Bouquets indoors…

Walking into the family room is a little more cheerful these days, now that I can bring blooms from outside indoors!  I love walking the garden almost daily right now, because everything is waking up and sometimes changing by the hour!  A few days of good hard rain, then a few days of sunshine is a perfect combination for the future of our lush landscape!  This week, I brought in cuttings from both my Pink Flowering Current and White Flowering Current.
While walking around the landscape, I noticed most of my hyacinth falling over sideways, so I decided to cut a few blooms and bring the gorgeous fragrance indoors before the slugs devoured them.

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Julie Marie said…
Hi sweetie... everything is just beautiful... I am loving all of the gorgeous Spring blossoms right now as well... also love your vintage three~footed teacups... hope all is well with you... xoxo Julie Marie
Sue said…
I have always loved your garden! So of course I love what you posted today. I've been working on my gardens as well. My hollyhocks are going crazy this year. They are up to the roof of the house right now!

Happy Spring my Friend. . .

Gorgeous blooms.... Happy Spring!
Unknown said…
Beautiful display of your blossoms.
Your blooms are just gorgeous as always, Tracie! So big and really make a statement. I bet your gardens are just beautiful right now!

Pondside said…
What a treat it must be to have all that colour in the house. I can't wait for the lilacs to bloom up here.
Unknown said…
I'm heading out to the garden right now to cut back my floppy hyacinths - great post, Tracie.

Isn't it nice to be in the garden again!!
Unknown said…
flowers always have a way of making a room so much more cheerful. sigh....(i need to gather some of my own)
Cynthia said…
Such beauty, fresh flowers indoors is always lovely, I love that demitasse set in the photo. Have a great day!

Tracie, love your Spring blooms. I have been wishing I had blossoms to bring in. My flowering Pear isn't large so I hate cutting from it yet. My Weeping Crabapple is loaded with buds. Should open soon. Maybe then I can snatch a few.
Elaine said…
So pretty. Things are starting to bloom around Boston too! One day it looks like Winter and the next day Spring has sprung. Love it!

We usually go from Winter to Summer so this is quite refreshing.
Hi Tracie. I bet those currant stems bring such a bright spot into the cottage after a long, miserable winter..Happy Thursday..Judy
Love those flowers! Life to the full! Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

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