Week in the garden 7/29/13…

We, here in Seattle have been experiencing days filled with sunshine that we are just not used to having so much of.  I am not complaining and neither is the garden ~ well, the grass is…but as long as there is water, everything is happy! I’ve had so many inquiries about the Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangeas ~ I thought I would share more photo’s of what they look like this week. Still a lot of white, but the pink shades are definitely appearing more each day.


Many other late bloomers have appeared over the past week ~

Gladiolas, Guara, Coneflower, Crocosmia, Rose of Sharon ~ all are attracting the hummingbirds!


The pathways are so pretty with the Hydrangeas are still putting on a show ~ sharing some color just where its needed most!


I found some great deals at Home Depot this week – clearance rack plants to fill this newly spray painted planter. 


Earlier this week, I shared about missing my friend Ashley ~ funny thing is the Stargazer Lilly’s I planted with her in mind opened up this week!  Below is a text exchange we had back in February!


Hope to see you at this weeks Cottage Garden Party!  Link is on my side bar!  Please click here to sign the petition (link below) to ban minors from using tanning beds! To see where else I am linking to this week – please check my “Cottage Links” label…xoxo, tracie

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Debbi said…
I NEED to get some of those Strawberry hydrangeas! After my hollyhocks finished blooming my cottage garden is looking kind of bare. You gardens are always sooo gorgeous!
HeatherF1 said…
I especially love ALL of your hydrangeas. My lilies are blooming, too, and I have bouquets in multiple areas of the house. : )
My mouth is still hanging open from those hydrangeas! I have never seen anything like that! I really really am thinking I may need to move to a place where I can have the flowers I need in my life....south florida is not it....too sad.....those flowers are amazing and maybe worth winters.
Mindy said…
Wow, the Vanilla Strawberry hydrangea is AMAZING. I need one! Right after I get a bigger yard. Dang city sized lots.
That gladiola is gorgeous, too. I've never grown them, but I remember my grandma's garden having masses of them. So pretty.
Absolutely gorgeous Tracie. Although I couldn't find the Vanilla Strawberry last year, I did buy Fire and Ice and hope to see some of the same colour changes of the flowers. Also ordered a dwarf oak leaf hydrangea called Ruby Slippers that will be delivered in the fall.
ANNE said…
Your garden is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing it Tracie - Hugs!!
Shirley said…
The Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea is gorgeous! I also love your flagstone pathways. Your garden must be very happy to have a sunny summer. We, on the other hand, seem to have gotten your rainy cool summer weather.
Bernideen said…
Those have to be the most beautiful hydrangeas I have ever laid my eyes on!!!
vanilla strawberry hydrangeas...oh they're just amazing!!
The Old Dairy said…
Your garden is amazing!!!! I'm going to see if the Strawberry hydrangeas are available here in Australia...I'm looking forward to spring here.
Your garden is so pretty! The Strawberry hydrangeas are stunning :)
Unknown said…
I like when you tell the name of your plants or flowers with the photos , so helpful for me ! Looks beaut iful , your gardens!
Unknown said…
I'm pinning that Vanilla Strawberry hydrangea!! It's stunning. Hopefully I can get it here in Canada. I'm creating a hydrangea bed just outside the kitchen window and would love to add this colourful beauty.
Glorious Vanilla Strawberry hydrangea! Wow!! I would love to have this gorgeous plant in my yard!!
Beautiful, beautiful!
Sweet Hugs,
Jennelise said…
Just gorgeous! I have never seen that kind of Hydrangeas before! They almost look like billowy pink lilacs. Thanks for sharing your beautiful garden! Happy summer!
Tins roser said…
Amazing...and fantastic hydrangea. What a lovely garden! I will come back!
So that is how the Strawberry Vanilla hydrangea is supposed to look. They never get to the strawberry look before the summer drought comes in. I thought this year it might but I believe the rain has avoided our area for too long. Lovely photos.
Pondside said…
There will be a run on Strawberry Vanilla hydrangeas after this post!! Your garden is just so colourful - what a treat to visit.
MT Blog said…
Beautiful hydrangeas!!!
Tracie, your garden is stunning as always! I planted a Str. Van. Hydrangea last year. It had blooms when I planted it. This year it came back and looks healthy, but no blooms. So sad, wondering what I need to do? The star gazer lily blooming right after that touching post is a gift from God! Thanks for sharing with SYC.
Tracie, Congrats! You'll be featured at Simple & Sweet Fridays this week. The Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea is beautiful! Have a wonderful weekend.

Your garden is delightful Tracie and the hydrangea is superb.
Heaven's Walk said…
Seriously???? Your garden needs to be in a magazine, girl! Wow! What a beautiful space you've created! Totally amazing, Tracie!!! Did your rose standards bloom again for you?

xoxo laurie
Unknown said…
Your garden is amazing. I could feel the stress leaving as I toured your beautiful garden. It is March here in Tennessee and we have just had another snow. I can't wait for spring. This experience is inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing. Lorraine.
Remy said…
Hello, A page on FaceBook is using your photo and trying to pass it off as a Lilac. https://www.facebook.com/Earthlaugh/photos/a.1399989763643796.1073741828.1399980073644765/1545346752441429/?type=3&theater
Unknown said…
How can I buy the strawberry hydrangeas
Unknown said…
How can I buy the strawberry hydrangeas
Unknown said…
Love my hydrangeas but would so love a rooting DoD the Strawberry/Vanilla!!
bluescriber said…
How can one purchase? Is this online only or is there an address?
sickntired said…
where can I get some of those Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangeas?

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