Garden in Summer of 2006 vs 2012…

Going back through old photo’s of our first summer here at Fishtail Cottage in 2006 and compared them to last years garden photo’s in 2012.  It was pretty amazing what six years can do to create a sanctuary!  Like most other Seattle gardens ~ our dirt is filled with mostly rocks and clay soil.  Meaning that the top layer of dirt we add to our landscape can only do so much.  Adding a new layer of black mulch (no bark), worms and natural recourses like my bunny and chicken poo throughout the landscape has definitely improved what I have to work with.  Take a peek at what the change looks like over the past six years.

Front of the house


Front Walkway

gfront walk

Front Left Garden


Left Garden Walkway

gside walk

Back Yard Left Garden

gback side

Right Side Garden Pathway

ggarage side

Patio Garden Bed


Rose Terrace

grose terrace

Makes me look forward to what is coming in 2013…can only get bigger and better every year! To see what else I am linking to this week – please check my “Cottage Links” label…xoxo, tracie

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Bernideen said…
Isn't it amazing what time in the garden does.....and EVEN BETTER in 2013 yet to come!!!!
Pamela Gordon said…
Wow Tracie! That is so amazing and it looks so beautiful today (last year). That's a lot of growth in 6 years. I know you have worked hard to achieve this too. You must have a very green thumb! Blessings, Pam
Fantastic transformation Tracie; isn't it amazing how much things can fill in over a few years! I noticed all the outdoor children's activities disappeared too.
Sandy said…
Seattle's rainy weather must be so
good for plants. My Florida dry and
hot makes it so hard to create such
lush gardens.. quite a transformation
and so much work you have put into
your gardens..
Simply beautiful
Naturally Carol said…
You've certainly got a green thumb,Tracie. I remember when you started your blog and the garden wasn't half what it is now. The before and afters say it all...gorgeous transformations!
María José said…
Lovely changes. It is amazing and looks so beautiful!
Best regards!
stefanie said…
oh, it is soooo beautiful!
Andrea said…
Gorgeous!!! I sure miss my west coast garden (we moved two years ago from Van island to Alberta).
Wendy Aspinall said…
okay I need you to come do mine .....beg beg you have my dream garden ...and dream weather no doubt unlike the hot south
You definitely have a green thumb, Tracie! Your gardens should be in a magazine! I doubt I could ever do something like this. Hurray for you!

HeatherF1 said…
Amazing transformation in 6 years! Did you guys do all the work yourself? The paths and changes in elevation must have been hard work!I look back at my old pictures and I notice how I am constantly moving around plants, or getting rid of them for better performing ones.
I especially love the transformation of the front area by the gate, with the standard roses, etc...
Great post!
wow what an amazing transformation! it is truly beautiful. it's lovely to be able to see how your garden has grown and changed. sally xx
June said…
So beautiful Tracie! It looks amazing!
Julie said…
That's awesome to be able to see the huge difference six years makes! I'm moving to a new house with no landscaping and the blank slate is a bit overwhelming.. if only I could fast forward 6 years!
ANNE said…
Beautiful job! Love the front of the house with all the rosebushes!! So pretty and your side yard is awesome. Well, everything is awesome.

*sigh* My landscaping project is not even off the ground yet. Come visit me will ya?? :)

Heaven's Walk said…
Oh my gosh, Tracie!!!! What beautifully designed gardens!!! You truly have a gardener's heart and an artist's eye. Amazing job, girlie!!!! Now.....will you come to my house and re-design my gardens....?? :)

xoxo laurie
Mindy said…
That is all kinds of crazy.

I bought my house in 2001 and only took a few "before" pictures of the nightmare of a yard I inherited. Oh if only I had known a blog would be born 10 years later. :o)

It's really stunning. That's the best part of gardening, isn't it? The growth and transformation. I'd love to see it in person.
I love to garden and I love to look at gardens. Yours is the top of my list of favorites! Wow, tons of work, tons of vision and it shows!
farmhouse-story said…
someone has a very green thumb! it's simply gorgeous, tracie:)
Sunray Gardens said…
Great comparison photos. Everything really came along beautifully.
Cher Sunray Gardens
Becky Elmuccio said…
Gorgeous transformation! I love getting inspiration from your garden!
Unknown said…
It doesn't even look like the same property!!! You've made me feel so much better about my work in progress that I call my garden....can't wait for it to fill in either!
You did an amazing job in your garden. This gives me hope as I'm redoing little by little my garden. I don't know if I'll have your talent, though.
Cynthia said…
Stunning pictures of your garden. You did such a wonderful job. I can't wait to see it this season.

