Hi friends! Washington State needs to pass this bill ~ here is an easy link for you to find who to write supporting Senator Curtis King's Bill that was introduced yesterday in Olympia banning anyone under the age of 18 from tanning bed usage! It takes just a moment to comment.

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We only have until February 22nd 2014 to pass this bill for Ashley Trenner and so many others!

Reference Bill 6065


xoxo, tracie


Unknown said…
do you have to be a resident of WA to vote?? I will absolutely vote if i can! ;)
Japolina said…
They should ban tanning for everyone. One of my friends was just diagnosed at age 55 with melanoma!
Mary Anne Komar said…
Just did it, thanks for sharing this important info!
Anonymous said…
I live in California; I wonder if I can vote?
Nancy said…
Tracie, I am a resident of Washington, and live very close to the Capital. I will be following through on this. If after have gone through skin cancer twice I wish I knew back then what I know today. I was a sun worshiper early in my teens and in my twenties when the Tanning beds hit the scene I probably was one of the first to hit a bed. For the past 6 years my family religiously uses Sun screen.

Huggs, Nancy

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