Remembering Ashley…

It has been almost four months since my friend Ashley has passed.  Every day is a new day and I try to remember that every morning when I wake up.  There are times I wish I could call her to ask her opinion about something in particular – but mostly its her cheerful quotes and kind words that she would say!  Whenever I see glitter, pink or hello kitty; a rush of energy goes to my heart as though its her reaching out to me to say hello!  I try to stay busy with every day activities, but the thought of her is always always always close by!
Her beautiful celebration was held recently and I was lucky enough to take home this beautiful hydrangea that was used as a centerpiece.  I planted it just after the service in a container on my porch and I love to look over at it while I sit on the porch drinking my morning coffee.  When I sit outside I see the garden full of life along with the warmth of the sunshine. I am grateful for every day that I am alive!  But I miss her!

Please sign the petition (link below) to ban minors from using tanning beds!
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Jojo said…
I've been following your post for a few months but somehow I missed the post where you shared losing your friend. So sorry for your loss but how incredible it is that you were able to be with her to the end. Your right, her suffering is over and she left you with a heart full of memories.
Always so hard to lose a good friend. I lost my Dayna from cancer - oh she was a huge fan of tans and tanning beds in the 80s!

Take care and God bless as you heal from your loss.
Sandi said…
Thinking of you sweet friend...I signed the petition!! :) hugs
Unknown said…
i actually think of her too, whenever i see "hello kitty" things out and about. funny...i never knew her...but your love for her and your friendship with her brings her to mind. i keep you in my prayers mon amie....always. your flowers are beautiful.....a reminder that "life" goes bloom and grow...and bring gladness to the world much like ther memories of those we've lost. i will most definitely sign your petition! sending hugs and blessings....
The pink hydrangea is a lovely friendship plant to remind you of Ashley. Why don't they just ban tanning beds altogether?
Losing a friend is so difficult. Sounds like she is close by you at all times. The little reminders of her that make you smile. The Hydrangea is beautiful and I love the container. I have a friend that tanned for years. Always was worried for her. I will be signing the petition. Thanks for sharing with SYC.
So sorry for the loss of your dear friend. Cancer two ways about it! I was so moved by the story here I went on to read your other posts about Ashley and then watched her news interview. I am sharing this on my FB page in the hope that Ashley's wish will be fulfilled.
XO Barbara
Sue said…
Beautiful flowers and beautiful words about your friend Ashley. Life can be so, so short! I will gladly sign your petition. . .

Take care,
Anonymous said…
I just wanted to say that I feel your loss! It is terrible to lose a friend, especially so young and to cancer. I signed the petition and watched Ashley's news clip. For a short time when I was younger I too did the tanning bed... now I know better!
Hugs my sweet blog-land sister,
Beth P

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