Gardening the first week of January…

I know, I know, I know… the ground is still frozen and everything is dormant ~ but I couldn’t help myself!  I wanted to dress up the patio a little after taking down Christmas Décor and I can’t do so without a little color!  I took this Pottery Barn dish and filled it with plants ~ and collected moss from the garden to cover the dirt!


The large plant is called Ascot Rainbow Euphorbia “spurge” ~ this pretty plant requires full sun and will bloom in the spring…the flowers on Euphorbia are interesting on the others species I currently have in my garden…so I look forward to seeing what this one shows.  This plant will become 20inches by 20 inches…but where or where will i plant in the garden will also be interesting.





I boldly dug up a hunk of dirt to include this lime heuchra – Heuchra is one of my all time plants here at fishtail cottage, constantly new introductions of this species every year, but very expensive…







Also include in the pot is this always favorite Dusty Miller “silver dust” which also requires full sunshine.  These usually never make it into the garden because they rotate their way thru the garden pots.






Stonecrop “Sedum Cauticola Bertram Anderson” was a great find.  the colors are similar to the Euphorbia used ~ this will require full sun and will grow only 6-10 feet ~ will be great in planters or tucked into the garden somewhere this summer!


This time of year we cannot pass up one of the ornamental favorites of Cyclamen ~ I buy these every year, and told that I can plant them in the garden here in the Northwest – I do get tiny little leaves that show up after a few years ~ but nothing more than that, I am not sure what I’ve done wrong, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  I used the moss on these too, it hides the dirt and adds a little cottage charm to the planters.


So there you have it!  A little much needed spring has arrived here at Fishtail Cottage and I’m loving seeing some happy plants staring back at me when I look out onto the patio!


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oh that is adorable! that pot from pottery barn is almost telling me I NEED one! oh no, I thought I was done....but that moss is precious, one of my favorites in the Green Kingdoms, and I've NEVER seen a pure white cyclamens!! they are gorgeous for this time too but I've never seen nice to garden all the time, yes?
while I'm hibernating inside from the -25 degree temps outside, my soul is really enjoying your gardening.... I am very ready for spring time!
HeatherF1 said…
Well, I keep killing the cyclamens in the house...I was hoping to put one outside to see if I would have better luck.
Most of the nurseries around here close after Christmas until the end of January, so I am impressed that you were able to find so many garden goodies!
Love seeing the greens today, everything here today is white, cold and wintery. Laura
Cynthia said…
Found you at Katherine's! This is a breath of fresh air. You have inspired me add more plants to my home. With all of the snow and freezing temps, this is the perfect time to add plants. Take care. Cynthia
what a lovely arrangement!!! Thank you so much for helping to make the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop so much fun Hugs!
How very lovely. I have a brown thumb so I'm so impressed. Thanks for sharing at Inspire Us Thursday at Organized 31.

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