Birdie in the bird bath!

I picked this sweet birdie up at TJ Maxx this morning and found a perfect spot within my bird bath here at Fishtail Cottage.  I don’t know what it is made of, so I set it atop of a flat rock from my landscape to keep it from crumbling in the water. Seems to be the perfect shade of grey here…love it!


The garden is waking up but this morning we had a bit of snow (yes, snow on the second day of spring)!  We haven’t had any snow appear all winter long, so we were all a bit surprised here in the Northwest! I did grab my camera to snap a few photo’s to show you!


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Mindy said…
Such sweet photos of spring peeking through the snow! That's what I love about spring - the hope it gives us. Your pictures are a perfect example :)
What a great place to put your birdie! I never would have thought of that...very cute!

I have a friend in Seattle that posted Facebook pics of the snow. You took some really pretty pictures of your garden!

Hope you are feeling a little better with each day!

It's all so beautiful. I love what snow does for our landscapes.
Bernideen said…
Very lovely photos!
Love your new birdie... I have a bird sitting in a birdbath too... Snow dusted flowers... amazing.
Never get to see that in my garden. Have a good weekend. Mary
Pretty pictures. Thanks for sharing...Connie
Unknown said…
Love this idea of putting a stone under your bird. Your snow photos are terrific - bet the snow's all gone by now. Such fleeting beauty.
I almost bought this bird too! Wish I had!!! Love it! laura
He looks very pretty in his new home, although a bit chilly right now! We too are expecting a few INCHES of snow here in Chicago tomorrow. We have YET to hit the average temp for this time of year . . . blech.
Faded Charm said…
We had some snow flurries yesterday, but it didn't stick. It's so cold though...thye are saying low 60's by Monday and I hope they are right:-)

Beautiful pics of your garden with the light dusting of snow.

Burlap Luxe said…
Sweet friend you havé captured the last bit of snow clinging to its branches clinging for dear life, and spring peaking through is so welcoming.
I know this may sound strange but I think I like the wheel barrel photo the best, it's just so soulful with its rust and purpose.

Lots of love,
A beautiful Sunday to you.
I could settle for a dusting of snow for our winter effort.
The bird looks right at home in the bird bath and reminds me of the time I kept putting a sitting bird on the rim of one of mine. The visiting birds kept pushing it off on to the ground so now I set it on a rock.
Beautiful garden photos, despite the snow. We can't seem to get rid of the white stuff here in the Northeast, too. Here's hoping spring weather finally arrives! Your blooms look lovely, even with the snow dust on them. :)
cherry said…
Your garden looks so peaceful and sweet with the dusting of snow..
The little birdie looks happy in his new home.
hugs and happy spring, Cherry
Pondside said…
No snow here - but that shot of your new birdie and bird bath reminded me that I want to clean out the bird bath here. It's full of needles after the high winds of last week.
Hi Tracie, the bird looks happy to be perched in your bird bath. We got snow both Friday and Sat. All melted now. Just gave everything a nice drink of water.
Yikes can't even imagine snow it sure does look pretty though and I love your bird in the birdbath I have one too!!
awal.ny said…
Love the bird in the bath. With all the snow aren't you just so excited for spring to come? I know I am, dreams of new flowers dancing in my head.
Very pretty photos. The snow looks nice on the pink flowers. Your bird is very sweet. Now it's time for spring sunshine, right?
your photos are oh so wonderful!! Love your precious birdie!!

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