Painting the Master Bathroom Cabinets…

So we all know our homes will forever be a “work in progress” ~ and moving things around now and then in our homes is necessary to keep us busy!  Over the past few weeks I haven’t felt the greatest, and have found myself taking more baths than usual…which gave me time to dream about changes in our Master Bath space! 
I’ve always disliked our cabinet color of the master bathroom ~ the wood cabinet color always looked orange to me.  Bringing in white accents a couple years ago helped soften the look of the room, however it still hasn’t been ‘soft’ enough.  So this week I finally decided to just get them painted…it only took two days to transform the look ~ and I love how they turned out! Take a peek below and let me know what you think…
No I couldn’t just stop there, more changes to share soon! 
Looking back a few years back, I made a few mild changes and have been happy with what I’d come up with for that room. Here are a couple posts…just click on the photo ~ if you’d like to go back to visit!
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Sunray Gardens said…
Looks fantastic. You did a lovely job on it. Sure brightens things up also.
Cher Sunray Gardens
Sylvia said…
So pretty! I saw your photo's on FB and loved them.
Shannon said…
It looks gorgeous and that blue rug is so pretty, do you mind spilling where you got it from? :)
looks amazing! great job. enjoy those baths now!
Anonymous said…
Yep, love the cabinets and LOVE the blue rug you added. Would love to know where did you find it?
Mom E. said…
So nice, you did a beautiful job!
someday I may paint my cabinets in our master bath, I would LOVE a chandelier over our tub, but I don't have an electrical place for it. I will just have to be happy with what I have. Maybe I can hang my Chand that holds candles on it...hmmmm...that IS an idea!
thanks for the inspiration!
It looks so nice in white! That chandelier is just gorgeous, a perfect touch! Happy soaking.
Unknown said…
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