Calendar Poster for 2014…

I was recently given this gorgeous hand made calendar from a friend ~ I still am in awe every time I look at it! Unbelievable that this was all done by hand. 
IMG_9264I've been having a difficult time finding a frame for this ~ So I feel lucky that another friend of mine offered something even better!  IMG_9280This beautiful frame was actually meant for a project she was working on, but when we both saw that this fit perfectly, she said I had to take it!  It was suggested I use “Washi tape” instead of layering this piece in glass ~ I’ve never used Washi tape before today,  and I’m thrilled that I can adhere it without damaging the paper! So brilliant!
Take another look at the detail of this art piece up close – are you overwhelmed too by the amount of patience, not to mention the study hand this artist must have?

This art piece is extra special because it also has my dear friend Ashley’s name hidden amongst the flowers ~
Red heart
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Jojo said…
Wow. What a gift.
I've never seen anything like it! What a wonderful gift...and a very sweet friend! Hugs!
Sarah said…
This is an amazing piece of art. Is Ashley improving? I just watched the video. If she has created this piece of work I, I hope that is a sign that she is better.
Touching story.
Unknown said…
oh GORGEOUS!! what a talented friend..and so very thoughtful. i am sure you will cherish it always. ;)
Amin Elkholy said…
happy new year
What a wonderful gift

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