Week 3 & 4 of our Great Room Remodel

015Much of the third and fourth week have been electrical and are being fabricated outside of the house.  Here is what you see as you walk into the house...just a few more weeks of this view. We are hoping to see it all pulled together by Thanksgiving.








Scaffolding has been in place for several days to affix the new rustic beams atop of the ceiling.








We also decided to remove the shutters and hardware that were originally on the entire top row of windows to allow more light into the room. 


We are so happy with the way the beams look in the room…it truly breaks up the high ceilings and ads a contrast that wasn’t there before. Let me know what you think?  Getting very excited!!!

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How exciting...can't wait to see more! :)
OOOhhh starting to look really really good, whoo hoo! So excited for you!
NanaDiana said…
Tracie- I think it looks great. We took beams DOWN in one house because the ceilings were LOW and it made you feel like the ceiling was closing in on us....but YOURS.....LOVE them. Can't wait to see the finished pictures- xo Diana
Looking great Tracie!!! Did you get your chairs yet? Or should I make the covers our regular size?
I really love the updates! I think everything is coming along great and I can't wait to see the finished results. I always look at your posts but don't always comment because I am often looking on my phone and it is pain to comment from there. Your fall gardens look so pretty, I loved that last post you shared. Looking forward to see the living area finished and decorated!!

The beams are just gorgeous, Tracie! Things are coming along so well...it won't be long!

Wow! That great room is a GREAT ROOM! Funny, I was just looking around my house the other day, wondering where I could put beams! I love the way they look in your room! I think that the whole make-over is going to be awesome! You and your family will love spending time in there! Hugs, Leena
Wow, what a project! The room looks so airy and full of light! Can't wait to see it finished!
It's looking great! I love the beams too and know you'll love getting more light in that room from those upper windows.

How exciting!

Unknown said…
It looks fantastic - love that you took the shutters and blinds off the top row of windows - you'll love the extra light.

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