Love your garden...Pinned!!! Greetings from Olympia
What a wonderful comparison. I love all of the changes. Isn't it amazing what plants can do? Every new gardener should be required to look at your photos to see not only the possibilities but the fact that it takes time to get there. Your gardens are absolutely beautiful.
Bernideen said…
So glad you linked your garden progression to Open House! This helps people understand that a garden takes time and not to get discouraged!!!
Yours is wonderful!
Marigene said…
Absolutely beautiful!
Wow, the transformation is nothing short of amazing! You really have done such a wonderful job. Gives me hope for our place! This is only our 2nd year gardening out here so we are trying to transform the garden.

PS - Following you now so I don't miss the garden link party in May :)
Your gardens are amazing, just beautiful! It’s always interesting to look back at the before snaps to see how the gardens grow. Yours have come a long way from their beginning as have mine.
Happy Weekend.

The French Hutch
Love the before and after pictures. You've done wonders in your garden! Thanks for your comment on my blog. : )
Anonymous said…
I always think there's nothing much happening out in the gardens until I look at old pictures of our home and then I am amazed at the changes. :) Your gardens are spectacular. I bet the neighbors love to walk by your house. :) Looking forward to your garden parties. xo
Tattered Tiques said…
Simply said: You have created a haven and heaven on earth. I'm sure your neighbors appreciate the beauty you have added to the block. What an inspiration you are.
You surely have put a lot of time and love into your yard and it is amazingly beautiful!! Love what you have accomplished!

Thank you for visiting and for your invitation-I will be looking forward to May!
Happy Weekend!
Poppy said…
Hi Tracie,

So nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by my place and thanks for the invitation. Will definitely be there on May 2nd. Your garden has certainly bloomed into an oasis of colour and joy!

Looking forward to the garden party,

Poppy xo
Unknown said…
Oh my goodness, what a difference a few years makes. You've done a great job! I am so excited to find another Seattle area blogger and I am now following you by email. Can't wait for your garden parties to start up again. Blessings to you, Patti
Unknown said…
wow you have done a lot of work sister! Love the before and after pictures, puts hope in my eyes for me and my yard. Happy gardening! :)
Well done Tracie on all that hard work in planning and planting! Absolutely fantastic!! I have garden envy now! Have a wonderful weekend. Chel x
Botanic Bleu said…
Six time flies! The gardens on all sides of your house are wonderful. Fantastic!

Stopping by from Botanic Bleu in Texas where our green season is right now... Your gardens will still be lush and green all summer...ahhh!

Thanks for your encouraging words on my post about a shad-speckled afternoon. I hope to stop by all summer for your garden posts beginning in May.

Art and Sand said…
I love before/after photos.

What a wonderful garden you have.
awal.ny said…
Just beautiful. Your gardens are an inspiration to us all.
wow Tracie just gorgeous! It is amazing how much difference a few years can make. I was thinking I need to compare our first year here in Spring of '2010'. It was nothing but a weed patch when we bought it. You have created a garden of Eden! Can't wait till Garden Party starts!
I love to see a garden grow! Totally BEAUTIFUL! Life to the full! Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle
Ruthie Miller said…
This was so much fun to see!!! You worked some magic to have everything transform that way. It must bring you such great pleasure. Well done!!!!!!!
Ruthie from :
just gorgeous love your home and your amazing garden~ inspiring
beautiful post and oics
I actually just said Wow out loud while reading this. I shared the photos with my hubby too. Thank you for sharing at the hop, your participation makes the hop extra special. Big Hugs P.S. the new giveaway posted Friday!
The Tablescaper said…
Wow! I cannot believe the transformation. Your gardens are gorgeous!!!

- The Tablescaper
Hi Tracie, just hopping back to let you know that I will be featuring you at Share Your Cup.
Kathy said…
Hey Tracie, Your cottage garden transformation is marvelous - quite inspiring. I will be featuring your post in this week's Home and Garden Thursday party, I appreciate you sharing,
I always loved your garden and garden party last year...seeing all of these pictures with the changes is something else! My goodness what a transformation in that time period. Just stunning! :)
Betsy said…
Simply GORGEOUS! I love the roses and the arbor, mine just won't grow like that for me
Sarah said…
Tracie, I had not seen this post. Now your garden is even more amazing to me. You have been one busy lady! I love that you show before and after photos. You are an inspiration! I know how hard you have labored to create this beautiful garden. And yes, it will only get bigger and better with each year with you tender loving care and attention. I'm so glad I've found Fishtail Cottage. Thanks for inviting me to join your party and introduce me to your garden. ~ Sarah

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