rearranging the great room…

Sometimes it feels good to just start pulling the cute clutter out of a room and start over.  Leaving the important bones and only putting back your favorite décor pieces!

You can see a few of the book bundles from my craft project that I recently shared with you. 
My sweet friend Michelle brought me a few that she had made after seeing my post.
Mixing them together has brought some cute character to the great room mantle.
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Looks wonderful!

I think you duplicated your words in your post though. : - ) Been there, done that.

Have a wonderful Labor Day holiday!
Julie Marie said…
Everything looks beautiful Tracie!... love your book bundles!... xoxo Julie Marie
Jojo said…
Thanks for the inspiration! I need to freshen the room but I hardly know where to start and your right, sometimes it pays to simply pull everything out and start over.
Pondside said…
That's something that I need to do very soon. Thanks for the inspiration!
Unknown said…
a clean slate is always refreshing. and, well...don't get me started on coverless book bundles...ADORE! love your fresh vignette! ;)
Bernideen said…
Looks wonderful! Traditional with Shabby!
Unknown said…
Love these book bundles - I think I need to do that to some of my old books too.
Cynthia said…
Very pretty, love the bundles and the urn on the sofa table. Very pretty!

Dana Bishop said…
What a lovely post! The room looks very warm and classy and certainly not cluttered.
It looks very pretty and fresh - I find I often just can't help myself -- always rearranging!
Very cute-I need to make book bundles.
Karena said…
Truly beautiful! I love to do exactly that, remove all and slowly decide what to really put back!It is such a cleansing experience!

Feature: Sigal Sasson Entrepreneur
I think your re-do is utterly fabulous...and I'm in love with your book bundles!


Junkchiccottage said…
I love your book bundles. I love to take things out of a room and then put change things up with only bringing back in things you love. Your room looks great.

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