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So I have a little side business just outside my front door.  Selling plants that I find in my garden that can be repotted and planted and resold. I started doing this last year when I realized my plants needed dividing.  Not only did a few need to be divided, but so many have reseeded and I feel horrible throwing them away. 

I started having friends and save their plastic pots for me, and picked up a bunch of bags of Miracle Grow Potting Mix at Costco. As I come across little plantings throughout the growing season, I replant them in a pot and care for them until they find a new home.  I sell on craigslist and have been successful at times.  Mostly to those who have just purchased a house or just starting out their hand at gardening and find it can be expensive at the local nurseries. 


Earning a little extra cash has helped me keep up with my gardening hobby here at Fishtail Cottage. I don’t feel bad selling these little starts at $5. (regardless of size) because I know how much TLC they’ve received from me.  I don’t use pesticides and many times have to hand pick yukky slugs and snails from eating my inventory.  Not to mention the special dirt and hand watering these little plants receive. A replacement offer is made in case something doesn’t make it in their new garden as well.


However, since plants are not always in bloom and it’s hard for folks to remember what I rattle off to them while we chat, I decided a few laminated photo’s might help me and my guests a little better.  So that was my project today!


I’m thinking of having a plant sale soon and hope these will help as people shop!


Speaking of potted plants, I promised you a few weeks ago that I will share with you my pots as they mature over the summertime. If you missed that post you can click here to go back.


I hope to see you at this weeks Cottage Garden Party (party to start later this evening)!  To see where else I am linking to this week – please check my “Cottage Links” label…xoxo, tracie

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I love your little side business. We have a couple neighbors who do that too. I always get the healthiest plants from them! I love your little photo cards :)
Great idea with the plant shop business. I have thought about what to do with my extra plants (mostly hostas!!), and considered setting some in pots along the roadside just to get rid of them. I see a few people around that sell their perennials too. Wendy
Tracey good for you,great idea. x
I know a couple of nursery owners that started out this way Tracie. :-)
I've held a plant sale before but for the most part donate all my divisions to my garden club spring plant sale. The problem is, I grow natives and cultivars that people are not familiar with and they get left on the tables.
Your sale plants are all tidy and the photos will be a big help.
Nice to see our container plants becoming lush, mine are still struggling with too much rain and not enough sun.
Unknown said…
what a sweet idea! wish i lived closer...sigh...
HeatherF1 said…
My campion seeds don't seem to be drying well after pulling them off the plants. I am going to leave them on the plants longer and then cut them off. I haven't forgotten about you!!
Great idea for the pictures on your plants!
There is a lady here that sells in her front yard (about 5 blocks away) and she also sold at one of the plant sales that one of the garden clubs put on, and she was one of the busiest vendors. Probably because she was the most reasonably priced.
That is such a great idea, and the photo plant card is an extra special touch. Fantastic!
What a great green thumb you have! I'd love to be able to buy some of you plats. It's a great deal and I love the idea of seeing what they look in bloom, smart!
Deb said…
Well, I love this idea! Good for you! In fact, one day I was driving along and saw a yard sale sign that said Plant Sale - Saturday! I decided to go check it out, and found a lady selling her extra plants from her beautiful gardens. I love those plants now in my garden. I popped over from Bloomin' Tuesday.
Ricki Treleaven said…
Great idea for a side business, and I love your little markers. They're great!
ANNE said…
So pretty! I wish I lived closer so I could buy from you. Except that I don't need any more plants unless I build more gardens...

Your planters are gorgeous!
Larry said…
I've done this a few times myself... I sold by the car and van loads for $50... brought in close to $1000 which financed my new Lady Slipper Garden! People appreciate a bargain and I was amply rewarded in not having to spend a small fortune out of my regular budget on plants that might not take to my garden... L
Sounds like it might be the beginning of something big! Your plants look so pretty and healthy.

My plants aren't doing as well this year as they did last year. It has been too rainy here this year; after a draught last year. My zinnias are struggling and my cosmo seedlings seemed to die from dampness.
Unknown said…
First of all.....good for you! I bet your garden alone attracts people to come and buy your babies. And your laminated plant signs will certainly help the novice when shopping.

As for you pots - they look amazing. I particularly like the wheelbarrow one.

Have a great weekend.
Mindy said…
I always give SO MANY starts and divided perennials away every spring, and have always thought about how I could sell some. Craiglist is a good idea. And the laminated identification photo is a GREAT idea!
Tracie, I love shopping at little stands like yours. Wish I lived close. The photos are a great idea. I think it will up sales immensely. We have had record heat and my gardens are suffering. I have been trying to whip them into shape since we returned home after vacationing for 17 days. We are on water restrictions and it shows. I have not been able to do garden posts. Think I might have one for this week. Your pots look lovely. Mine are just at a stand still. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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