
Levern Dweller said…
I know Bill Maskell. He is my late mother's 2nd cousin. Bill is a retired architect. Born in Paisley in the mid 1940s I think. We had prints of these pictures at home. I think they were used as Christmas cards as well and I have a feeling that it was the House of Fraser chain that sold them. Bill retired some years ago and has a great love of sailing. He still does his art work too as I know. He did have some in a Glasgow gallery some years ago but I'm not sure if he has gone to a gallery since. He lives in London and has three grown up daughters and a son. Ihope this solves the mystery for you a bit. We've probably still got the framed prints somewhere!
Hello! I have also come across a print here in Victoria B.C. Canada at a local shop I bought today. Mine is of Tom Tower in Oxford. Nice to know a bit on the artist, thanks David Jack! It spoke to me too, just like you FishTail cottage! �� thanks for posting

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